There are some things Frank Luntz and Fox News would rather not say explicitly out loud if they don’t have to. Luckily, they have Republican voters to back them up and make the insane connections they merely insinuate. Who here thinks Obama is a Muslim and that is why he is letting Egypt become a democracy or whatever? Very good, very good. You all get ice cream.

Of course, the best part comes at the 0:35 mark with the bald guy:

“He talks about making them into a republic, but all he talks about are democracies. He doesn’t know what a republic is.”

Sounds like a Basil Marceaux plant. Everyone leaves this inane comment alone, but Luntz should have pressed further and asked if Obama’s Muslimness influenced him to support traffic-stop slavery. THERE’S the truth. Thank God we have this jukebox full of small-time wingnuts to tell the news-viewing public how the world works. [via Gawker]

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