ha ha, The Great Compromise of 2010

  • Senate Republicans foolishly blocked tax cuts for ninety-eight percent of Americans on Saturday, giving Democrats perhaps their greatest legislative victory to date — because now they have the perfect bargaining chip. Yes. Everybody is laughing at Mitch McConnell and all the other spineless Republicans who might compromise their family values and agree to “temporarily extend Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans, along with unemployment benefits that have expired.” Suckers! What a bad deal, for them. (Only twenty-six percent of Americans want all the Bush tax cuts to be extended. One-hundred percent of people who don’t want unemployment benefits to be extended are assholes.) Democrats win! [AP/The Caucus/CNN]
  • The drug-fueled Mexican Civil War is as bad as you thought, according to those leaked diplomatic cables. [McClatchy]
  • Iran is having a friendly Nuclear Threat Q&A session with a bunch of other countries in Geneva. We thought that Julian Assange destroyed diplomacy forever? Hillary lied to us. [CSM]
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