Many tried to top the Epic Comedy of Christine O’Donnell’s actual political commercial about being a witch, but only one brave man could approach the occult pathos of the Delaware Masturbation Witch’s official campaign advertisements, and that was this guy. Who else made us ashamed in 2010? Oh pretty much everybody, but these six videos won the Special Olympics.

Remember when stupid old John McCain nearly bored David Patraeus to death? We remember, we remember.

Even Democrats got into the act of going psychotic on video. Here, a congressman named “Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC)” throttles some libertarian-teabagger children sent to drive him nutty.

And here’s some brilliant campaign commercial from Democrats in Ohio. Nothing makes people want to run to the polls like a teevee commercial full of naked fat-ass people whining about Natalie Portman or whatever.

Who can forget the proud moment when a bunch of charming rednecks went to the invisible “9/11 mosque” and verbally assaulted an actual 9/11 Ground Zero construction worker because he looked “sorta Muslim” (black)?

And finally, David Vitter’s bastard poop baby made his video debut. Giant diaperman for Senate!

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