'Daddy said he'd hurt me again in the night if I didn't smile when I held up this sign.'Delightful news, America: Even though Arizona has been shunned by conferences and business travelers and entertainers and tourists with money ever since the “Arrest all the Brown People” law and that insane sheriff in Phoenix with his ritual torture/humiliation of suspected Latinos his goons capture in daylight raids, and even though the rest of the nation can’t even think of “Arizona” this month without shuddering over the lunacy of heavily armed mental cases hunting humans at the strip malls, the “Tea Party Patriots” just announced they’re going to have a very special anniversary/first national convention in beautiful Phoenix, AZ! Let’s enjoy the promotional YouTube, from which the above image was captured.

It’s going to be magical! Sign up now to get the rooms closest to the buffet and the Hoveround charging station. [Tea Party Patriots]

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