The TSA, molesting poor Rosa

  • Fifty-five years ago today, a “very, very urban” woman named Rosa Parks refused to surrender her bus seat to Whitey, and soon thereafter the FBI did everything it could to destroy the civil rights movement forever. Thankfully they failed, but maybe Rand Paul will be able to repeal the Civil Rights Act? (Keep your fingers crossed, FBI!) But anyway, our sad country has come a long way since 1955. We have a black president now — and Shirley Sherrod — which proves we live in a glorious post-racial world, where undesirable black people are simply “urban Kenyans.” Ha ha. Also, happy Hanukkah. [Politico]
  • Julian Assange is now being sought by Interpol (not the band). [NYT]
  • Will the FCC be able to keep the Internet neutral? Not if Comcast has its way, which it probably will. Crap! [WP]
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