• Not content with capitalizing on measly humans, the world’s business leaders are meeting to discuss how to best nickel-and-dime our alien friends (don’t miss this fantastic infographic!). [ExoNews]
  • Donald Trump does not like the Chinese very much, which is ironic considering they both enjoy the gaudy, gold-gilded, bourgeois style of a New Jersey tanning heiress. [The Blaze]
  • The baby-killer-in-chief didn’t weigh in on those gross late-term abortions during his State of the Union speech, for some reason. [Michelle Malkin]
  • Barack Obama’s long-anticipated birth certificate will FINALLY premier during 2012 election, in both 3-D and IMAX. [Daily Mail]
  • A terrible political cartoonist apologizes for his own ineptitude within his very inept cartoon — if only all cartoonists were so honest. [RedState]
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