Finally our conflicting values reach common ground.
Last night, do-gooding public broadcaster NPR asked the American people to describe last night’s State of the Union Address in a few words. America’s overwhelming response: “Salmon.”

So if you look at this graphic they made, the mean response to the query is “Salmon inspiring education.” That is pretty close to what Obama was saying, right? We should look to our country’s salmon for inspiration, as they have a more stable society and economic system than the humans who live here?

When broken down by party, there are some divergences. Some Democrats offered the helpful word “Obama,” and Republicans tended to use the words “blah” and “bullshit” and “rah.” Both Republicans and independents focused to some extent on the word “smoked.” But people overwhelmingly agreed across party lines that this speech was about salmon.

So this is how Obama must govern this divided from now on: salmon. Hey, he said it. GOVERN THROUGH THE SALMON, FISH MAN. [NPR via Daily Intel]

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