Watch where you stick your flash drives, kids.Glenn Greenwald scoop! It turns out accused WikiLeak Army guy Bradley Manning has been rotting in solitary confinement for five months in the Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia, and hasn’t yet been brought to trial. Greenwald says this is very torturey, but what is the U.S. supposed to do? Let him move freely among the other military prisoners and implant them with KNOWLEDGE BOMBS? As punishment for maybe, ALLEGEDLY, giving all of Hillary Clinton’s gossip to some weirdo Australian, the military keeps him cooped up in that box for 23 hours a day and denies him a pillow and blanket, without access to so much as a Snuggie or Contour Leg Pillow. And then Obama, who’s letting this disgusting stuff all go on, AGAINST the advice of Morgan Freeman, comes in wearing his Batman costume to ask questions about the knowledge bombs.

From the beginning of his detention, Manning has been held in intensive solitary confinement. For 23 out of 24 hours every day — for seven straight months and counting — he sits completely alone in his cell. Even inside his cell, his activities are heavily restricted; he’s barred even from exercising and is under constant surveillance to enforce those restrictions. For reasons that appear completely punitive, he’s being denied many of the most basic attributes of civilized imprisonment, including even a pillow or sheets for his bed (he is not and never has been on suicide watch). For the one hour per day when he is freed from this isolation, he is barred from accessing any news or current events programs.

So, tragically, he has not been able to witness Gawker’s speculating on whether he is a transsexual. But he must love gossip! Have you seen the WikiLeaks he put out?

Glenn Greenwald uses the rest of the piece to argue that this is torture, in part because John McCain once said solitary confinement crushed his spirit, which is why that man is susceptible to bouts of not having a soul.

Anyway: Though it’s nice that the military lets him have visitors and get out for an hour each day, this is pretty awful, the way he is being treated — torture or not. (We need to go back to the days when Andy Griffith personally put each and every one of our prisoners in a roomy jail cell and never attempted to destroy their brains.) But perhaps we can turn this fellow American into an non-human super-gossiper cyborg that can spy on every supply closet at the UN simultaneously. [Salon]

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  • Let me know when he's been there FIVE AND A HALF YEARS ALLAN.

  • arihaya

    his torture might include watching Beck, O'Rielly and Fox & Friends


      No, just Palin's Alaska.

      • No, then he would be on suicide watch.

      • GOPCrusher

        * shudder *
        You soulless animal.

  • LocalGirlMakesGoo

    From what I've seen on Law and Order: SVU, solitary confinement is no laughing matter.

    • mumbly_joe

      I remember that episode! But, no, seriously, it's pretty awful, and seems kinda unwarrented given the details of this case. It's no Gitmo (sensory deprivation, waterboarding and beatings, oh my!), but definitely cruel, excessive, and punitive, particularly since he hasn't actually been convicted of anything yet, for that matter, remember. I'm not making with the funny, because I happen to agree with Glennlibtard here.

      • Moonbat

        This. In fact, a lot of early prisons adopted solitary confinement as the default punishment. The practice ended (except for doubleplusdangerous bad guys) when people noticed that the prisoners were frequently driven mad by months or years without human contact.

    • slappypaddy

      regular confinement's no field of giggles, either. and i'm no attorney, but it's my understanding american military law is based on british military law, not on american constitutional law. when bradley enlisted, he passed into a realm where justice is very punitive. when he misappropriated government information, he was allowed to further discover just where he is now (clue–it is the deepest of deep shit). he may be lucky they don't do drumhead courts-martial these days, but on the other hand, immediate execution by firing squad may have been more merciful than what he has been through and is likely to spend the rest of his life going through.

  • angryclownspawn

    Holy shit! What if he turns into another John McCain! We must stop this now, people. Imagine if the becomes another John McCain and he finds another Sarah Palin. We're doomed.

    • Preferred Customer

      Presumably he would end up running for President of Vietnam, with the Vietnamese equivalent of Sarah Palin.

      Which, come to think of it, is a movie I would pay to watch.

      • PsycWench

        I'd prefer that he take the real Sarah Palin with him.

      • V572625694

        Hate to reduce the quality of discourse, but a Vietnamese Sarah Palin would be much more beautiful and could never be as stupid as ours.

        • horsedreamer_1

          Might also be a transvestite/transsexual.

          • V572625694

            Only on Broadway, not Tu-Do Street.

          • SorosBot

            He said Vietnamese, not Thai.

        • BerkeleyBear

          I'm pretty sure the single celled organism version of SP isn't as stupid as ours.

      • Presumably he would end up running for President of Vietnam, with the Vietnamese equivalent of Sarah Palin.
        Which, come to think of it, is a movie I would pay to watch.

        But you don't speak Vietnamese, so every thing that Sarah Palin said would just sound like gibberis… oh. Yeah.

        • bagofmice

          Bumpy bus made me steal your pee instead of fisting you up! Apologies!

          • No problems, I just drank a whole pot of tea so I'm full of p.

    • Monsieur_Grumpe

      STOP! You're scaring me.

  • KochFembot

    Tanssexual? Is that what crying, orange John Boehner is?

  • Steverino247

    If I was in charge of his confinement, there would be a sign on the ceiling, the floor and all four walls that read "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

    • Preferred Customer

      If I were in charge of his confinement, I would allow nothing in his cell but a CD player and a Lady Gaga CD, for irony.

      • PrincessPelosi

        Woah oh oh oh I want your love, and a fair trial, you and me could write a Bad Conspiracy… theory.

        Out in military prison and I'm sipping on water and you're not gonna reach my telephone.. because I don't have one.
        hmmm not working

        I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me, but I just can't be with you like this anymore, oh Assange!
        slightly better

  • facehead

    Solitary confinement for 23 hours a day under constant surveillance? You'd think a reality show called Gay with Leakage would offer more.

  • This guy's story is just like John McCain's (without the crashing of all those expensive planes part), only Mcain started leaking after the torture, not before.

    • kenlayisalive

      McCain's leaks are generally absorbed into a pair of depends though.

  • the_onceler

    Now that this news is out, the State Dept should offer to hold a symposium on the horrible treatment of whistle blowers in other countries and how the US is a beacon for whistle blowers.

  • SorosBot

    Well slightly embarrassing the US is certainly one of the worst crimes a person can commit.

    Sigh. Even Nixon only tried to publicly embarrass Daniel Ellsberg.

    • Guppy06

      Then why isn't Bush in a federal pen?

    • V572625694

      Whereas Liddy was ready to snuff Ellsberg, no doubt.

      • SorosBot

        He was, but luckily the rest of the conspirators still had a tiny speck of decency and told him that was going too far.

        • V572625694

          And might have been a tad obvious.

          • SorosBot

            Yeah; that's why I think Assange is safe from any secret government hit squad like some of the wingnuts want to send after him. Well, unless any of the leaks have pissed off Putin.

          • That's why the CSM and the Syndicate never did Mulder.

    • arihaya

      imagine how far US has goes down the sinkhole

      Nixon's first interview after Watergate was with serious British journalist Sir David Frost,, Dubya's first interview was with Oprah,, OPRAH for God sake,,,

      that was like Nixon having interview with Monty Python ….

      • Fare la Volpe

        Yeah, except not. David Frost was a talk show host; nothing more. He dabbled in satirical comedy and Ripley's Believe It Or Not style stunts during his pre-Nixon career, but only rarely prior to those interviews had he ever tried serious journalism. Hell, he even got the nickname of the "Bubonic Plagarist" because all of his jokes were copied from other, much more popular comedians. Basically he was like the British Carlos Mencia.

        If you've ever seen Frost/Nixon (the play or the film), you'll see that he had never done a serious interview program before, and found it nearly impossible to find funding because of it.

        So really, George pulled another Tricky Dick Trick out of his Garfield lunchbox and copied him wholesale by going with what he thought was a softball interview. Whereas Nixon ended up inserting his law-breaking foot into his mouth, Dubya probably just got a gift basket of fuzzy socks and The Secret.

  • PsycWench

    Well, if you let him out he could next infiltrate Focus on the Family with his magic gay powerz and release all their memos. Bryan Fischer, are you listening?

    • Guppy06

      Yeah, their secret memos…

      "Faggot faggot faggot faggot homo queer faggot BURN IN HELL faggot… have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

      • CrankyLttlCamperette

        "Do you like gladiator movies?"

      • kenlayisalive

        "Plan to kill all the bears, 2010"
        "Plan to kill all the gays, 2006"
        "America's sexiest airport bathrooms, Winter 2010 Report"

  • V572625694

    No exercise — you have to understand that in the military, particularly the Army ("An empty mind in sound body!") this is considered unimaginable torture.

    • HistoriCat

      So if he starts doing push-ups in his cell they come in and give him a beat-down? Way to not appear petty. USA! USA!

  • freakishlywrong

    Where does he take a leak?

    • user-of-owls

      Ha ha ha!

      (you meant to do that, right?)

      • freakishlywrong

        I did. Though, one does wonder doesn't one about where the poor bastard performs aa…aa..ablutions?

        • user-of-owls

          Whatta we want?

          When do we want it?

    • Terry

      on a USB stick.

    • sezme

      Too soon!

  • CrunchyKnee

    If Barry says it is okay, then obviously it is okay.

    • V572625694

      We could just throw out the entire Constitution and Code of Federal Regulations and replace it with this statement.

      • HistoriCat

        Not until we have a Republican back in the WH. Then Boehner and McConnell will be all for it.

      • GOPCrusher

        Just think of the poutrage if Barry was to ever utter the words "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.".

  • Serolf_Divad

    It's not the crime that gets you… it's blabbering about the crime and taking credit for it with strangers in chat rooms.

    • Terry

      Ain't that the truth.

  • slithytoves

    Way to make a martyr out of him, US military. Don't come crying to me when every hacker in the world tries to play Thermonuclear War with your WOPR.

    • problemwithcaring

      Right? For the Army, orders to do anything are always translated into overdo/overkill for everything.

  • If he'd Manfred Mann up, he could have a Three Dawg Night to avoid the solitary.
    ♪♫ One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do wha diddy diddy do ♫♪

  • ttommyunger

    This kid is totally fucked for life. Can't really joke about it.

    • V572625694

      He's gay, or might have leanings!! He was asking for it! This is what DADT is all about.

    • horsedreamer_1

      Until, that is, he cashes in on the only career he can have after discharge: rent-boy. Do that for a few years, then write a musical version of his life ("The Making of a Rent-boy"). It will kill on Broadway & win Tony! Toni! Tone!

    • Maybe, when he gets out, Gawker could hire him to be in charge keeping user names and passwords secure.

    • the_onceler

      In all seriousness (my apologies for that!), perhaps in the end, he'll be the new Daniel Ellsberg. That's the optimist in me talking.

      • ttommyunger

        I hope he is a more charismatic and eloquent spokesman for Government Openness than Daniel.

  • Weenus299

    From what I experienced in going against the military's grain, this is exactly the type of bullshit I would expect. He's in for another five months of solitary, at the very least. But, he's also doing solitary in my prayers.

    Well, no. He's in there with "Getting the fuck out of Afghanistan right now", "Feeding and housing the needy", "Giving people jobs", "having people work together to form a better world order", and "all that other Kumbaya shit."

    • You can keep praying for all that junk, but I think God is working full time these days on making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.

  • Terry

    Let me see if I remember the details correctly. Manning was a soldier in the US Army with security clearances and access to classified material. Breaking the oath he took, he decided to download a massive amount of this classified material…but nothing of any real importance to be frank…and send it out for distribution. Manning has confessed.

  • Terry

    – Why is he in jail? Because he broke the law.
    – Why is he in solitary? Because it's a jail and he's a sweet little cupcake.
    – Why isn't he getting any creature comforts, beyond the very basics? Because he broke a basic oath that he took as a volunteer soldier and he's in a military jail. They're pissed at him.

    Manning committed a serious crime and given the ho-hum content of the material released thus far, he did so for no real good reason. Let me say that in another way. He's going to spend his life in jail for no real, significant reason. Maybe he can gain comfort in the knowledge that we all now know that diplomats think Berlissconi is an ass, that African dictators are not nice people, and that most of the Arab leaders don't like Iran.

    Heck of a job, Bradley.

    • Weenus299

      Hmm, hasn't been brought to a UCMJ hearing yet. Confession or no, the military's letting him linger.

      They could call a hearing and formally close the case today, this afternoon, if they wanted. It's an open and shut case, in which he's confessed.

      But it won't do that.

      • Terry

        Agreed. They need to get the hearing over with.

    • V572625694

      The entire MSM can't seem to understand that ex-PFC Manning committed a crime by violating the consent agreement he signed when he got a security clearance, whereas Assange, whatever else he may have been entrapped into doing with CIA-hired Swedish cuties, didn't commit a crime by posting the documents. Although the National Security State® © ™ is struggling mightily to change this, it's still legal to distribute classified documents if you don't have a security clearance. CF: NYT, Pentagon Papers.

      • Terry

        Exactly. This has been driving me crazy.

      • I'm with you here. So far Assange has leaded redacted info. What Manning leaked was not, and will get people killed, if that has not already, and do process will not enter into the Taliban retaliations. You drive the getaway car in a bank robbery and one of your mates kills a teller, you can be charged for murder 1 in most, if not all, jurisdictions. This is not a Pentagon Papers leaking of high level action of govt. officials, this is unfiltered and includes material that literally will lead to people getting killed, and perhaps not in a fashion even close to what Scalia would approve for execution.

        • V572625694

          MSM keeps chanting in unison w/gummint hacks about these leaks getting people killed. I’m not necessarily convinced it isn’t more about getting people embarrassed:  “diplomats” who apparently have nothing to do but write travelogues, and journasaurs who think that leaking carefully-selected government info is their job, not Assange’s.Haven’t really looked at the documents (for fear of going to Web sites that would trigger the new AN-TPQ 137 Leak-Seeking Web Blast Weapon that strobes your screen until you go blind), so can’t speak with authority. Ha ha, as if “authority’ meant anything on a blog.

          • I was referring to the first lift that was almost exclusively Afghan-based, not the second lift of wiki diplo-cacca.

            V57, don't you think the Taliban has scrutinized, and continues to scrutinize, these wikileaks very carefully, and will answer any knowledge gained on Afghanis who give Uncle Sam any kind hand much like we did with the VC human resources infrastructure with the Phoenix Program in Vietnam? And the VC did to our in-place human intel resources too, also.

          • V572625694

            You’re right, I’m sure. But I’m also highly dubious of any government secrecy, subornation of officials in other governments, bribes to Karzai, etc. Guess I’m an idealist at heart:  open agreements, openly arrived at, like Wilson at Versailles. That worked out well.

          • Regards the secrecy regarding Karzai corruption, iffin' we can shine a light on that great. Where troopies are shooting locals for sport, or a group riot like Mi Lai, we need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

            Given the quantity of documents, it appears Manning did little, if any, scrutinizing of what he was dumping to Assange. At least Assange had his folks do some redaction before the Afghan release.

        • kenlayisalive

          "What Manning leaked was not, and will get people killed, if that has not already, and do process will not enter into the Taliban retaliations."

          This has not happened, and probably will not happen (and if it does, it will be in the news 24/7). You're just repeating the DoD's bullshit talking points.

          That said – what do you suppose happens to the guy who gets informed on (be he Taliban, or just the guy who owns the kebab stand that competes with the informer)? You think the special forces show up and give him a cookie?

          Nah, it's bullshit. If you're so worried about the killing, then you should be busy writing anti-war posts, not anti-Bradley Manning ones. He leaked it to Wikileaks knowing they would do their best for damage mitigation, that's why they still haven't released all the Afghan stuff – as far as I understand, that was a condition Manning set.

    • SorosBot

      Only the State Department docs have been ho-hum; he also released the documents on Afghanistan which were pretty damning.

      • Terry

        To a greater degree than the State Dept documents, but they still were largely confirmation of what was commonly believed or suspected….sadly enough.

        • SorosBot

          There's a very big difference between suspecting something and having it confirmed, though; the same could be said for the Pentagon Papers, and they were important too.

          • Terry

            One he decided to break the law, I think he would have done better to have culled the information down and just pass on the critical or relevatory stuff. Angela Merkle isn't very imaginative? Don't need to pass that cable on.

          • HobbesEvilTwin

            You actually touch on a much larger issue – why was such a cable secret in the first place? Why not pass on the Angela Merkel cable – it shows the pettiness of our foreign service corps. These dumbfucks sit around on our dime writing this trivial shit – maybe they would actually do their jobs instead of writing their little gossip columns if what they wrote didn't get the blanket "secret" treatment.

    • GregComlish

      The media has unsurprisingly emphasized the tabloidal content of the memos rather than, say, the illegal war we're fighting in Yemen, or the killing of innocent civilians, or the illegal espionage committed by our diplomats. But that's not Bradley's fault. For as they say, you can lead a retarded horse to water, but you can't make the horse have a fucking clue. If Bradley's efforts are wasted, it's our fault, not his.

      • Dashboard_Jesus


    • frigorific

      I agree totally. I certainly feel bad for the kid but he had to know that he was taking a huge risk. Maybe the magnitude of the risk wasn't apparent when he was deciding to leak this shit. I'm sure it's apparent now. When I was his age I was smoking pot and washing dishes for a living.

    • Neilist

      I love it when you Communist Liberal Pinko SKUM flip-flop on moral issues like this.

      LOVE it!

      It demonstrates, yet again, the True Bankruptcy of the "Liberal Philosophy."

      Ooooooh, we're in a Bad War that we never should have started; have been lied to about throughout; and now can't get out of (without losing face) . . .

      But . . .


      BURN HIM!

      Gesh. TRY to have at least some intellectual consistency, would you?

      [And the leaks have no tactical value, and have put no one at risk. If the contrary were true (or provable), the US military would have trotted out examples by now.

      "Here's a photo of PFC Jessica Lynch — raped and murdered by the Taliban BECAUSE OF BRADLEY MANNING!!!!!!"

      (Hmm. Jessica Lynch. Where have I heard that name before.)]

      • Terry

        Dude, chill. I'm a big old liberal who believes in a strong and moral national defense. I am not flip flopping. Bradley Manning took an oath and he broke it and the law for mostly a pile of gossip. I don't think he should be tortured, but he does deserve to go to jail for a long long time.

        I think the Army should be humilitated by this leak, more so than the people who wrote the cables or are the subject of them. Manning is a guy who the Army said was responsible and capable of handling classified material. Turned out it wasn't true. What's that say about the Army's system for determining who sees what?

        • V572625694

          You're just assuming Neilist is a dude…

          • Terry

            Good point. Given the name, he or she could be a person who studies a guy named Neil very very closely.

          • V572625694

            Or a nihilist.

          • Terry

            Considered and rejected. He or she is definitely into a guy named Neil.

          • V572625694

            Patrick Harris? Yep, that's the one.

          • Neilist


            Or Cassady. (Even though that was "Neal.")

            If I get a vote, I mean.

          • Is that a roach clip hanging from yer avatar's ear?

          • Neilist

            That fucking cat was the meanest, most spoiled Siamese cat in the History of Western Civilization. YOU try hanging something from her ear. I won't: One artificial hand/hook is enough for me.

          • Neilist

            I have the same doubts, sometimes.

            But gender identity issues notwithstanding, I'm ALL ASS[suming]HOLE!

            (Is this a good time to mention that Benazir Bhutto is STILL DEAD!?)

        • Neilist

          The SS took an oath, too.

          As did, for that matter, Captain Medina, Lt. Calley, and the rest of the boys of Charlie Company.

          [Gesh. You people aren't even trying.]

          And a PFC is supposed to know that it's "mostly a pile of gossip"?

          [Try. Or at least make the appearance of trying.]

          And if it's "just a pile of gossip," then What's The Big Deal? That Manning broke an oath? Scooter Libby did the same thing, risking the life of a serving CIA agent and ever foreign nation who had anything to do with her.

          (Libby wasn't in the military, but he had to take an oath to get a security clearance — and I bet that Libby's clearande was higher than PFC Manning's.)

          So, logically, Manning should get the same treatment as Libby . . . .?

          Finally: "Big Old Liberal" = Big Old Flip-Flopper: "What's the difference between a liberal and a conservative? A mugging!"

          [Try. Put brain in gear, and allow time for warmup, before engaging mental clutch.]

          • Terry

            Yes, Libby SHOULD have had charges related to revealing classified information, not just perjury and obstructing justice.

            Your joke doesn't work in my case. I've been robbed and remained a liberal. I've been hit by a car and lose my sanity related to cars, either.

            Regarding the text in brackets there at the end. I'm glad you're going through those steps. Hopefully, your posts will start to make more sense.

          • Neilist

            Oh, MEOW.

            STINGING rebuttal. Simply STINGING.

          • Terry

            Taking it easy on you, hon. Now go back and wake yourself up a bit more and we'll see you later.

          • Terry

            Ooops, a typo. Obviously I meant that I didn't lose my sanity after being hit by a car. It did hurt quite a bit, though.

          • Dashboard_Jesus

            ok, so maybe I DO like you after all…

          • jakegittes

            And Libby's flying free as free as a bird thanks to his conservatard connections. Not gonna be the same with Manning.

            Typical double standard in Murka.

      • Neilist you olde grunt, this is why you were not a spook, yer too linear. If the Army rolls out Abdul Ben Kumquat as an example of one of our 'resources' who was whacked by the Taliban because of wikileakies, the Talibansters are quite likely, almost guaranteed, to whack anyone near & dear to our boy Abdul.

        Why will they do that? Because when you are whacking moles (moles in the spook sense) you are making a very clear and unambiguous statement to the whole community. Just like the Nazis in France when one of theirs got whacked by the Resistance, the Nazis would round up 100 villagers (men, women, & kids) and shoot them. It sent a very clear message for the locals. Historically restraint was not a key characteristic of the Taliban when they wanted to give folks in the hood a clear message. And if they had already whacked Abdul on suspicion, and then we were to confirm it, then it will be whacka, whacka.

        Trust me this. The Taliban hears in the clear that the Army admits Abdul was our go-to guy in Kabul or wherever, they will go back to Abdul's house, when the family are having guests, they'll jam the doors and windows, and then burn the place to the ground while shooting anyone trying to crawl out an eve or whatever.

        • Neilist

          Weejee, Old Trout:

          With all respect: I refuse to accept the proposition that if your hypothetical "Abdul" was that important an asset in the first place, the "locals" (or more accurately, the "wogs") don't know that already. At least not in this particular "limited warfare" situation.

          You know how it worked then, and works now: The terrorists/freedom fighters take over the village, and they make examples of the "mayor," "cadre chief," Kit Carson turncoats, etc. And the families of the same. The locals already know who they are – and the local included the terrorists/freedom fighters.

          The VC/NRA did it to us; we did it to the Sandanistas; the Taliban did it to the Russians, and now to us. God, isn't it great the way history has such continuity? . . . .

          The other (implied) premise that I don 't accept is that a data file to which over 1 MILLION people have READY access — via a Lady GaGa download or otherwise — is "secret" in any realistic sense.

          I was "Q Cleared" at one point, because I had access to nuclear "devices" and the plans/developmental data for the same. Now, THAT stuff is "Secret." The stuff Manning downloaded doesn't come remotely close to such information, either in terms of content, time sensitivity, or distribution.

          Assistant Professor of Killing "Civilians" In The Name Of Freedom And Democracy
          University of Real Life
          Third Barstool From The Left
          Any Irish Bar Near You

          P.S. I'm confused. You describe the Nazis rounding up and shooting the French as if it's a BAD thing . . . .

          • No, the wikies have not included lists of names – those would be classified and more than 'confidential.' Still in the unclassified, or "confidential" there sometimes is included that which would make it not too hard to distill how might be working for Sam. I'll give you that Kit Carsons may as well have been wearing neon signs, but trust me Charlie did not know all of the trout in my keep, but when he did find one, he had a sad. Turnabout too, and also.

            Regards the French, I wuz going to use "frog marching" the villagers, but my commie pinko political sensitivities got in the way.

          • Neilist

            Weejee, Old Dogwood:

            Victor Charles knew about "ALL of the trout in [your] keep." That said trout weren't killed merely meant (1) they were doubles; (2) they were being used to feed false intel; and/or (3) the Bad Guys hadn't gotten around to them yet.

            Ah, the Memories.

            Good Times. Good Times.


    • Dashboard_Jesus

      FUCK YOU…the kids a hero, exposing the gummints lies and bullshit is WAAAAY more patriotic than the morons keeping an *oath* to kill brown people when the the fucking moron/ war criminal Pretzeldent sez so…oh yeah, fuck you…also

      • Terry

        Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • WigFlipper

    I know it isn't cool to try to deflate the snark a little bit, but "…in its 1940 decision in Chambers v. Florida, the [Supreme] Court characterized prolonged solitary confinement as 'torture' and compared it to '[t]he rack, the thumbscrew, [and] the wheel.'"

    Yeah, it's pretty undeniably torture. Unless you live in a despotic state, which I guess we do!

    • twaingirl

      Continuing with deflating the snark, I don't think the military is subject to the same laws as we civis. but i only speak from experience with the coast guard which is the group you join if you like cruising on a mother effing-boat.

      oh and being pretty much the most efficient and pro-repealing DADT military group EVAH.

      • V572625694

        Like everybody didn't already know that the Coasties are the gayest element of the Deparment of Defense Homeland Security, with their cute little white suits'n'boats'n'airplanes.

        • twaingirl

          And tans that would drive Boehner wild with jealousy.

          • Wow, you get told something you didn't ask every day!

    • BerkeleyBear

      Gotta say, though, that the isolation described in the article is not the "hole" situation the Court was addressing (which is really sensory deprivation, a condition which is torture).

    • doxastic

      Seconded. One of my grad school colleagues studies these issues, and he had me pretty convinced that restricting communication and labor (in a basic, meaning-making sense) is existentially torturous. Solitary confinement works precisely by dehumanizing–that is, taking away those activities that make us human.

  • user-of-owls

    For the one hour per day when he is freed from this isolation, he is barred from accessing any news or current events programs.

    This is the real torture. They put him in a room filled with dated Highlights magazines and a TV playing endless reruns of Rhoda.

    Oh, and they leave completed crossword puzzles around too.

    • OC_Surf_Serf

      I see you have been to my doctor's office

      • V572625694

        Speaking of long-term confinement without human rights.

  • Geez, I'd hate for my job to take up this kind of disciplinary action for office gossip.

  • MARCdMan

    Fortunately they'll shoot him soon for espionage and treason and then we won't have to hear about this any more.

    • GOPCrusher

      More likely, they will offer him some sweet deal to lie and say that Assange paid him to steal documents that he can put on Wikileaks or something along those lines.

  • mumbly_joe

    But really, the real question, I think, is whether tax payers are paying for PFC Manning's sex change hormones. Between Wonkette and Gawker, someone should investigatively report on this question.

    At least he's not an illegal messikin terror babby; REPEAL THE DREAM ACT, or else YOU will be forced to pay for sex hormones for illegal messiken wikileakering terror-babby prisoners, in the military. Also, something something keep DADT also, too.

  • hagajim

    Some of the silliest shit – ever.

  • kenlayisalive

    You know they keep him from news to tell him lies about "all the dead soldiers and Afghans" because of what he did, then leave him in solitary to mull over their lies endlessly. They probably tell him his mother's house has been attacked, that wikileaks decided not to publish the info, that people he respects in the the media and politics have come out and denounced his actions – all stuff like that.

    That poor kid. Brave though.

  • Wadisay

    Obama is Batman now? I thought he was the Joker.

  • prommie

    Every time the truth is told, a terrorist wins. Today, we are all liars for liberty! The truth is un-american, ask the snowbilly grifter.

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That's how it goes
    Everybody knows

  • Pragmatist2

    This is nothing! They could have made him share a cell with Assange.
    That would be torture.

  • nounverb911

    "Glenn Greenwald uses the rest of the piece to argue that this is torture, in part because John McCain once said solitary confinement crushed his spirit, which is why that man is susceptible to bouts of not having a soul."

    Arizona meet your new Senator: Bradley Manning!

  • P_Drizzle

    They should at least give the dude some lotion, cause 23 hours of isolation every day is known to lead to a seriously chafed d!ck.


    What a paradox for a closeted crossdresser. But what else can one expect from the military?

  • BklynIlluminati

    This kid sounds totally clueless, is he even 21? He is going to pay very heavy for Assange's ego and inability to redact the stupid gossip and just stick to the important stuff instead trying to embarrass every world leader that has a mistress.

    • mumbly_joe

      Meh, it's pretty clear that the govmit was gunning for Assange well before any of the more recent leaks, and even before Iraq Heleputer whatnot. I am pretty sure it doesn't actually matter how thoroughly he'd redacted the things, just like it doesn't matter that there have been zero cases of Afghan informants falling prey to Internet-savvy, wikileaks-reading Taliban warlords, Assange still has "blood on his hands" from "treason", etc.

  • Oblios_Cap

    Adam & Eve got kicked out of Eden for tasting of the Tree of Knowledge and Odin lost an eye to gain it. Prometheus had an eagle eat his liver in perpetuity for giving man fire.

    What did Manning expect was going to happen to him? God(s) clearly hate knowledge.

    Maybe Eli and Peyton can put in a good word for him.

  • MinAgain

    What the hell is wrong with my country? Is it too late to take it back and exchange it for Canada?


    Scooter Libby was luckier than this guy; I wonder why?

    • chickensmack

      Because Manning's congressional lobbyist is the Pentagon.

    • BeWoot

      You're thinking of papa Liddy, right? Or maybe Chuck Colson.

  • Thurman Munster IV

    It won't be an abomination of justice until Dylan writes a song about it.

    Cross dressing Buddha in a 10 foot cell…

    • Oblios_Cap

      Cross dressing Aqua Buddha.

  • sezme

    What would his punishment have been if he'd leaked information that everyone didn't already know?

  • frigorific

    Well that does sound rather torturish. Personally, if I can't use a Ped Egg on my footsies at least once a week I just can't walk right. So I empathize is what I'm saying. Mind you the lad did sort of ask for this shit. He wanted to play deep throat whilst smack in the belly of the beast. He might have at least waited until he was out of the service to do something like this. That would have been the more intelligent move. As for Assange, he looks like a Bond villain and I absolutely stand behind his right to publish the docs.

  • Mr_Boston

    Well at least he has plenty of time for gay pique.

  • GodShammgod

    "the military keeps him cooped up in that box for 23 hours a day and denies him a pillow and blanket, without access to so much as a Snuggie or Contour Leg Pillow"

    But is he wearing Jumbo Jeans?

  • Neilist

    I finally figured this out. It's the beret.

    The beret makes all of our troops look French. (Not just the Special Ops and Rangers, like back in the old days.)

    And the French are all cowardly, backstabbing TRAITORS.

    Our troops are dressing like traitors, so they act like traitors. Problem solved.

    Lt. Col. Neilist, USA (ret.)
    Dept. of Military History & Fashion
    West Point On The Hudson
    (Benedict Arnold commanded — and HE was a TURNCOAT!!!!!!!)

    • natoslug

      Hey, our maroon airborne berets were pretty cool, in a totally not-gay way! Until everyone got a damned beret, that is.

      • Neilist


        "Maroon Berets."

        I rest my case, Monsieur Natoslug. Oui?

        [At least the Brits call theirs RED . . . .]

        • natoslug

          Would it sound better if I'd gone with my original color instinct: raspberry? I knew a pair of Berkeley girls back in those days who just loved to steal my berets when I visited. Admittedly, they looked much better in them than I did.

          • Neilist

            Ever since that Charlie Murphy video, I stopped making Prince jokes.

            Although he does talk about his ass more in concert than any musician I have ever heard.

            Now, James Marshall Hendrix would have looked GREAT in a "Maroon Beret." But did they even issue them back when Jimi was with the 101th?

  • V572625694

    It doesn't matter how big a douche bag ex-PFC Manning is, he should get an Article 32 (mil equivalent of grand jury) hearing, and should not be tortured while he's waiting. He shouldn't even have to wait.

    To help:

    I sent a check — you wouldn't want to do this on line.

  • It's not fair. Julian gets all the publicity and gets to nail two hot Swedish babes, while Bradley Manning (Bernie Taupin to Assange's Elton John) gets this.
    Seriously, I think we ought to bring back things like "trials" and "no cruel and unusual punishment."

    And Terry (see above, the guy with the red flower avatar) is a big poopy head.

  • Gah, I hate admitting that Greenwald is right about anything.

    • P_Drizzle

      But you have to admit he has mastered the hissyfit.

  • Redhead

    Serious question – why can't he exercise? I get not letting him watch the news or access the internet… but no exercise? And no sheets or pillow? Are they afraid he's going to write the jail's secret meatloaf recipe on his sheets and leak it to Paula Deen?

  • MiniMencken

    Compared to how brigs used to be run, this is kinder and gentler. But it will reduce this guy to a gibbering imbecile nonetheless.

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  • transfatz

    Q is just a clearance. In my experience, it had to be coupled with "need to know". A little more attention to "need to know" could have prevented this kid from making a mess out of his life. Most of the secret stuff I discovered (that I had no need to know about) I got at the Xerox machine where the bad copies were just left and the dumpster where the stealth cruise missile was thrown after testing.

  • mrbubb

    Jesus, there's some callous people on this board. If this is the way the US treats its prisoners, maybe we deserve to be invaded and made into a civilized society. Nixon never touched Ellsberg, and Obama's ok with this? He's worse than Bush at this point. Fuck this fucking country.

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