Disgraced Iraq-Enabling Reporter Judith Miller Winds Up At Newsmax

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You know what they do with people like her in prison? Yoga.Judith Miller was once an important war reporter person at The New York Times, but then she was sent to jail. But not for writing up fake stories about weapons of mass destruction that helped the Bush administration wage an illegal war! No, it was because she protected Scooter Libby’s telling her the name of Valerie Plame, another person from that decade. Anyway, Miller has finally found an actual journalism job, and it’s with Newsmax, which is rather hilarious, because that’s not really quite journalism, especially for a former Times reporter. Let us look at the stupid e-mails those people have sent us recently and use them to make fun of her.

Here are some subject lines from the past few weeks:

1 ‘Weird’ Trick of a Tiny Belly?

Exposed: Stop Wearing Glasses; Restore Your Eyesight Without Surgery?

Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday Fast Approaching

Is Your Prostate Keeping You Up at Night?

The Jesus Question: Will He Ever Return?

Rub it on Anywhere it Hurts and Feel the Difference – Within Minutes

Mike Huckabee Says Veto-Proof Repeal Possible!

Palin Tells Barbara Walters: I Read Newsmax

Congrats to Judith Miller, who will now report whatever the acai berries tell her to write. [Weigel]

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