• Newly unearthed documents show the ACLU was founded by COMMUNISTS in 1919. This fact is truly shocking because why would anyone want to overthrow capitalism during the golden age of child labor? [The Daily Caller]
  • Muslims are slated to show up in the next Narnia movie, where, thanks to the PC police, they will capture the lion-Jesus and slaughter him halal-style in some CGI fantasy-mosk to serve at KFC with tzatziki sauce and pita. [Big Hollywood]
  • Amazingly, KFC’s haute-cuisine MAY be halal-certified, which upon consuming will turn any honest anus-loving American into a barbarian terrorist. [Bare Naked Islam]
  • Nancy Pelosi is America’s mother-in-law because she is a revolting female — isn’t that a funny joke about her female genital parts??? [RedState]
  • Thankfully, we’ll soon be free of Obama’s fascist health care and free to contract hepatitis everywhere. [Daily Intel]
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