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      1. CalamityJames

        I can go to other forums and hear the same joke and be offended, but I come here and feel right at home.

  1. SorosBot

    Everyone should support gay showers; the stench of the unwashed is disgusting and bad to deal with, regardless of the who the BO source likes to fuck.

  2. LocalGirlMakesGoo

    Props – I guess – to Barney for actually taking the time to answer this assclown's question. I would have passed out from rolling my eyes too much.

    1. CalamityJames

      The concept that they don't get is that military showers (hygiene as we called it) last no longer than two minutes. What kind of the ghey can you get in two minutes?

  3. SmutBoffin

    They all shower together in the House of representatives? You'd think they would have separate facilities for (i) Steve King and (ii) everyone else.

    Anything else would be way gross.

  4. neiltheblaze

    I'm surprised John McCain didn't ask for a study examining incidents of "shower rape" by all those testosterone fueled gay soldiers defiling the chaste virginity of those innocent, defenseless straight soldiers.

  5. Come here a minute

    This is exactly the sort of icky thing that John McCain was sent back to the Senate to defend us from!

  6. twoeightnine

    I can't get over the wording of the question. Blah…blah…blah… They recommended that a gay and a straight will have to shower together… blah…blah…blah…

    Yup, from now on you have to shower in pairs. One gay for every straight.

  7. tcaalaw

    By the way, what happened to the big Lindsey Graham coming out party that was supposed to happen yesterday afternoon?

  8. OkieDokieDog

    It sometimes seems like the GOP/Right Wing spokes-models/reporters think that the homosexuals just popped-up in the last couple of years.

    They act like homosexuality is some fashion fad that just won't go away… much like religion.

  9. Ducksworthy

    Barney handed this douchebag his head. Is this CNS News service proud of that? Are they proud of their stupidity? Palinesque indeed.

  10. CalamityJames

    I have happily (some might even say gaily) handed everyone a thumb-job on this most glorious of days. I love my Gay Muslim President.

  11. ttommyunger

    Barney is a true veteran and as such, recognized he had a lightweight on his hands here. He knew handing this kid his ass was a piece of cake and played him for the inexperienced jaggoff he was and is. It was fun to watch and I think Barney enjoyed it, too. Speaking of showers, though; the kid/reporter seems like the kind of youngster who would step out of the shower to take a leak. I wonder if he realized he had his lunch money, his book-bag and his allowance taken from him by Barney.

  12. Negropolis

    Who wouldn't support gay showers? I mean, even to homophobic conservatives the only thing more hated than a clean gay is a dirty gay, right? In my 1950's handbook, here, it says that the gays are a clean and industrious people. Let's keep it that way. Keep gays clean!

    BTW, why is it always the focus on the men? What about hot lesbian showers?

  13. JoshuaNorton

    Don't worry straighties. If anyone throws themselves at you, you can always scream.

    It's amazing. All these trolls that think they're gay date-bait couldn't attract flies in real life.

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