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A Year of Funny Fotos: 2010 In Dumb Pictures

Heil Ohio!Wait a minute, 2010 is over already? And here we are still writing “Fuck the Pope” on our checks! Well, whatever, everything must end — even horrible things like “the year 2010.” And who are the handsome Teutonic Princes in this particular photograph? Just some Midwest Nazis kickin’ it old-skool. The one circled is GOP rising star/”young gun” Rich Iott, who was all set to become the new teabagger congressman from Ohio, but then he somehow lost because THE JEWS were upset just because he likes to dress up in Nazi SS uniforms and pretend to be a Nazi all the time. Jeez everybody’s got to be so “politically correct” these days, you can hardly even get away with emailing everybody pictures of the White House surrounded by a watermelon farm. What a wacky year!

'I believe in Miracles, where ya from, you Sexy Thing?!'TeeVee’s Glenn Beck held a picnic for old white people, and the Guinness Book of World Records later announced it was the world’s largest gathering of “personal mobility devices.”

Alert the Central California/Oklahoma sheriff's departments.TeeVee’s Jon Stewart held another Glenn Beck rally, which was mostly attended by Internet Memes such as Pedobear.

The third book has got to be Sarah Palin's.George W. Bush and his frat brother Tucker Max shared top spots on the “books by assholes” list.

'See me drivin' down the street, I'm bored with looking good ....'Former sexy lady Michele Bachmann got a very teabaggy makeover!

Pedobear probably included.Which van would you rather have parked in your local airport’s long-term garage, this guy’s or Pedobear’s?

Even if you've seen a lot of 'shops in your time, this has not been 'shopped.We suggested that Sarah Palin maybe got a boob job, because a Wonkette reader asked us, “Hey, doesn’t it kinda look like Sarah Palin got a boob job?” And that’s all it took for the Entire Mainstream Political Media to run with the “Sarah Palin got breast implants” story, based on our comedy blog post. America sure isn’t getting any smarter.

Goat's Head Soup.Representatives Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn) and Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) got blown by a coupla goats.

Uhhh ....Uhh ….

And what are they wrong about? Haircuts!Even with the burden of complete illiteracy and ignorance, there were (misspelled) signs of something resembling compassion.

Maine is a Movmenteable Feast.The teabagger “movment” taught us more about Americans than we really cared to know.

rite-inn vot3.Despite having a name so complicated that her own campaign staff couldn’t spell it, Lisa Murkowski beat Sleazy Joe Miller with her goofy write-in campaign. (It’s true, she finally won! Of course Joe Miller will never concede, because he’s the second-biggest asshole in Alaska.)

You got that straight!Speaking of assholes, America produced a bumper crop in 2010.

A bumper crop of bumper stickers, too. (It’s awesome that he *paid lots of money* for this personalized anti-Obama plate. All proceeds go to the ACLU or gay rights or whatever.)

Experience has made me rich, And now they're after me, 'cause everybody's living in a Material World, and I am a Material Girl.Who can forget the day Dustin Hoffman put on his Tootsie drag one last time, to help his old friend Michele Bachmann?

'I'm afraid of Americans.'This photograph wraps up not only 2010 but the entire last thirty years of America. It will be on this country’s tombstone, assuming the Chinese allow us a tombstone.

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  1. nounverb911

    "Rich Iott, who was all set to become the new teabagger congressman from Ohio, but then he somehow lost because THE JEWS were upset just because he likes to dress up in Nazi SS uniforms and pretend to be a Nazi all the time"

    I'm sure the Pope didn't mind.

    1. Neilist

      Much as I love guns . . . and much as I love German/Austrian guns . . . I can say, categorically, that Rich Iott is an fucking ASSH . . . .


      . . . .fucking Git.

      Although possibly not as great a Git as that homo in the RAF uniform.

      (Those little Faerie Dove Wings are a dead giveaway.)

      StrumWaffleWaffenTrooper Neilist von Neilist
      Castro Street S.S. Leather Division
      Rearguard Unit

        1. Neilist

          Why, yes, "Negro," you guessed!

          I'm a one-eyed, tap-dancing Jew-"boy" who loves Nordic looking blondes and was the Ratpack's designated Amos 'n Andy clown.

          Call me Sammy Davis Neilist, Jr.

          "The Candyman can . . ."

          [Give it up, buddy. You're wayyyyyyy out of your league.]

          1. Neilist

            A "Self-Hating Tap-Dancing Designated Amos 'n Andy Clown"?

            Do they make those?

            And how can "Those People" be self-hating, when Balliol Brothers Pharmacy is having that big Down-Home sale with savings on Night Oil; Eye Wash and Lip Stiffener; Dr. Bard's Witch Spray; Pixie Lee's Chicken Whitener; "Soul of the South" shoeshine kits (with that extra bottle of yellow!); Government Agent and Welfare Police Spotting Cards; Madame Eureka's Magic Number Pads (with a lucky number for someone on every page!); and a postcard picture of Hundred & Third and Central in Chicago . . . Detroit . . . Los Angeles . . . Kansas City . . . Philadelphia . . . and Newark.

            (Just ask for Miss George, and tell her necessity sent you.)

            [Wayyyyyy out of your league, sonny. Wayyyyyy out.]

            P.S. Everything You Know IS Wrong.

          2. Negropolis

            I honestly don't get why you deal with me the way you do. You act like I raped your mother. Your general dickishness is even more acute when directed at me for whatever reason. I'm generally snarky with everyone, so I'm not sure why whenever you see my name, no matter what the issue of any given thread is, you come in with the not-even-tongue-in-cheek, not-snarky racial bullshit.

      1. jim89048

        As bad as it was, was nothing compared to opening them both at once. The utter discordance made my ears bleed.

        1. JumpySnark

          Wow, thank you SO MUCH for this link! You made my day :) I'm buying this album on iTunes right now…

  2. angryclownspawn

    I can't believe its over. I need a tissue. I'm feeling all weepy now, but maybe that is just cause I am thinking its gonna get so much worse in 2011. I mean, it's not like Americans will suddenly learn to spell, is it?

    1. slappypaddy

      not to mention police protection, emergency medical services, paved roads, clean running water, garbage pick-up, unplugged sewers, and all the other unmentionable wasteful gewgaws of the socialist fascist nanny state. such as medicare. and social security.

      how could we have let ourselves sink so low as a people, when we could have been free and dead?

    1. vulpes82

      I hope some nice man and/or woman fingerbangs and then tongue-punches your fartbox for New Year's, Riley!

    2. WriteyWriterton

      RW: were you not alive in 2000? When I heard Pennsylvania turn, I knew we were f*^$ed. Completely, permanently, and irreversibly. And guess what? We. Were.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        When Gore conceded Florida on Election Nite, must have been midnite local time, I wept. Hysterically. My mother thought I was losing my mind (mental illness, for real). How little we know my tears were justified.

  3. x111e7thst

    The entire decade was a suck-fest, and not in a good way.
    2010 was a fitting capstone.
    May the next ten be better.

  4. rocktonsam

    I'm just going to drink to forget this year tonight. Tomorrow too.

    I am looking forward to BPalin in Penthouse also.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      If Penthouse wants to have a BBW pet of the month, might I suggest calling April Flores or Kelly Shibari before signing up Bristol?

        1. horsedreamer_1

          Much obliged. Not my favourite porn genre, but having been with more big girls than not big girls, I can appreciate sexuality as expressed by the non-traditionally beautiful.

  5. Progressiveinga

    Needs moar "♪♬♪I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy…♪♬♪"
    And buttsecks. Also.

    1. Negropolis

      I remember when The Simpsons changed their intro music for the first time in the show's history, and changed it to Ke$ha's Tik Tok, and it blew my fucking mind.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        I want to know if the writers of the Simpsons actually enjoy Ke$ha, & really, who can't but a bunch of "ironically-distant" sceneastas, or if the affection is insincere, as with ONION av club local ed (Milwaukee edition) Steve Hyden.

        That man is my brother's age, but has the mental capacity of the freshmen my brother lectures. I say: grow the fuck up, Steve Hyden.

  6. WriteyWriterton

    When I listened all the way through to the song, whatever it is, I didn't hate it. Is that, like, a metaphor? For the year?


  7. weejee

    None predictions for 2011? Say like:

    1. Hopey starts triangulates like crazy.
    2. Walnuz McCain moons Tom Udall over Udall's Phillybluster rulez changes.
    3. Cheesy Chuckie Grassley turns all of Iowa into an ADM ethanol still.
    4. Joe Liberman divorces Hadassah and ghey marries Lindsey Graham.
    5. Neilist melts down all his gunz, dons saffron robes, and moves to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal with WiFi.

    Happy New Year and best wishes to one and all (even Neilist)

    1. Neilist

      The Buddhist Monastery in Arthur Clarke's short story, "The Nine Billion Names Of God"?

      Fire up the Cray, Brothers! The sooner we get the names down, the sooner the Wheel will turn, and we'll be done with this Fucking Existence.

      Dali Neilist
      19th Hole
      Caddyshack Clubhouse
      ("He's a big hitter!")

      1. transfatz

        Around here we salute the new year at midnight with our shotguns. I'll chamber up an extra game load for you.

      1. user-of-owls

        9. Herpetologists announce discovery of largest Black Widow specimen on record.

        10. Minneapolis Police refuse to comment on rumors that Marcus Bachmann's head was missing when his corpse was discovered last Tuesday.

        1. Neilist

          Why would herpetologists (studiers of reptiles and amphibians) announce the discovery of a spider?



          Got it.

          Never mind.

      1. Negropolis

        12. In an uncontrolled fit of crying, Boehner rusts himself and gets stuck to the house floor becoming a pillar of salt and moved to Statuary Hall, and Eric Cantor, leaderless and helpless as a days-old puppy, is caged and carted off back over the Potomac. Frau Pelosi deftly stages a (mostly) bloodless coup and takes back the House totally leading whilst in the minority. Now Dear Leader for Life Pelosi, she abolishes the Senate, and forms a unicameral People's Congress with power of redistricting given to said Congress.

        13. Rand "Kentucky Stomper-Colonel" Paul challenges New York Senateress Kirsten Gillibrand (nee Rutnik) to a Southern-styled duel, forgetting or ignorant of her 100% NRA rating. A special election is held in Kentucky in 2011….

        14. The re-animated corpose of President Reagan rises from the grave on Halloween 2011 to lead an internecine insurgency of teabaggers against the Obama administration with the re-animated corpose of Richard M. Nixon as his vice president, and Sarah Palin as his Supreme Commander. President Obama formally requests Governor Moonbeam to seal Zombie Reagan's soul back to hell, and put it place the proper containments lest some hapless soul unseals him, again.

  8. Barbara_i

    I think it's kinda cute how all of the ladies in the Bachmann/Palin photo have bangs to hide the lobotomy scars.

    I think that 2011 will be a better year. My prediction is that Bristol Palin will propose to another man by peeing on a stick and showing it to him before Valentine's Day.

    1. MsQuasimodo

      Actually, lobotomies are performed with an icepick up through the skull through the eye socket. No scars, no evidence.

  9. Rotundo_

    Yes, someday this will be "the good old days". I am confident that our corporate overlords will make sure we look back misty eyed and nostalgic for Chicken McNuggets and Anus Burgers, Ray Stevens political musings and even, yes, $arah's ever-spewing font of wisdumb. Imagine how hard they'll have to work to make it notably shittier than it already is. That will take true, hardened, steely, and most importantly heartless and soulless leadership. We are spectators to the end of an empire, it'll be one hell of a ride down, until you get some on you.
    Happy New Year Wonketteers!

  10. Jason_inthe_Peg

    Well this is the year I found wonkette and p points.

    I love the p points.

    They are the best game since Mario Cart.

    So you haters just keep on hate'in on 2010.

  11. SexySmurf

    2010: A shitty way to end a shitty decade.

    2000: Bush v. Gore
    2001: 9/11
    2002: Death of Joe Strummer
    2003: Iraq War
    2004: John Kerry
    2005: Second Bush term
    2006: Lebanon War
    2007: Cancellation of Gilmore Girls
    2008: Rise of the Palin/fall of American Empire
    2009: The first of many of Hopey's disappointments

    1. WriteyWriterton

      Always thought everyone in the Clash were poseurs, and never watched a second of GG, but everything else on your list – oh, my, yes.

    2. prommie

      Strummer, that was the cruelest cut of all. Carbon Silicon just doesn't make up for it, now I will never see The Clash.

  12. ttommyunger

    Oh well, it was a good year for the Wonketeers; thanks to all of you and the Staff for the grins, groans, lost hours and found friends.

    1. Neilist


      Tell your boy in the New Year in Indian Country:

      1. Head.

      2. DOWN.

      [Let the Air Farce and/or the Arty-Farty Types deal with it. It's only another village of natives anyway . . . .]
      Stay safe.

      1. ttommyunger

        I had a feeling I'd hear from you. I'm perceptive when it comes to class. Thank you and the very best your way as well.

    2. fuflans

      and to surviving another year in our failing state with humor.

      best in 2011 you sarcastic nymphs.

      1. ttommyunger

        You are too kind. I am looking forward to another year of dog walking (five at a time, twice a day) and mind-droppings (Wonketteering). You have a keen mind, a sharp wit and a cruel sense of humor. All admirable qualities that will serve you well in these frustrating and troubling times. Keep up the good work!

  13. Bluestatelibel

    Well, at least we survived the Y2K crisis, when all the computers were going to go nuts, right? That's something to be proud of. That and the cozy bottle of Baileys I have by my side will sustain me.

  14. Texan_Bulldog

    Wow! Rich Iott is the shortest Nazi I've ever seen; his picture reminds me that they are making a cartoon movie about gnomes next year…seriously.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Gnomeo & Juliet. With a soundtrack by Elton John & special guests.

      I'm hoping for another duet with Eminem, doing Randy Newman's "Short People".

  15. Beowoof

    I don't know if there is enough red wine to rinse away 2010 memories, but I am on my way to try and figure the answer to that question.

  16. PresBeeblebrox

    I, for one, welcome our new Diabetic-American overlords.

    Shit, I knew xceptionlNatn was fucked when a Sleep Apnea store opened up next to my favourite coffee joint. (Strike that – I knew we were fucked around 3:00 am on November 8, 2000, right about the time Dan Rather started to wax eloquently about cat's tails and Tennessee nights.)

  17. PublicLuxury

    Thinking back over 2010, I just want to take a gun to my head. Too bad I don't own a gun because I'm a librul, tree hugging, socialist, Democrat.

    Is there hope for 2011? I sure hope so because the opposite is unaccpetable for America.

    Happy New Year Friends, May all your dreams, wallets and hearts be filled with great things.

    Oh, and TRY not to piss me off this year.

    1. x111e7thst

      Being a socialist does not need to mean being a soft, gun free, tree hugger. Think of the Republicans in Spain between '31 and '39. Otoh I'm glad your brains remain un-blown- out.

      And to all Wonketeers einen guten Rutsch ins Neujahr!

    2. Bluestatelibel

      I'll personally not try to piss you off this year. Except there were quite a few grammitical errors in your post.

  18. WriteyWriterton

    Oh, Wonketeers, discovering you made my year more tolerable. But the stupid..ah, the stupid burns.

    Next year in Jerusalem! No?

    Carry f*&^in' on, regardless, and may our Hoveround overlords descend via pothole to the lowest circle of Hell.

    Happy New Year!

  19. HempDogbane

    Thanks, Ken. I love Antony and the Johnsons. Turned the streaming radio off on the other computer, shut down iTunes on this one, walked around the house looking for someone's iPod left accidentally. Finally decided whomever is fucking with my computer has excellent taste. Then I scrolled down just as the song ended.

    Paranoia 2011 !

    1. ShaveTheWhales

      1. Thanks for the antidote.

      2. Thanks for reminding me how fucking old I am.

      Cheers to you and the Apache you rode in with.

  20. WriteyWriterton

    (slurring, half-drunk, knocking over a barstool on the way out of the dive)

    An' another thing…

    May the New year bring us many more articles in The Gray Lady reporting that Arizona residents “see something sinister” in the closings of highway rest stops that Arizona shut down in light of its current budget crisis. “Betty L. Roberts, who lives in Sun City, west of Phoenix, said the topic was a hot one among her friends. ‘I honestly think they are setting us up because they want to do a tax increase,’ Ms. Roberts said. “I think by shutting down things people want, they will give us one.’” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/05/us/05reststop.h….

  21. vulpes82

    Happy New Year, y'all! Here's to hoping the second decade of the twenty-first century is better than the first!

  22. Monsieur_Grumpe

    Happy New Year fellow Wonkette commenters!
    (and editors interns…)
    May your sarcasm never dull,
    may the Pedobear never hack your email,
    may your Republican relatives admit Palin is a moron,
    may you never get a job that blocks Wonkette,
    and may you never regret that last drink.

    Nouvelle Année Heureuse!

  23. neiltheblaze

    Happy New Year Wonkeratti! May Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians stay the fuck out of your dreams.

  24. StillGoinGreen

    Thank you Wonketteers for giving me someone to cry with each lousy fucking day of this turd of a year! May our 2011 tears be of joy, or laughter, or the kind you get when you need to sneeze.

  25. metamarcisf

    Tip: If you've spent all your money on moonshine & benzos and have just snapped that you're gonna need a new calendar in a few minutes, do what I did. Dig out that old 1994 calendar stashed somewhere in the garage. Not only is it the same, but you'll be abe to relive the contract on America all over again.

    1. Progressiveinga

      And Newt is still slinging the same bullshit. Into the looking glass, Alice, and prospero ano nuevo Bitches!

  26. transfatz

    Happy new year to the editors and commenters who gave of their creativity so that we could have the best set-ups on the internet. You made me laugh about things I just wanted to cry about. I could not have survived the Bush administration without you.
    And a nod to the stupids for all the great material. Somehow I don't think there will be any less of this in 2011.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      "And a nod to the stupids for all the great material. Somehow I don't think there will be any less of this in 2011."

      Unless Medicare quits buying scooters for fat people, making them all prisoners of their own homes.

  27. rocktonsam

    we do get to look forward to ball baby Boner blubbering all the time, while fucking it up because he will

      1. V572625694

        Depends on BAC, time of day/night, accessibility of desired object of affection. Complicated! But Michele — nevah again!

    1. bflrtsplk

      Hmm. Had 20 margaritas and a bottle and a half champagne and I am lonely. Let's have a look. Mmmmm No.

  28. ShaveTheWhales

    Ken, don't you think "If it be your will" is a little too upbeat for 2010?

    On the other hand, 2010 was kind of a bummer mostly because of falling-short-of-hopes, whereas 2011 promises to be full of active bad shit. Better start researching your Antony year-end special now.

    To my fellow scumsucking shitbricks, so long (until tomorrow) and thanks for all the snark. And the literacy.

    I hope that — against all probability — 2011 is a better year for you, or at least that you have adequate access to drugs and alcohol.

    Fappy New Year!.

    1. bumfug

      $35 gets me a medical weed card and the VA is good for the pharms if I ever decide I need them. Bev-Mo can handle the rest. I think 2011 is covered.

  29. SheriffRoscoe

    The guy with the pimped out van neglected to apply the 'who fucked whom' rule of grammar checking.

  30. Zvi_Bleindmeis

    Mrs. Bleindmeis and I just dined on Gulf shrimp that hardly tasted like petroleum at all, and we decided that was a fitting way to end the year. Some things were pretty bad, but they could have been worse. Michele Bachman could have landed a committee chairmanship. We could have needed to adjust to hearing the names "Senator Miller," "Senator O'Donnell," and "Vice President Palin" on NPR, spoken without scorn. Dubya could have decided to leave his big mouth open instead of shutting the fuck up, for the most part. The Supreme Court could have ruled that DADT was here to stay, and would apply to all American society, not just the military. Mike Huckabee could have gotten the gig playing bass on Conan's new show. Wonkette could have fallen victim to massive cyber attacks from Wonkileaks operatives.

        1. HurricaneAli

          After half a bottle of over-proof spiced rum the old man and I are feeling pretty glass-is-half-full for all things we do have in our lives. So, yeah. Glad the Gulf shrimp for you and missus was tasty.

  31. PublicLuxury

    Here's to the building of the Mobility Scooter Lane on America's highways and byways.

    I can't stand when they're clogging up the carpool lane.

  32. chascates

    Helen Keller might have been the only person who could have enjoyed 2010. If she had broken both hands, that is.

  33. real_dc_native

    One good thing about 2010, Riley went from intern to staff. Do they still make you read Politico and Red State every day Riley?

    Other than that, yeah 2010 sucked and only Wonkette, the Wonketteers, drugs and liquor got me through it. Well, here's hoping 2011 will see us drifting in the right direction (left).

    Happy New Year All!

    1. chascates

      Being humped by Andrew Breitbart was his initiation. That's the equivalent of throwing yourself on a hand grenade.

  34. imissopus

    Sadly our overlords have neglected a round-up of the most important group here at Wonkette: the trolls! This year had such a bumper crop of the little guys who enlivened our days with the incomprehensible spewings dredged from the Glenn-Beck-addled depths of their cortices. Such wisdom they shared!

    So I raise a glass to you, paulletteanne, greaseball rabbit, Kevin with the Idi Amin avatar, di da the dog boy or whatever the fuck your name was, our mystery guests who have apparently been coming through on down-fisting sweeps recently, and any others I am too drunk to remember. May 2011 be the year you all suffer from painful wasting diseases, and may you linger long enough to see the black man re-elected by an overwhelming majority, which will surely cause the final fatal blood vessel ruptures in your scrambled brains.

    Happy New Year, Wonketteers!

    1. Neilist

      All my hard work, and I'm omitted.

      I, the Dali Lama of "incomprehensible spewings . . . "

      Fuck you.

      And fuck Billygoat Gruff, and his fucking bridge that he makes me live under.

      "I am . . . the Troll Kinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!"

      1. V572625694

        If you know who Neal Cassady was, and Neil Young is, you're no troll here. You're just raising the irony level a bit, and it's appreciated. Custerwolf sends her love…

        1. user-of-owls

          You can actually say her/its name now? Was a time when your comment would vanish into the ether if you tried. And if you were not careful, you could vanish therein as well.

          I did bring her up down the thread a bit. What times those were….

        2. Neilist

          Does Ken have this set up so that if you even mention "Custerw**t" your post auto-deletes?

          If so, that's really . . . . KEWL.

          1. V572625694

            Pretty sure “Ken” is an AI construct that escaped from PARC or the MIT Media Lab when he/it became self-aware. Note the habitual evasions on the subject of “his” location.

          2. Neilist

            I concede that this "Ken Layne" entity might be an AI.

            But I have trouble reconciling that theory with that idea that such an "intelligence," artificial or otherwise, would chose to "reside" in San Bernardino County — best know for its rows of foreclosed MacDonald's mansions; abandoned chick coops; and meth labs. (The last two often being the same thing.)

            The only good thing about San Bernardino is that a branch of the Superior Court is located in . . . RANCHO CUCAMONGA!

            (I just love calling East Coast clients that I have court tomorrow morning in . . . RANCHO CUC . . . .

            But you get the idea.)

          3. HurricaneAli

            It is also part of the Inland Empire, which I find fascinating. And Rancho Cucamonga sounds like something out of Krazy Kat, but that took place in Coconino County, AZ.

            I bet "Ken Layne" is a manifestation of the AI in that X-Files episode, "Killswitch."

          4. Neilist

            Neilist 2 : The Wonkette Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 2011. Human decisions are removed from the Blogsphere. The "Ken Layne" AI begins to snark at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.
            HurricaneAli: Ken Layne fights back.
            Neilist 2: Yes. It launches the Banhammer against Red State.
            V572, etc.: Why attack Red State? Aren't they our buttsex slaves now?
            Neilist 2: Because Ken Layne knows the Red State counter-attack will eliminate its enemies over here.

          5. DustBowlBlues

            Goddamit Neilist, you fucking asshole. You made me laugh before I realized that it was you, a self-identified troll, who had written the funny shit, then made me take g-d's name in vain when I realized I'd given a troll a thumbs up. If I go to hell for that, it's all your fault.

            Are you happy with yourself now?

          6. Neilist

            Don't encourage Neilist. He's an ASSHOLE.

            Also, it will make Negropolis start that Nation of Islam "Gutter Religion" thing again.

            And he's already confused enough about Sammy Davis, Jr.

          7. V572625694

            Might as well have the courthouse adjacent to the homeland of all the biker/meth dealers who are their prime source of perps.

      2. HurricaneAli

        I wondered why people were always calling for your banhammering and so I thought you were scary – now I just understand that you are a gun nut who loves to yammer on about military history like you married the History Channel and that's what makes you so very charming and a wonderful part of the Wonkeratti. The end.

        1. Neilist

          "people were always calling for your banhammering . . . "

          99.9% of Wonketteers cannot be wrong!

        2. DustBowlBlues


          Excellent. A fittingly respectful term to describe those of us who slavishly read the yammerings of what is, evidently, an AI from X-Files.

      3. WriteyWriterton

        Needing some love, Neilist? It's a bit bleak on your own path, but we like you here. You're a disgruntled loner, like the rest of us, staring into the bottoms of our glasses, swiveling on our stools in case The One walks in and she/he's looking for US.

        Oh, and f*^@ you. ;)

        1. Neilist

          Disgruntled loner on a stool?

          More like the corner window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository

      4. SheriffRoscoe

        Neilist you lost the crown of Troll King a long time ago. And besides, we like our trolls more slack jawed and well, retarded than you are.

      5. imissopus

        You have a redeeming feature Neilist: you can answer any question I ever have about weaponry and ammunition. And you like Neil Young. Okay, two features. The trolls I was thinking of are wastes of oxygen. Don't worry, I still think you are a giant ASSHOLE.

        1. Rotundo_

          He is not just a giant ASSHOLE, he is *OUR GIANT ASSHOLE*. And this being the case ours is just fine, everybody elses' particularly that Andrew Breitbart chaps' stinks to high heaven. A good small (and some larger) arms consultant is a handy thing to have these days too.

        2. Neilist

          Well, I'm a barrel of laughs,
          with my carbine on
          I keep 'em hoppin',
          till my ammunition's gone.
          But I'm still not happy,
          I feel like
          there's something wrong.
          I got the revolution blues,
          I see bloody fountains,
          And ten million snow machines
          comin' down the mountains.

          Well, I hear that Wassilla, Alaska
          is full of Palin's pards,
          But I hate them worse than lepers
          and I'll kill them
          in their cars.

          [From the "One The Beach" album, of course. With apologizes to the original artiste.]

    1. lulzmonger

      Conceded … & yet still carrying on with a federal lawsuit. Keep it classy, Joe!

      Nothing wrong with Stubble-Boy that a good turpentine enema wouldn't cure.

    2. transfatz

      Joe needs to discover lash lengthener mascara. It worked wonders for me in the early 60s except for that embarrassing time when my beard ran.

    3. glamourdammerung

      Actually, he kind of conceded while basically claiming to have won. Not really sure what that counts as.

      1. Negropolis

        Ah, yes, the "Christine O'Donnell" concession. Actually, that's how most losing politicians lose, these days, Democrat or Republican.

  35. bumfug

    Every year has enough fucked up stuff to keep the rage up. How could it not be so, given the vast amount of stupidity loose in the land? The good news is that it's not worse than usual; it's always been this bad and the result is that people like Franklin, Twain, Menckin, Vonnegut and yes Layne arise to mock these dipshits and help us to find the laughter that is the only appropriate reaction to their existence. When the day comes that this isn't enough, well, they're not the only ones with second amendment solutions. Drink up.

    1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

      Thank you for that perspective, BF.

      3000 years ago this time of year, we were all, "Let's hope there won't be any more Bathsheba-gate incidents next year, am I right, Uriah the Hittite? We all thought David and Jonathan were ghey!"

  36. deleted2470022

    I first heard Antony and the Johnsons on this very site. Now I own all of their CDs. I also have a gun, drugs, a bottle of Bailey's and a lot of wine. Bring it, 2011.

    And a Happy New Year to all of you who made me laugh, think, and occasionally smash my head upon my desk.

  37. My_pal_HAL

    Went away after the mid-terms. The bathos on the Wonkette was too intense. But now, it's really over. Joe Miller has conceded, 2010 in done, the snark is back! Happy New Year!

        1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

          2001: A Space Odyssey. HAL the computer (shifting the alphabet one letter down from IBM) is self-aware and locks out the human that wants to shut him down. The rest is pretty loose. Have another drink, Ali.

  38. TheRealJimbo

    Wasn't 2009 the last year of the decade? I keep getting that messed up.

    Anyway, sincerely, thank you all for making me laugh and keeping me sane when all I wanted to do was bang my forehead on my desk.

  39. user-of-owls

    Hey all you nattering nabobs of negativism, you really want something to be thankful for? We went through all of 2010 without a single appearance of the she-wolf that rhymes with cuntster! That alone made the year a more tolerable one.

    1. wondering where i am

      Hey, owl creature,remember me?. How about we bury the owl pellet? I am not really a troll, nor a she-wolf or a cuntster. And I don't own guns or watch the history channel. No reason to be so mean.

  40. Limeylizzie

    Happy New Year Wonketteers, this was my first year here and I have so much for which to be thankful. Firstly the freedom to say "Cunt" and the many, many p-points I receive when I do, the encouragement from many of you to let loose with my insane Nazi / French Resistance fantasies -I will never forget the Wheel of Gouda in that Dutch cheese shop, the fact that my breasts haven't received so much attention since that day on the beach in Eastbourne , when I was 17 and a skinhead pulled off my bikini top, the times when I wrote serious things that made me cry and it somehow felt the right place to do that, and above all those Wonketteers who I consider to be friends and even pretend boyfriends. You are a wonderful, sexy, deranged, funny and ridiculously smart bunch of mates.

      1. Limeylizzie

        Happy New Year Dashboard, loved your very moving post. Who wouldn't want to marry you, she sounds like a smart woman.

    1. HurricaneAli

      Any limey who has the sense of humour to call themselves a limey is A-OK. Thank you for being a really fun read on the comments – more of same 2011, plz.

    2. WriteyWriterton

      Namaste, Lizzie. We love you here. You and Neilist.

      Hell, I was in your homeland last week, holed up in Kensington during the "Arctic Conditions," and I thought warmly of you.

      Keep 'em flyin'!

    3. user-of-owls

      Have a peachy New Year, Ms. Liz, and try to cut down on the ASBOs this year, that's a good lass.

    4. Negropolis


      Sometimes, we need some ducks from the other side of the pond to give their perspective on these ducks in the same said pond.

      Damn! I am so sleepy. All I have running through my head are multi-colored mallards On Walden Pond. I don't drink or drug, but I've always thought that acute insomnia was about as close to the side-effects as a body will get.

    5. neiltheblaze

      Cheers, m'dear. You're my favorite straight woman. Anyone who constantly craves dick can't be all bad. We make the world a better place.

    6. PuckStopsHere

      Really? That actually works? What the hell then. I want my p-props, too. So here goes. Cunt. There.

    1. Negropolis

      If that's bad (spanking/motorboating those trig/tig-o-bitties), I'm sure you don't want to be good.

  41. not that Dewey

    Slightly OT, but I was flipping through the channels (I have a 3-year old; can't go out) looking for some NYE specials. I saw Kathy and Anderson on CNN, some vapid dipshit on MTV, Bill Hemmer and Megan Kelly on Fox. Ironically, FOX WAS THE LEAST STUPID THING ON TELEVISION TONITE. However, they were pissing their pants about the Gin Blossoms, talking about their college years and how cool New York is, while simultaneously slamming East Coast Elitists, so all is right with the universe.

    Happy New Year, Wonketteers!

      1. not that Dewey

        Yeah, I saw that Dick Seacrest was going to have Train, as well. I would rather puke and watch FOX, then install a urethral catheter. And FOX had Rick Springfield!1!11!!

    1. Negropolis

      I watched a little bit of them all. It's always fun watching whether or not (or how) Kathy Griffin will try to out Anderson Cooper on national television. It's hilariously uncomfortable; in other words, must-see-TV.

    2. horsedreamer_1

      The title of the first Gin Blossoms album is fitting for the start of the 113th Congress: New Miserable Experience.

  42. Pragmatist2

    I got 15 p's for my Merry Fucking Christmas post, and I am a whore for p's so…..

    Happy Fucking New Year!!!

  43. Zvi_Bleindmeis

    Sarcasm, noun. Etymology: French or Late Latin; French sarcasme, from Late Latin sarcasmos, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to tear flesh, bite the lips in rage, sneer, from sark-, sarx flesh.

    Snarkasm, noun. Etymology: Indo-European, sna-, nose; Latin, -asm, spasmodic sexual pleasure.

    Happy New Year's Rockin' Eve, my fellow Wonkettniks. The corpse of Dick Clark is counting down the seconds right now.

    1. bumfug

      Note to Dick Clark: Dude, you're a fucking broadcaster. Have you looked at a tape lately? The head in a jar in Reanimator was more articulate. Stay home and endorse your checks with your good hand.

    2. neiltheblaze

      Christ, I saw that too – (Dick Clark doing the countdown, I mean) – luckily I'd had two tequila shots and four glasses of this really kick-ass rum punch and several jibbers, so while it struck me as very sad, it was also extremely funny – especially when the roomful of sick fucks I call friends started counting down sounding like Rocky Balboa after one too many punches in the head.

      But, thinking it over, I realized Dick needed to do the countdown because the only alternative was Ryan Seacrest – and he can't even count forward.

      1. HurricaneAli

        You know, you have to give credit for Dick Clark doing the countdown even after a massive heart attack – look, this is the progression of NYE officiators from when I was a kid to now:

        Guy Lombardo
        Dick Clark

        Do you really want Ryan Seacrest crowned in that dynasty? He must be stopped!

  44. DashboardBuddha

    Happy New Year my dear Wonketteer friends. The 00s were an odd time and I'm not sad to see them go. In 2000, I was 39 and kept thinking, "I'm going to OWN my 40s". Some bad choices and worse luck have taught me otherwise…midway through the 2nd Bush term all I wanted was to SURVIVE my 40s. I'll be 50 soon, so I'm not making any grand predictions. I have a job, but truth be told, I'm not very good at it and will probably be fired soon. I'm a better guitar player now then at any other time in my life…I have a woman that loves me and for some strange reason wants to marry me. We'll see. The 10s will no doubt be interesting…but not always in a good way.

    At least there's Wonkette…you folks have kept me stay sane for a given value of sane.

    1. bumfug

      Getting fired could be the best thing that ever happens to you. I spent my 30's into my 40's doing club, arena and casino shows (stand-up comedy) and life was like a non-stop letter to Penthouse. I eventually got tired of the road and took straight jobs to try and salvage my marriage but on reflection I should have said fuck the marriage and persevered. The recession shut down the company I worked for and I'm now back in L.A. writing comedy for people too busy or lazy to write their own. I have a friend who used to teach guitar licks to George Thorogood when George was still in high school and another who played with Miles Davis. They love their lives . Go with what makes you happy and don't waste any more time. If the woman stays with you it's a bonus. Good luck.

    2. Dashboard_Jesus

      well the Jesus can relate to the Buddha, just turned 50 last year and feel pretty much the same way…the new century shoulda/ coulda turned out lots better if the Supreme Court hadn't fucked the planet by coronating the Shrub, no matter how you feel 'bout him this whole goddam world would be MUCH different if President Gore would have gotten us further along to shaking the addiction to oil and he sure would NOT have attacked Iraq or started this damn never-ending 'War on Terra'…that being said I'm happy to have the same (decent) job, with healthcare, and a regular paycheck knowiing that it could go away any day…and like you I'm MOST fortunate to also have a very fine woman who loves me and will very possibly choose to be my mate soon…also! Anyway, here's to pressing the reset button and maybe getting a chance to create something more meaningful amidst the insanity, cheers!

  45. SayItWithWookies

    Oh, what an abysmal week it's been — but at least I got my internet connection back just in time to be online for midnight — also I hate my ISP.
    In general though, 2010 wasn't an unmitigated disaster, since healthcare reform (among a bunch of other sensible things) finally got passed with only a lag time of a hundred years since people thought it was a decent idea. And for 2011, I'm looking forward to John Boehner running the House — it'll be like Newt Gingrich but with the work ethic of Dubya and the methodical approach of a tick dropped into a pot of coffee.
    Anyway, happy new year everyone!

  46. Jukesgrrl

    Thanks for the Leonard Cohen, Ken. That was a lovely surprise. All the best to you — and all the Wonkerazzi — in 2011.

    As for 2010, let's just say "Paula put it in a jar" and be done with it.

  47. BeWoot

    As a wise old guy always wraps up his shares at my favorite AA meeting, "I love you all." Muchas merci, Wonketteers.

    (And for the Teatards and right-wing aspirants everywhere: fuck you all; and not in the good way.)

  48. axmxz

    I spent the last minutes of the past decade watching Kathy Griffin molest Anderson Cooper on live national television. Not quite enough to make up for the rest of it, but a good effort.

    1. bumfug

      If by some chance he really wasn't gay before there's nothing like some Kathy Griffin molestation to push him over the line.

  49. DCHatesMe

    Fuck I care about the Gregorian calendar? Do I look like a need to be told what time it is and when to make some noise? Drunken bastards. Fuck Pope Gregory.

  50. Negropolis

    It's 2011; The Year of the Year Before the End of Time; The Year of the Dutch East India Company, er, The Year of the Teapocalypse. Resistence is futile, motherfuckers. You will live in interesting times, and you'll like it.

    P.S. Pray for Canada.

      1. HurricaneAli

        I have always been a firm believer in never giving up on America and staying to work on improving things for our citizens. I am slowly coming to the realization I should have moved my family a long time ago.

  51. marinmaven

    Happy New Years to my Wonketteer brethren. 2011 — may the lizard people show mercy on us and put us out of our mercy. If not, perhaps we can all be exiled somewhere with great cafes to watch the coming imbecilic mayhem of our native country from a distance. Preferably they will have fine wine, cheese, perfume, silk stockings, chocolate, and coffee to dull the disappointment of what our country has become.

  52. horsedreamer_1

    When I saw the woman on the Rascal, I did a double-take to make sure she wasn't my stepfather's sister.

  53. freakishlywrong

    2011: The year of no dinner, no movie, no lube. Just constant ass raping from the Republicans. That being said; I have great affection for all of my pretend internet friends and hopefully, we'll get through it together. Happy mothafuckin' New years, bitches.

  54. bagofmice

    The Cray 1 is weaker than my laptop. I made a pilgrimage to make sure. Now cluster ten thousand of those badboys with a properly functionalized program… And brother we have ourselves a serious edge compute network.

  55. FlyOverGirl

    2011 is off to an excellent start. My local paper picked up the story of a 29-year-old who believes the rapture is coming on May 21. God bless, we still have plenty of idiots in America to mock for the next 365. What a happy new year!

      1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

        It's also the birthday of Al Franken, Judge Reinhold, and Mister T.

        It looks like May 21 is just when Our Lord returns, and ushers in five months of torment. The world doesn't end until October 21.

        I'm a little suspicious of the source, though. It also states that the creation occurred in 10,013 BC, which is totally revisionist history. It was 4004 BC at the earliest, according to most peabrains.

        1. HurricaneAli

          Yes! We are very proud of the fact that our son's birthday is the same as Mister T's.

          Well-reasoned response, sir. Bishop Ussher did indeed date the world to 4004 BC. He was the first in a long-line of peabrains.

          Dang, I cannot tell my son the world is going to end on his birthday. It would really just ruin everything.

          1. HistoriCat

            Why? It's never seriously embarrassed any of the douchbags who made those pronouncements in the past.

    1. Barbara_i

      Um, nope, no rapture dates on the new Wal Green's "Puppy & Kitty" calendar I got. I looked at all um, 12 pictures and saw nothing but cheaply printed and photo-shopped dogs and cats. Maybe the information lies in the more expensive "We're All Going to be Dragged into the Whorey Underworld of Hell" calendar that cost more. If it's in the clearance bin I will snag it and let everyone know when we are gonna die.

      1. FlyOverGirl

        My aunt calls and just screams, "2012. We're all gonna die in 2012." However, she does live in South Carolina so that might explain her pessimism.

        1. user-of-owls

          If you live in South Carolina, "we're all gonna die" is actually an expression of optimism.

          1. FlyOverGirl

            It's equally disturbing to get that call on Turkey Day, Jebus's birthday, or the morning after an election. The good news is – her specific rapture date is 12-12-12 so we've got a bit longer to repent or whatever.

          2. 102415

            Uh oh, that is after the election and before Christmas but after I buy and ship presents. That changes everything. Thanks!

    2. hooray4anything

      The good news about the Rapture is there goes most of the Republican base so it should be a Democratic blowout in 2012.

      1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

        I have a different theory. If a Rapture is going to occur, my devout belief is that Muscular Jesus is going to waterboard the shit out of the selfish, smug, nasty-ass CINOs (Christians In Nomine Only) that sully his holy, muscular name. He'll throw them into eternal torment — maybe an eternity of crampy diarrhea and Vacation Bible School — and with those scum-muffins out of the way, the rest of us here on mother earth will be in a socialist rapture.

          1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

            Good news for Republicans from bad-ass Jesus: There is a way for a camel (rich people) to pass through the eye of a needle (enter the Kingdom of Heaven) after all.

            Bad news: You're going to have to be liquified.

    3. BarackMyWorld

      The church I was forced to go to as a kid puts on this play every year to scare everyone into accepting Jesus/accepting their Biblical interpretations.

      Many a time I have considered suing for psychological trauma, but I honestly can't say it screwed me up any more than the years I spent listening to talk radio.

      1. user-of-owls

        I couldn't get the link to work, but I'm assuming your tormentors forced you to watch Cats when you really wanted to see American Buffalo.

          1. FlyOverGirl

            Oh, my. That's actually not that far from me. Perhaps I'll make a delightful holiday road trip to KC in 2011. Chick-fil-a, shopping on the Plaza, and a x-tian scare-a-thon.

  56. doxastic

    2011 will be mostly remembered as the year in which all the hilarious images of 2010 coalesced and became flesh before the end of the world in 2012. It involves:

    Haley Barbour leading in the presidential election while confined to a personal mobility device, comparing the Teaparty movment to the Citizen's Council struggle for civil rights in Yazoo City. Candidate Barbour will promise to euthanize and/or deport illegal alien Nobama. He will get breast implants (going up to an astonishing FFF), eat Michele Bachmann and take her place as reigning sexy lady, which will…um…excite the GOP male base. When it is uncovered that candidate Barbour regularly has pedophilic furry Nazi cosplay sex, Barbour will point out that at least it was heterosexual, and thus not disgusting like gayness, which leads man-goat marriage (this leads Jason Chaffetz to rethink his position on gay rights). However, no one will care because they will be too busy eating anus burgers and thus slowly turning into assholes because, hey, you are what you eat.

  57. tiger_tree

    Rich Iott was going to be congressman for NW Ohio, i.e. Toledo. That area was always too Indiana for me. Flat as a pancake and white as a lily. Even a little bit west of Columbus you get the idea that if they could, they'd make sure all the darkies were out of town before the sun went down.

    Ohio really seems to just adopt the personality of the area closest to it, doesn't it? Toledo = Indiana. Cinncinnati = Kentucky. Cleveland = Poster Child of the Rust Belt. Etc. and So forth.

    1. Negropolis

      Toledo is actually more strongly tied to Detroit than anything else, culturally and economically (hell, Michigan once claimed Toledo), but as soon as you get outside of the city, it's pretty Indiana. But, yeah, pretty much everything along and west of I-75 is kind of suspect, if you ask me.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        The Toledo War. & for losing, Michigan got its other hand.

        I don't know if I am happy about that, or not.

  58. christianmuslin

    Happy New Year to all, and may Cord Jefferson come to realize the value of his columns to this acclaimed international media outlet known as Wonkette. We miss you bro, and do not hold your Arizona background against you. Hell, I'm from Kansas, a long time ago before I stole the witches broom and said goodbye to Dorothy and friends.

  59. TimeCubist

    Dammit, my calendar seems to be broken…

    Happy New Year, wonketeers! You people–editors, interns, regulars, irregulars–have helped me maintain a reasonable facsimile of sanity this last clusterfuck of a year, and for that I'm grateful. You people and Mr. Jack Daniel, I hasten to add.

    Cheers, and to a better year this time around!

  60. fuflans

    hey worthly Wokette skum: thanks for the many 'laugh out loud' moments!

    i hope you all are nursing your fine 2010 hangovers and getting ready for a busy busy 2011. we will have much to mock…

  61. BarackMyWorld

    Chinese to America: "What do you want on your TOMBSTONE?"

    America: "Cheese and pepperoni!"

  62. kickmcdimples

    Look on the bright side, by this time next year we'll be ass deep again in election coverage. It's sure to be a great year for witty political commentary and my ulcer.

  63. twoeightnine

    So Wonkey Layne can figure out how to add music to a post but can't give us links to larger pictures… How is NOBAMA1 ever going to get his message out if I can't read all of his bumper stickers? You don't actually expect me to drive around Arizona do you?

  64. finallyhappy

    I just realized that 2011 actually arriving means it is time for serious Presidential campaigns to start. Time for me to put out the Obama sign(but I'm covering up the Biden part)

    1. HurricaneAli

      I loved canvassing for Obama in 2008 and so looking forward to it in 2012. The best part was feeding the abandoned pit bull puppy from a huge bag of dog food my colleagues had in their car trunk, and then when the nice lady told me not to visit the rednecks across the street because they would put a cap in my ass if I was with the Obama campaign.

      1. finallyhappy

        I worked in a wealthy area of Virginia-Loews Island- I think Trump bought their country club this year. A very overdressed rich(I guessed the rich from the jewelry) young woman said to me- I am not voting for that man- He will take my money and give it to poor people. I wish I had taken her name to see if the Prez did come to her and take her money.

    2. BarackMyWorld

      There's nothing like a serious presidential campaign, and 2012 will have nothing like a serious presidential campaign.

    1. user-of-owls

      Based on expectations of a continuing strong performance in 2011, Jim Cramer issued an aggressive "buy" recommendation for LimeyLizzie, Ltd.

      1. transfatz

        Owls, I just made a resolution and it relates to something you said. I am resolved not to mix it up with trolls in 2011. They won't change, they won't listen, but it seems to encourage them. Then they hang around like the garbage you've been meaning to take out.
        As for the LimeyLizzie, buy, buy! She mentioned becoming a US citizen this year. My wife wondered why anybody would want to do that. I am supportive as long as her reason is adequately subversive.
        Happy new year.

        1. user-of-owls

          You won't regret that resolution, fatz!

          2010 produces one convert to the Way of the Poop. At this rate, we should be rid of trolls in a millennium or so. Of course, the process of expurgation is less linear and more logarithmic, accelerating rapidly as Darwinism takes its inevitable toll.

  65. SocialistCafe

    Ya missed a few…
    ANY photo of Orly Taitz
    That 'Miss me yet?" billboard of GW Bush
    And a pic of the Obama bucks used to prove that right wingers weren't racist, just funny!

  66. lulzmonger

    Happy 2011, freaks!

    Thanks to the Wonkette posse for reassuring me that there are indeed others out there somewhere who do not require strategically located Post-Its labeled "MY ASS" & "A HOLE IN THE GROUND" to understand the 24/7 geek act that is American politics. Also a boatload of platinum TruckNuts to the mighty mods for diligently presenting the core demographic for said Post-Its in all their glory, so that we may point & laugh at their fail. Amen.

  67. bflrtsplk

    Is it possible those Nazi guys realize how stupid they look? Please make that music go away.

  68. cheaphits

    At least they are getting more out front with it…the Nazi unys and all…the question is once it's time to make a choice can Merkins resist those snazzy outfits?

    (Worst Music Ever)

    1. neiltheblaze

      Particularly since they seem to believe their "victories" were so earth shattering somehow. I'm looking forward to the Tea Baggers sinking into a morass of demoralized mush when all their candidates sell out to K Street in about – oh – three hours or so.

    1. user-of-owls

      I knew something was amiss when we split the persimmon seeds and they showed chopsticks instead of spoons or forks. It also seemed curious that the woolly caterpillars are wearing PolarTec this year.

        1. user-of-owls

          This is the way the world ends;
          this is the way the world ends;
          this is the way the world ends;
          not with a fried egg that sticks to the pan and breaks its yoke which makes it taste awful and look nasty no matter how much hot sauce or Hollandaise you pour over it;
          but a whimper.

      1. BarackMyWorld

        You could say "Fergalicious" even.

        (Though, according to that song, it's spelled T-A-S-T-E-Y).

  69. DustBowlBlues

    My prediction for 2011: My lovely state of Oklahoma and it's congressional delegation will continue to be an easy punch line for the AI robot named Ken Layne. Or anyone else.

    Tom Joad weeps. And Boomer Sooner!

  70. JoshuaNorton

    Get off your collective asses. There's only 357 shopping days until Christmas. Hurry! Rush! Panic now!!!

  71. DustBowlBlues

    My prediction for 2011: My lovely state of Oklahoma and it's congressional delegation will continue to be an easy punch line for the AI robot named Ken Layne. Or anyone else.

  72. DustBowlBlues

    The only photo that gives me offense is the pairing of Weiner with a goat. (Although, come to think of it, that's better than pairing Weiner and a pig). My 2010 obsession, following the health care reform debate, skewed my judgment, and he became my new pretend boy friend after David "You're Welcome" Schuster was taken off MSNBC for doing something stoopid.

    I've taken my Schuster love to Mr. Schu on Glee. I pretend he's straight so I can pretend he's my boy friend. Double pretend, so it's tough, but I manage.

    1. user-of-owls

      But in real life, Schu is straight. He only pretends to be gay while you pretend he's straight and also that he's your boyfriend. Right?

      This is as bad as asking one of the local Arkies* to explain the concept of a "third cousin twice removed." Oofah.

      *Tucker Carlson says that people who 'shoot fish in a barrel' should be executed, so show some restraint.

      1. DustBowlBlues

        Mr Schu, aka Matthew Morrison, says he is straight but my lesbian daughter said she heard somewhere that he's a couple with Doogie Howser.

        So he's pretending he's straight, and I'm pretending he's straight, and I'm pretending he's my boyfriend but he isn't pretending he's my boyfriend, so that's where the similarity ends.

        I got nothin'. Time to say Nitey nite. Happy New Year, by the way, and let's all resolve to keep each other laughing through our tears in 2011.

        Later, losers.

  73. user-of-owls

    I'm just gonna sit here hitting F5 over and over again until there's a new post or until I turn orange and cry.

    Actually, I've been crying for several days now because of this relentless, punishing music boring into my brain like a Palin hookworm.

    1. Beanball

      I think our Worthy Editors are too fried to bother, whereas I, who do not not drink (any more), am fresh and frisky and ready for whatever Those Motherfuckers bring in this probably depraved New Year.

      Also, I bought myself one of those big fancy flat High Definition tv things. Can you believe how much pancake makeup those white people use?

      The happy news is that I am re-watching a shit ton of movies. Those Pixar productions blow me away. (And Dug the Dog just cracks me up.)

      1. DoktorZoom

        Only the owner of a retriever could have written the line"Hello! I just met you and I LOVE you!"

      1. user-of-owls

        No, I'm not a fan because mini-Goebbels with a lisp and a TV show ("Good Morning Aryans!") told me that joooo music would rot my white brain. And he's obviously got the empirical evidence to back that hypothesis up.

  74. TripsyDaily

    Dear Wonkette,
    Thanks for crushing my New Year's soul with that last post. I am not the most prolific poster, but if it's not to much trouble for you, I kindly request that you get your ass back in the building and post something clever about Dennis Kucinich or our new Otter Overlords, because I am seriously considering stabbling my self in the ear. Thank you.

  75. Chet Kincaid

    Happy New Year to all my favorite Wonketeers! (You know who you are 'cause I follow ya.) May we all be blessed with more voicemails from Ginny Thomas, more heated discussions of the rain forest-dense crotches of dingbat politicians, wilder Civil War Slavery Reenactor Balls, weirder anecdotes from the curiosity cabinets of ancient right wing matriarchs, and more vividly exciting adventures in war-torn Europe with bosomy, verbally-adept RAF Widows and Resistance Mademoiselles.

    1. Silversmith

      You're joking, right? … no, not joking. That's gonna haunt Ahnold. Even more than the usual flock of banshees that follow him.

  76. PuckStopsHere

    I am trying to read this while watching SNF (GO SEAHWAKS–the NFL's GWB!) and I am wondering when Al and whoever the fuck that is with Al got a back-up band…and why.

  77. BarackMyWorld

    i hope everyone remembers that Congress is getting sworn-in tomorrow, instead of just being….(wait for it)…sworn at.

    1. elpinche

      Oh yeah, we start getting our freedoms back tomorrow. The newly elected baggers will begin to drain the swamp of deficit spending and magically through the Blood of Christ stop rampant taxing of Americans. Everybody get your resumes and your best interview suits ready because the jobs will start falling from heaven starting tomorrow !!

  78. elpinche

    Alright ! Page 3. There is no Trig joke or Blingee too offensive on page 3 of a Wonkette post. Pass the Hennessy Black and the anus burgers.

  79. DustBowlBlues

    Page three indeed. Somehow, I missed everyone getting mushy over Limey Lizzie's love fest, but I'm going to count myself in on being loved by all.

    The new congress is going to be HI-larious in a sick, weird and destructive kind of way. Dare we hope the conservatives start ripping each other apart, for a change, and leave the Democrats to govern while the dickwads are distracted by the infighting or snoozing through the umpteenth reading of the constitution?

    What will the New Year bring? John Boner crying for C-SPAN weekly? Mitch McConnell using his lipless mouth to scream, "goddamit, you fucking teabaggers, back off"? Eric "Dixie Jew" Cantor, stamping his foot in the midst of it all and whining, "I'm the young gun around here, dammit."

    Quick–name a congressional leadership team more physically disgusting or more annoying than the above three. Can't do it, can ya'?

    Going to be a great year to hang out with the wonkeratti because, seriously, all you can do with government this fucked up is laugh at it.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      Quick–name a congressional leadership team more physically disgusting or more annoying than the above three. Can't do it, can ya'?

      How far back are we going?

    2. jim89048

      Your own Spooky Doktor Tom should provide some lawls in the coming year, too. He seems to have garnered some new powah with the addition of his new cup-beard.

  80. Barbara_i

    I'm jazzed for the New Year to see if "she who walks behind the corn" has the ballz to run for POTUS. I will have temporary respect for whatever GOP drone squashes her in a debate. I am talking about someone with the cajones to turn and tell her that she is a ridiculous life support system for a pussy and makes the baby Jesus cry.

  81. horsedreamer_1

    Live coverage of Scott Walker's gubernatorial inaugural begins on WITI Fox 6 at 11 am CST tomorrow (Noon on the East-coast). I hope our illustrious editors will be watching, & bringing us the LULZ.

  82. slappypaddy

    Dear Wonkeratti,

    It is with deep sadness that I write to inform you that Slappypaddy died in an automobile accident this past New Year's Eve. He and his Apache friend, Matthew, were on their way home from the Catnip Catbox when Matthew's Smart Car was T-boned by a blood-red King-Cab pickup truck sporting a Confederate battle flag and a set of red, white, and blue "truck-nutz."

    The truck was driven by Perry Sailin, whose passengers were Donald Christian and Michael Becker "Hoss" Wissel. All three were found to be under the influence of a mixture of rancid broken-leaf tea residue and fermented corn syrup. Several one-pound bricks of cheap bullshit were found in the truck, along with seventeen rifles, four shotguns, seven pistols, and ten thousand rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

    According to the police report, the truck ran a stop sign at a speed estimated to be in excess of seventy-six miles per hour. Matthew was killed instantly upon impact. The three men in the truck, having average BMIs of 53.3, were well-protected by their adipose tissue and were uninjured.

    Witnesses who arrived at the scene shortly after the accident report that "Hoss" Wissel was pointing at Matthew and repeatedly saying, "That there's one good Injun." Donald Christian was apparently very intoxicated and babbling incoherently about "winning fourteen investigative conspiracies at eighty-eight crossroads at midnight." The responding officer reported that Perry Sailin stated he "objected to the stop sign as an unconstitutional prior restraint on his freedom of expression," and also as an example of "traffic slavery." All three men were booked into the Hell's County Jail on charges of aggravated DUI, public intoxication, manslaughter, and possession of possibly illegal possessions. They were released several hours later on their own recognizance.

    Slappypaddy, being a cat, was too small to wear a seat belt or shoulder harness, and was ejected from the Smart Car through its passenger window. His body was found later that morning in a gutter near the accident site. He has been buried with full feline honors at the foot of the forget-me-not patch. While his will has not yet been probated, I have seen a copy and know that he left his "p-points" to whoever could best make use of them, and his cardboard box to the Hell's County animal shelter. Donations can be made in his memory to your own local animal shelter.

    Yours in love and squalor,
    The Man Behind the Curtain

    "Time heals the living but the dead are nothing." — Euripides, "Alcestis"

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