'Hey Angle, abortionist says what?'
Hey look, there’s Sharron Angle! She refused to answer our questions about the future of makeup and what it means for the War in Afghanistan. Aww! Anyway, we just got here, but we’ve found plenty of weirdos and such for your enjoyment.

Riley got the password to the secret furry sex party. Yessssss.
We went to some Citizen’s United thing for a free “bloggers lunch,” but they were out of sandwiches. All the furries got there first, we guess, as you can see. (Our nation’s federal debt is really nice and will even pose for pictures!)

Christians for Jews for Jesus
Free t-shirt! See, CPAC is inclusive. For Jews, at least…

Foam-fingering peace.
Not the Muslims.

Wait! They let one in! All the attendees were ignoring this table like it was filled with bedbugs (probably was!). But media cameras we’re surrounding it, of course. Who knows, this Muslim was probably hit with a box of Lipton two seconds after we left and had to forfeit his Sharia scheme.

'Sharia! PULL!'
Either way, the NRA allowed attendees to take Muslim target practice nearby.

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