If Pat Robertson can't have it, nobody can.
No. Shut up. Stop doing this. Nobody wants this.

Started by DailyKos contributor who goes by the moniker “Stranded Wind,” the movement is still very much in its infancy, and is likely to be seen as delusional by its detractors.

Why ever would that be the case? “DailyKos contributor ‘Stranded Wind'” is the most trusted name in recruiting candidates for national office.

Still, its a rather impressive reaction.

A whole 238 (!!!) Twitter followers as of us posting this. Jawsome, Mediaite!

that says more about the loyal following that Olbermann engendered from the DailyKos, even if detractors are certain to portray this as a joke, or if there is realistically very little chance for a potential senate run

Even if it’s starting small, this is a great idea! Connecticut would be best served by a senator who refuses to show up to work when he feels slighted in the least and quits after only a couple months when he learns he isn’t “the boss.” (Majority Leader Tony Danza is.) [Mediaite]

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