And yet we still pay full price for Truck Nutz.
According to some guy on Tumblr: “How long was I in Virginia before spotting a handwritten, misspelled Tea Party message on a dry-erase board duct-taped to the back of a truck? Literally ten minutes.”

If you can’t read this (elitists need a special pair of populist 3-D glasses), here is what it says:

Politian + CEO’S
S0LD our Jobs
USA (No FuturE)

Let this be a lesson to all you protectionist pickup trucks out there: Important rear-end messages such as this are best made by something more permanent than a whiteboard. Obviously some librul activists INFILDTRAYTED this marker board and changed the letters so it just looks like this is the work of an idiot who can’t spell. [Tyler Coates via Wonkette operative “Juli Weiner”]

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