Probably about to be covered with some Obama graffiti, even though this is one of our greatest monuments.
Sure, the people of Tucson love getting shot. But did they know they can also get shot on the radio? It’s true! They just have to listen to Rush Limbaugh on their radio, according to this billboard that’s “down the street where Giffords was shot.”

If you think about it, that shooter really wasn’t very good. His kill count could have been higher. His aim was actually a littler gay, if you ask us. Whereas Rush, who is fueled by beef fat and pills, shoots straight.

In Rush’s defense, this alone is not inciting anyone to shoot people; but more importantly, is there really a fair way to portray his show? Putting up stills of that “Two Girls, One Cup” video would be accurate, but probably would run up against decency laws. [Reddit]

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