Didn't you two go to college? And you never figured out a way to ignore these a capella groups?
Thanks to Jackie Kennedy being hott that one time she lived there, the White House is supposed to be a place of well-decorated holiday majesty at this time of year. But the Obamas are ruining it by hanging out with singing asthmatic white college guys and forcing everyone around to worship their horrifyingly faceless dog, according to photos released by Pete Souza today.

The White House is not a place for cougar jokes, boys.
“Yes, a capella group, I would love to hear about the lobsters on your sexy very-adult canvas belt or the time your day-school quiz bowl team won the New Jersey state high-school championship, but I have to go…”

'And then the magic snowman told all the children he had a lot to deal with from the opposition and had to cave into doing what they wanted, even though he said he was magic.'
“…get blown up by these frightened children who have bombs under their giant winter hats.”

Finally somebody is able to tear him away from writing all that 'Homeward Bound' fan fiction.
The Bo is pleased with your offerings and shrines. Worship him.

Tastes like Chinese food.
This is how you take communion in the White House dog cult.

Okay okay. Don't get so grabby.
These children were lepers.

Or are they nutcracker soldiers? Same thing.
Meanwhile, three gay soldiers upset about the DADT repeal failure contemplated self-immolation. [Flickr]

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