Another famous Glenn Beck advertiser

  • An activist California judge legislating from the bench has frozen the assets of Superior Gold Group, one of many NASCAR gold coin dealers who advertise The Solution to Weimar Hyper Inflation on Glenn Beck’s satanic teevee program. According to lawyers, Superior Gold Group “took payments from customers and never provided the gold ordered, charged prices much higher than fair market value and misled customers into buying expensive specialty coins.” Whoops. And now the authorities have seized all of Superior Gold’s delicious gold. FDR really is snatching up all the gold! (Oh, fuck!) [LAT/Mother Jones]
  • The House passed the DREAM Act yesterday. Nobody expects this bill to make it through the Senate, though. And in other “what are we gonna do with all those brownz?” news: Arizona is arguing about immigration with the Supreme Court. [WaPo]
  • got cyber-sexed by Internet heroes/nerds Anonymous. The Great Infowar continues. [NYT]
  • IMPORTANT MAIL-ORDER GOLD NEWS: Read this thing. [TwitPic]
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