It seems like only three months ago that Nevada nutbar Sharron Angle was handily defeated by dull Democrat Harry Reid, but Sharron Angle remembers this moment just like it was last November. She remembers, and she knows America remembers, too. She knows that in her loss, what really happened is that all of America stood weeping in salute of Our Flag, with a shotgun, and said to themselves, “Sharron Angle, we would totally vote for you if you were running against a negro.”

Honestly, Sharron Angle in Iowa? And honestly, a reporter and editor writing this story and putting it in a newspaper and on the Internet as if this was a potentially true thing, that Sharron Angle — someone so crazy that she couldn’t even beat Harry Reid, in Nevada, in 2010 — thinks it’s an “option” that she could run for president? Can we please skip straight ahead to 2013?

“I’ll just say I have lots of options for the future, and I’m investigating all my options,” Angle said before a couple hundred people sat down to watch the premiere of “The Genesis Code,” a $5 million film that aims to present a controversial view on religious freedom and on the balancing act between faith and science.

Angle, who nearly beat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in last year’s highly contested Senate race, promoted the movie as “family values” entertainment.

Oh god. [Des Moines Register]

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