Needs to spend more time with his family/saying funny things on teevee?

  • Michael Steele is expected to announce whether he will run again for RNC Chair during a conference call with Committee Members this evening. Chris Cillizza has a sexy anonymous source that says Steele will definitely run, but Fox News analists insist he will do nothing of the sort. Most Americans are too preoccupied with being poor and sad to really care about what Michael Steele does, or if he still claims to be “a cow on the tracks, Moo.” But Comedy Connoisseurs will certainly be filled with grief if this delightful gaffe heifer were to surrender his chairmanship to some pasty white guy, who will probably be heinously boring and awful. Four more years (or whatever), please. [The Caucus/Fox/WaPo]
  • Mark Madoff, son of famous Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, apparently hanged himself in his New York apartment. Rest in Peace, Mark. [ABC]
  • Happy (belated) tenth anniversary of Bush v. Gore! [NPR]
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