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Amber Alert: We are getting reports of missing comments — if this is happening to you please leave a comment below. send a note to tips AT the wonkette email. Thank you!

[Uh, Riley, if there are people who can’t comment, they aren’t going to be able to leave a comment about it here. Please leave such things to management. EVERYBODY ELSE: There were about two dozen commenters stuck in spam or moderation folders — it is hard to tell, exactly. Not sure why this happens but our guess is it’s because another site where you use this IntenseDebate commenter login has marked you as spam or blacklisted you for other reasons. In any case, all of the comments stuck in the moderation/spam queue here have been published. — Editor]

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Hola wonkerados.

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Also, if you are a new commenter, your comment may never appear. This is probably because we hate you.


  1. horsedreamer_1

    All comments post to my profile home, but only about three-quarters make the cut for the Wonkette site.

    1. DoktorZoom

      This comment is resigning to spend more time with its family.

      Edit: And now it's back. It's like a freaking Dan White, only less twinkie-murdery

    2. DoktorZoom

      My reply to this comment is missing. Now I bet that THIS comment will go missing, too. It's a regular Santiago Saturday Night (ca. 1973) in here.

      Is Kissinger involved?

    3. aqua_buddha

      And this comment is going squeak, squeak, squeak, like the chalk on the blackboard of the glenn beck show. Coincidence ?

  2. Come here a minute

    Meh, you didn't miss much. You were spared two or three stupid things from this keyboard.

  3. elviouslyqueer

    Wait. Wonkette is allowing comments? WHY WASN'T I TOLD?

    Seriously, yes, but only on the main page posts (it tells me I'm logged in, but makes me log in again in order to comment). Wonkwire is fine.

  4. DemmeFatale

    I tried to give Prommie the benefit of my musical education, (organist-wise), but my comment disappeared.
    (sad face)

    1. DoktorZoom

      Twun't me.

      (Hey, did ya notice that now we can't comment on other comments or something? Maybe the Implementation of RabbitHole 3.2 isn't going so well)

        1. DoktorZoom

          The "reply" buttons were/are grayed-out on some comments. But now they appear to be back. It's seriously freaking me out, man.

          Maybe Charles Laughton is in the next apartment, fiddling with the comments.

          1. Lascauxcaveman

            Maybe now would be a good time to step outside, get a breath of fresh air, take a walk to teh park, watch the birds fly overhead, visit an old friend, meet a nice girl and fall in love, make a plan for a new and exciting future…

            Naw, just reboot your computer and keep on pluggin' away. Don't forget to click lots of ads, Ken and jack need to be fed.

  5. DoktorZoom

    Not only did a couple of my comments disappear, one of 'em (in the "Constitution was violated" thread) was marked as "deleted by the administrator," which just strikes me as uncivil.

  6. SexySmurf

    All my witty, urbane comments get deleted and replaced with cheap jokes about boobs and buttsechs.

  7. GuanoFaucet

    Does the comment clusterfuck mean wonkette was shipped off to Afghanistan?

    ETA. I lost a couple of comments today.

  8. V572625694

    This comment was deleted by the "moderator," who really doesn't deserve that term if this is the kind of behavior he's going to exhibit.

    Plus, a lot of my comments are hilarious when I write them, but, when they appear here, not. What's up with that?

    1. SorosBot

      The moderator thing seems to be happens when a comment disappears after someone replies to it, and the reply stays. I think.

      1. Ken Layne

        And there is no "moderator." I have to manually approve *new* commenters, and occasionally need to catch spam that the filters miss, but otherwise the system is supposedly trained to allow *approved* commenters to immediately post comments.

        But it is apparently all farked up, which is great when I'm trying to leave the office on a Friday afternoon, gah.

  9. SexySmurf

    Sometimes my deleted comments reappear later. For example, as a test a wrote a comment with just the word "poop" in it. A few minutes later it reappeared, and by the time I noticed it was already at +3.

      1. SorosBot

        So Riley will keep promising we're going to get all the IntenseDebate mysteries explained eventtually, but it will not actually happen, and in the final post the good stuff happening on Wonkette will be serious marred by the incredibly stupid resolution to the arc on the parallel Wonkette?

          1. jus_wonderin

            I found myself on a stage being mocked by Simon Cowell. Hmmmmm. How can I get into your arc???

          2. DoktorZoom

            In the other Wonkette, Riley has a goatee and commenters only get pee scores by killing those above them.

  10. LionelHutzEsq

    I have had the following occur:

    1) Comments disappear. (I think just one, yesterday)

    2) Unable to comment even though logged in. (A couple of times over the last two days or so).

    3) Unable to comment to parts of a thread, but not other parts (this happened yesterday, I wanted to comment on a sub comment, but had to post my comment to the main comment…, weird)

    4) Been notified by intensedebate that a comment has been made to my comment, with a copy of that comment, but when I went over to fist the person, there was no comment. (Yesterday, also).

    5) Women laugh at me when I ask them out. Not sure if this is relevant, just thought I would pass it on.

    1. HempDogbane

      If you persist with this fisting you mention, you're going to have bigger problems than commenting on a Satanic website. Signed, Pope Ratzy

  11. jim89048

    Happens to me occasionally, which, annoying as it may be, is nothing compared to the 3 days I just endured without internet at all, and my phone won't embiggen wonkette so I can't read or comment.

  12. Katydid

    I've gotten a couple of notifications of replies to my comments from IntenseDebate that were nowhere to be found when I went to reply to them. Once I did find the reply hours and hours later.

    And, of course, you know that comments were disabled briefly for the Nazi dog story today, I think that was the story anyway.

    1. MilwaukeeKent

      A lot of people aren't aware of IntenseDebate's Audio comment feature, in which it picks up audible but not written comments by people who talk to their computers when they read your post. Unfortunately it doesn't reccord these in any way, but just lets you know that someone commented. Kind of like a frienemy at work who tells you, while you're leaving Friday afternoon, "People are talking about you behind your back — have good weekend!"
      Sometimes comments are cross-posted to INTENSEDEBATE!!!, the mirror service they provide to right-wing oriented sites. Put the cap lock on and try again.

  13. tiger_tree

    Report disappearing comments by commenting. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.

    (seriously though, everything I've posted today has disappeared from my IntenseDebate profile page and the site itself.)

  14. SayItWithWookies

    Sometimes I think my comments disappear and then I realize when I'm replying to someone that I hit the "Submit Comment" button instead of the "reply" button that I should be hitting. Also, I swore myself in as a member of congress over the television, but apparently that doesn't work either.

    1. HempDogbane

      Also, this happened for me with Sullivan every day for about 5 years, so you people better get this fixed, because I'm NOT going back.

    2. HempDogbane

      Disappeared this reply: "Also, this happened for me with Sullivan every day for about 5 years, so you people better get this fixed, because I'm NOT going back."

  15. randoracer

    Despite my efforts, my comments have NEVER shown up. Probably just as well, as I really have nothing intelligent to add. TruckNutz!

  16. randoracer

    Hey! My first one actually posted! Damn. Now I had better come up with something intelligent to add, like "I (heart) Palin 4ever!"

  17. MiniMencken

    Sadly, one went missing about two hours ago. But, using my training as a forensic commenter at Quantico Bar & Grill, I was able to recreate the message and resend it successfully. If I had not been able to, God only knows the suffering it would have caused amongst the Commentariat.

  18. Barbara_i

    Yes, I've had three disappear. There was one in the Rielle Hunter thread where someone asked if "she would wear white" I posted "yes, that's the only color Monostat comes in" and I re posted it and neither showed. It's happening sporadically.

  19. Limeylizzie

    I wrote something pithy about that Nazi dog and how it would fit into my Nazi fantasy thingy and ordinarily I would be getting all kinds of thumbs up for that kind of stuff and it has disappeared.

    1. V572625694

      Here's an up-fist for you, just for effort. Out of pity. That sort of thing.

      Plus there was a girl I liked once and she didn't like me back to the same degree*. Life is unfair!
      *Well, stopped having sex w/me after the first time, if you must know.

  20. DoktorZoom

    One of my comments got deleted for no reason–all it had done was come into the yard to bust up an old chiffarobe.

  21. LionelHutzEsq

    Milo: Excuse me, I've lost my youthful idealism.
    Man: Your what?
    Milo: My youthful idealism. I used to have it but lately I just can't seem to find it.
    Man: Er…
    Milo: And my sense of humor. Lately I've lost sight of that as well…
    Man: um…
    Milo: Now I'm losing my patience! I don't suppose you've seen that lying around anywhere have you?!?
    Man: I…er…
    Milo: Oh, Great!! Now I've lost my TEMPER! So unless you've got THAT back in there, I shall bid you good day!!
    Man: Puh…please!! Hasn't anyone lost anything TANGIBLE?!?
    Opus: Excuse me…I've lost my marbles.

    1. DoktorZoom

      You'd like to complain? I've only had these shoes a week and the soles are already worn half through.

      No, no, hold your head like this and say "WAH!"

  22. angryclownspawn

    I feel bad for all of you because my comments that went missing were really fucking funny. Too bad none of you will ever see this one also, too.

    1. LionelHutzEsq

      And full of racist/sexist/homophobic/socialistic/communistic/satanic statements to boot!

      1. DoktorZoom

        It's not about health care, it's all about CONTROL. The libs won't be happy until they have their hands wrapped around EVERYBODY'S throat.

    2. LionelHutzEsq

      Not to mention that a lot of racist/sexist/homophobic/mean spirited/anti-American/Anti-FOX/Communistic/Socialistic/Satanic material gets added into mine.

  23. doxastic

    Noticed one that seemed not to post a few hours ago. The comment was dry, academic and humorless, so I just shrugged it off as the better judgment of a cosmic internet editor.

  24. SorosBot

    And now my issues from yesterday seem to have returned, with original comments OK but replies vanishing, and they were very funny I must tell you.

  25. Steverino247

    Hundreds of my comments were missing, but later turned up at a South American soccer stadium.

      1. DoktorZoom

        My comments were scooped up in the middle of the night, had unspeakable invasive experiments performed upon them, and their hideously mutilated corpses were later found on the prairie near mysterious markings in the earth.

  26. Boredw/Gravity

    Yes, I had to post and re-post my pithy comment about being bored with gravity (see what i did there) to get pees and thumbs up.

    1. jus_wonderin

      On the bright side, if you live in a cold region, you can consider it a new form of heating.

  27. undeterredbyreality

    Yes–they've been disappearing immediately after I post them. And I gotta tell you, they were the best stuff ever! I should be up to about 200 p's by now!

    (Srsly, I contacted the intense debate peoples & they said it was their junk filter–how insulting!)

      1. undeterredbyreality

        It's all in how you word it…

        (hint: LONG subject line, one word ("Why?") message.)

      2. undeterredbyreality

        And I'm not sure I like the way you say “YOU”–Is it because my p's keep shrinking?

      3. undeterredbyreality

        And I'm not sure I like the way you say "YOU"–Is that because my p's keep shrinking?

  28. real_dc_native

    I've had comments disappear today and yesterday. I've also noticed some other people's most memorable comments disappear. I blame the House and their budget cutting austerity mania.

  29. angryclownspawn

    Hahaha! Thanks for commenting on my comment fuflans, but now like magical pixie dust, that will forever sparkle in our minds, your comment is GONE!

  30. Mumbletypeg

    No problems discerned yet. But whoever raptured that pic from the next thread over, of Mary Bodacious Bono, would they please put it back?

  31. exmartinette

    I tried twice to post my merry jape to the "hitler dog" piece. Both disappeared.

    Let the record show that the dog "was just following odors."

  32. ShaveTheWhales

    There are no comments on Wonkette.

    And then there are.

    And then there aren't.

    Oh, fuck it.

  33. chascates

    My comments are showing up. It's the brain cells, savings, and hopes that keep slipping away!

  34. JackDempsey1

    My comment disappeared just as I was a couple of p's away from 80, which is the the well-recognized "glass ceiling" of the internet.
    Oh, and I didn't do anything degrading for my score, unlike others I could name.

  35. tiger_tree

    I made an awesome comment about how HuffPo is a neurotoxin (you know, that sidebar thing they have? har har har, etc.) and it got disappeared.

    Naturally, I assumed this was because Huffington Post is secretly paying someone at Wonkette under the table, as this is the simplest explanation for this sort of thing.

  36. LionelHutzEsq

    Interesting. I have been notified by intense debate that two people, including Sorosbot, had commented to my Bloom County post, and yet there are no comments there. I had added a comment to Joshua Norton's post, and yet my comment is not there.

    Is it possible that Wonkette is just a fever dream of a mad, opiate addicted Anna Marie Cox, and her fragile mental state has finally been driven over the edge by one too many rounds of Gin and the Buttsex? It would explain a lot!

  37. FlipOffResearch

    My comments have been disappearing for about a month now. I just figured I pissed someone off, and then I gave up after awhile.

    That's too bad, because I had some pretty funny ones disappear. Like when I suggested we pay off our debt to China by selling them Texas.

  38. edgydrifter

    Now I had one disappear, too. It's OK, though, because it wasn't really very good and I felt kind of lame for having submitted it. My brain is dumb as hell today.

  39. natoslug

    Wokett doesn't allow comments. Oh, and some of mine disappeared, but they lacked humour and did not meet college level writing standards, too also. I figured it was just someone applying common sense and deleting them since they shouldn't have been made in the first place.

  40. angryclownspawn

    Godammit, now my comments are back and they aren't nearly as funny as I claimed. Thanks for nothing intensedebate!

  41. SorosBot

    Yay some of my comments have returned!

    Boo now I've made the same joke multiple times in the same thread!

    Time to get with the deleting.

  42. real_dc_native

    The Ministry of Internal Communications notes in its monthly report that the number of comments successfully posted to Wonkette has increased by 420% over last month.

    At the same time, the Ministry of Transportation Safety announced that the x-ray scanners used for airport security have been found to kill bacteria and viruses on the skin thus reducing the danger of a flu outbreak.

    Now move along citizen, nothing more to see here.

  43. SorosBot

    Also, after on Ken's explanation I found I'm banned on Breitbart (and just after one comment!) and wonder if the rest of us who had problems said anything over there too; or if maybe some of the trolls got the site to preemptively ban everyone they could find from here.

    Possibly knowing it would fuck with our commenting over here.

    1. tiger_tree

      I've never commented anywhere but here; this site is the only reason I even have an IntenseDebate login.

      1. glamourdammerung

        I do not post anywhere else.

        Though I think maybe the Ken Layne AI should reciprocate this with the trolls that come from Big Trolling.

        1. SorosBot

          Yeah, there seemed to be too many people effected to come from posting over there; though now I'm afraid that I'm sounding like a lunatic conspiracy theorist.

          But then, where has metamarcist been today?

          1. glamourdammerung

            Yeah, because a bunch of clowns that come over here because they are told to by another clown known mainly for doctoring videos are totally not petty enough to ban a bunch of folks just to be spiteful.

          2. SorosBot

            And who keep coming over here just to give everybody a thumbs down. You can't put anything past people who are so obsessed with pissing off liberals as to be pathetic enough to waste time on something as pointless as P-points.

          3. DoktorZoom

            It's sorta like E Howard Hunt hired the Three Stooges.

            Oh, and these Breitbart guys are pretty incompetent as well.

    2. DoktorZoom

      Odd, I was able to post over there a moment ago (posted "test" and then deleted it, at least). But, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to find this is somehow related to the anonymous down-fisting trolls' Campaign for Freedom. Could just be a coincidence, of course, but I wouldn't put it past the G. Gordon Liddy Muppet Baby Brigade.

      1. SorosBot

        Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania, Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson, Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British politician sex, JFK blown away, what else do I have to say…

  44. GodShammgod

    It happened to me once a few days ago, but it was to only one comment.

    Shame Sarah Palin won't disappear from my teevee screen too.

  45. onemoretime79

    I said Dick in my last post.
    It didn't make it.

    But, I LIKE Dicks. How strange.
    I was prolly taking dick too seriously tho. So, my bad.

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