All I ever get for Christmas is blue.For the past hundred years or so, political people in Washington and Southern California have looked forward to nothing more than the whimsical/weird Christmas Card sent out by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Why? Because it showed a bit of whimsy/weirdness, which means it was utterly unique in the dead-soul forced-smile world of U.S. politics. Well, we hope you all enjoyed the fun of years past, with Loretta and her cat doing various funny things like surfing or riding motorcycles or burning twenty dollar bills. We hope you liked all that.

Because it’s over. Loretta’s cat died.

Aw goddammit how much of this we got to take?Happy Christmas, everybody! The cat apparently died in a tragic holiday fire. [Thanks to “Danielle” for sending the card and bumming everybody out. Thanks a lot, “Danielle.”]

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