the only black face in south dakota

Rush Limbaugh Photoshop Reminds You Obama Is a Black Gang Member

Scary! Can you imagine seeing this sort of thing on the side of one of the two buildings that exist in the town you travel to to buy stuff?
Here is a fun photo from the Internet. It’s from Rush Limbaugh’s website, attached to a transcript of his show, aired yesterday, in which he claimed Barack Obama is a “juvenile delinquent” who is “no more than graffiti on the walls of American history.” Did you think Obama was graffiti and the President of the United States — the guy who orders air strikes on Muslim countries? Nope. Did you think he was graffiti and a guy who had a turkey sandwich for lunch, hold the mayo? Nope, only graffiti. That’s all he is. Nothing more. He’s very simple. And he’s very much messing up the nice mountain God made, that this nation’s good white people took away from the Indians to explode into giant visages of some of their favorite white people.

This guy is an utter wrecking ball all by himself on the world stage to the point now of getting embarrassing. This presidency of Obama’s, it doesn’t take much to irritate the left. Try this: “Barack Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.” That’s what his administration is. No more than graffiti on the walls of American history. We have a juvenile delinquent for a president who has ruined so much public and private property, not even his gang is making much of an effort here to protect him. It’s an utter disaster.

Haha, yeah, some people don’t like it when you say the leader of their country is a “juvenile delinquent” who is a member of a “gang” that tags everything with “graffiti.” Because it sounds kind of offensive, calling a black head of state some kind of thug urchin who lives in an urban area, simply because you don’t like him.

It’s more creative than that watermelon patch stuff, at least. [Rush Limbaugh via Andrew Sullivan]

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    1. Dashboard_Jesus

      hey is that some sorta secret Muslin code callin' for a fatwa (jihad?) on his big, fat, lyin' ass? well then I'm all for it, 'specially if it involves multiple uses of a patriotic 'Merkan's (perfectly legal) 2nd Amendment rights! (tree of liberty must be watered, blah blah blah…)

    1. DashboardBuddha

      Correction, Rush is the jizz sliding down the…no, I guess I can't top that. You're right…he is the watery spunk on the stall at the Hardy's.

      1. Ducksworthy

        Or perhaps a mixture of jizz and santorum, or is that redundant. Sliding down the ass cheeks of a little Dominican boy.

        1. DashboardBuddha

          Man…wouldn't that be just the ultimate Christmas present…a picture catching Rush and his RentBoy in flagrante delicto? As long as the boy was over 18…I would laugh and laugh. However, if the boy were under 18, I would happily pull the release on the gallows. (I might still laugh though if the kid got and ass load of money for his assload of trouble).

          1. imissopus

            You'd need a rope strong enough to suspend his porcine form without breaking. I don't know that science has invented that rope yet.

            Electrocution might be the better option. It's possible that engineers have found a way to generate enough electricity to make him sizzle like a plate of fatty fajita meat. After all Edison electrocuted an elephant and we've only improved on his work.

          2. Rotundo_

            It wouldn't have to support the entire mass, just enough to snap the neck vertebrae and the rest would rip off and there would be a wiggling blood gushing pile of Rusty Remains and a head with about 30 seconds to a minute of eye rolling to do before darting off to the white light and the loving arms of Satan. Not that I have given this any real thought or mused about it or anything.

          3. Dashboard_Jesus

            I laughed at this and then immediately felt disgust/ shame for having done so (that Catholic guilt is so fucking hard to shake!)

          4. ShaveTheWhales

            Happily for me, I have no Catholic guilt, so I've simply reveled in that paragraph. Reveled, not fapped. I'm not quite that weird.

    2. ttommyunger

      I may not be able to top it, but here goes: Rush is the backsplatter shit on the bottom of the toilet seat at the Waffle House on Memorial Drive in Atlanta any Sunday Morning.

      1. HELisforHEL

        OMG I think I've been there. Apparently the Ladies room there is an equal to that male dominion of poop.

      1. Not_So_Much

        He truly is the anal cyst annoying the butt cheeks of society. I wonder if the pre-nup his new Stepford Bride signed when she was purchased includes care, feeding and medicinal packing of his cyst? Not enough $$$ in the world…

    3. LionelHutzEsq

      The problem with comparing Rush to semen is that it implies he has some relationship to higher life forms.

      And sex.

  1. horsedreamer_1

    Obama needs to do Rush how Third Bass did "Vanilla Ice" (as played by Henry Rollins!) in the video for "Pop Goes the Weasel".

  2. genxr

    Rush's media empire is nothing more than a trailer park on the outskirts of the city of rational discourse.

        1. TX_Bluebonnets

          No, he's the broken down tweaker sitting watch (twitching watch?) while the cook goes on. He's not calm enough, or trustworthy enough, to be in the cook.

          And don't run down trailer parks that way. I'm thinking public housing in the suburbs.

    1. Negropolis

      A million accolades, both for the post and the name. It's been many a moon since I've heard the word Fatback. Mmm….fatback…**drools**

    1. zhubajie

      There's half-a-dozen black people in S. Dakota, not counting airmen and basketball players at the university.

      1. Rotundo_

        No, and he was from North Dakota, which makes South Dakota look like a cosmopolitan melting pot. Hellishly cold and loaded with inbred germans descended from people like Lawrence Welk. Eeeep!

          1. Rotundo_

            I have both Norwegian and German ancestors (incestors?) in my muttlike DNA pile, so the arguments I have with myself can get quite heated. At least my palate hasn't mixed them too badly-no lutefisk with a post lye soak in sauerbraten marinade or anything potentially biohazardous like that.

  3. WarAndGee

    Why is he hating all up down on his own president with veiled bigotry while we're at war?

    Must hate the troops too because his criticism is putting them in harms way. Seditious moonbat. (And cracker).

  4. PissdOffDem

    I promise that if you just gave me 10 minutes alone, in a locked room, with that fat sack of shit, I could make him cry, wet his pants, and beg me to let him live. He's nothing more than a fat kid that got picked on by the cool guys (like our POTUS) and he's getting back at them from the comfort and safety of his studio. Get him out of his safe zone and he'd show us all the sniveling, punkass that he really is.

  5. prommie

    Rush should just come out with it, he'd feel better. Just do a full Michael Richards and be done with it. His ratings would go up.

    1. mayor_quimby

      Now that's just underhanded and dirty. Not a pocket passer, I can take, but an option QB is just an insult I cannot stand! (public option would have been acceptable)

  6. SorosBot

    Hey, if you look past the childish racist insults Limbaugh has point here, that he thinks Barack Obama is bad, and he backs it up with, well, those racist insults and nothing else.

    But hey, it'd not fair to call him nothing but a big fat blowhard, because that ignores the fact that he's also a steaming pile of rancid shit; a dangerous demagogue;a fucking useless waste of space, air, and tons and tons of food; a constant liar because of whom many dumbfucks believe shit that's completely untrue; the man who has done more to damage American discourse than anyone else at least within my lifetime; and someone who could only possibly do good by chugging down all the Ozy in his house at once.

    1. Bluestatelibel

      You also forgot to mention how physically repulsive Rush is. Even if he lost the 400 lbs. that he needs to lose, he'd still be ick.

  7. weejee

    Can we get the ghost of Rushmore's neighbor, Crazy Horse, to put an arrow right through Rush's ears? Shooting him anywhere else won't work as he has too much padding. Downside of going the ear route is Rushie's brain is two sizes too small.

  8. metamarcisf

    The tea party has already started an initiative to add President Reagan's image to Mount Rushmore. Fearful that additional carving might cause the whole side of the mountain to come crashing down, they are trying to recarve and replace one of the images. My question to them is, who would they replace: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln or Franklin?

    1. GuyClinch

      No Franklin on there (other one is Teddy Roosevelt). But to your question, if Rush could dictate, I reckon he'd replace Lincoln, since it was him who freed all those coloreds.

    2. genxr

      Obviously all would be replaced by Osama, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, and Sherrod would be there breifly but they would have to quickly chisel her off and replace her with, oh I dunno, the NAACP.

    3. comrad_darkness

      All you need to do is remind them Reagan signed the biggest amnesty ever for illegal brown people and that should be that. Right?

  9. axmxz

    Obama: "Mr. Limbaugh has crossed a line in his broadcast last night."
    Obama's gang/Greek chorus: "For real? What did that motherfucker do, boss?"
    Obama: "He cast doubts on my legitimacy as President of the United States in a particularly, shall we say, unsavory way? There was intimation that I was a juvenile urban vandal spraying paint in an artistically questionable way onto public property."
    Obama's gang/Greek chorus: "That's just fucked up."
    Obama: "It is indeed. I believe the time has come for retaliatory action."
    Obama's gang/Greek chorus: "Fo' shizzle. Let's ride on that fool, dogg."
    Obama: "Get Leo [Panetta] on the phone. I have a little project for him."

    1. DoktorZoom

      Obama: I want a strongly-worded statement expressing our profound disappointment!
      Gang/chorus: We are very, very disappointed at this unfortunate development!

    2. comrad_darkness

      Obama: Yo, Bush left those indefinite detainment forms somewhere in this desk. Let me find them. Okay, let's see. Danger to country, check. And shall I also check the box for waterboarding daily, or just leave it to the discretion of the kindly Blackwater/Xe employee to determine the frequency?
      Greek Chorus: (hands on cheeks in titillated horror) Oooooooooh!

  10. edgydrifter

    Are we using a new "stuff on the wall" scale to judge presidencies? Fine. W was a splatter pattern of mostly-digested beer-n-brauts residue on the wall in the third stall of the highway rest area bathroom of America. So there.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Oh, how I laugh, when I consider that one-half of the black-joke team at my high-school is receiving gov't aid for him, his baby-mother, their two or three shared kids, & one more besides. & this cracker ass cracker isn't married to the mom, either.

      The only thing I regret is that the guy in question is not the one who shares his name with a former Monday Nite Football colour commentator.

  11. SayItWithWookies

    That's a pretty compelling characterization, especially in light of the lofty standards Rush set for contributing to one's country — what with the sissy draft deferment, the family connections in radio who got his career started, the drug problems, the constant hobnobbing with the rich — yeah, our president looks like a complete failure compared to that illustrious record.

    1. imissopus

      Don't forget the four marriages, the first three of which resulted in divorce. Nothing says I have pride in the stability of this country's important institutions like three divorces.

      1. TX_Bluebonnets

        They do. And it's the real reason they are so afraid–if there was actually a real chance for a broader segment of America to rise above regional managers of craptorium stores, and actually compete with them, WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN?

        My god, the glass ceiling would be slivers in their bald cowering heads, and they would be seeking under the table employment as jizz moppers waiting for their SSI to come in.

    2. zhubajie

      I didn't know the draft deferment story, although it doesn't surprise me. His old man was an airman and flew the Hump, I'm told.

  12. ttommyunger

    Poor Rush, his ears don't work, his dick won't work and he's too fat to buy regular clothes like normal folk. But then, there's nothing normal about Rush, is there?

    1. BarryOPotter

      Well, he's normally a raging, bigoted, self-righteous, putrid, santorum-filled asshole. He's got that going for him.

      1. ttommyunger

        All that money, 13-15 Mil per year. I wonder, though, just how many steaks can one eat in a day? How much is enough? I've never been rich, but none in my family have ever gone hungry or naked, thank God. Does wealth engender the thirst for more and more wealth? Is it nymphomania of the wallet?

        1. HELisforHEL

          That's an incredibly eloquent way to put it and spot on.
          Let's hope the more-more-more quotient is what finally destroys Limbaugh. I hold out hope for a huge Karmic shift that will balance out all the horrible, evil, inhuman behavior by him and his ilk (of course this includes Cheney).
          May we all live long enough to see it. And yes, please–let it be messy 'cause that would be awesome.

  13. Gopherit

    Rush is just jealous, and wants his own visage put on a mountain, too…… I suggest Mt Merapi. With it currently spewing all of that hot, toxic gas, and killing all those brown Muslins, it's a perfect representation.

    1. BerkeleyBear

      I thought Rush already had a bunch of monuments on the Ohio River, judging by the smell and the discharge. What do you mean, industrial paper plants next to rendering opertaions?

    2. zhubajie

      Mt. Trashmore (Aka the Rumpke Dump) just outside Cincinnati. It is rumored to be the highest mountain in Ohio!

    3. DashboardBuddha

      "wants his own visage put on a mountainr "

      He could always have a tattoo of himself put on his ass.

    4. genxr

      I thought he already had his face on a mountain. What is that talking blob you see on Olbermann's worst person segment anyway? That's not the conservative Mt Rushmore?

      1. TX_Bluebonnets

        We had a flaming pile of mulch in Helotes, Texas named "Mulchie." s/he had h/er/is own Facebook page.

        It would be solid enough to handle the weight load…

  14. Monsieur_Grumpe

    It is a good thing Rush is not reproducing. I'm sure whatever it is he's mating with is of the wrong species.

  15. Lucidamente1

    Wait, why is Teddy Roosevelt stlll on Mount Rushmore? Glenn Beck said he was bad. Something about him being a progressive. Or something.

    1. Radiotherapy

      What's odd about that, of course, is that Teddy is responsible for the war by Executive Fiat Syndrome that has eventually led to the endless wars and Socialist Military-Industrial Complex. These clowns ought to be sucking Teddy's Rushmore sized cock.

      1. DemmeFatale

        How great is it that even on Wonkette, Beck can steal the limelight from Rush!
        These two attention-whores SO deserve each other!

        1. TX_Bluebonnets

          ThunderDome! Two go in, one come out!

          Snipers could get the winner on his way out. Just follow the slime trail and shine the little red laser…

    2. GOPCrusher

      Well, Teddy did send The Great White Navy around the world to show off America's role in global politics, so maybe he gets a pass.

  16. genxr

    What did Rush say about black quarterbacks and the liberal media? And now he can't buy an NFL team? O noes!

  17. valgal2342

    One day he will have a massive heart attack while screaming into his slobber soaked microphone. Slowly he will fall backwards in his over burdened chair and lay motionless on the sticky giz filled carpet until suddenly a thundering fart blasts its way out of the bloated bag of skin filling the studio with toxic napalm, shattering the windows and forcing everyone in a 10 block area to flee for their lives.

    1. zhubajie

      I figure he'll have a heart attack and then an emergency religious conversion and end up giving all of his money to the sleaziest evangelist in America. (I know there's alot of competition for that title, but I propose Brother R. G. Stair, !)

  18. MinAgain

    I like the tiny little arrow pointing from the name toward the painted picture, as though we might not know which face "OBAMA" was referring to.

  19. Chet Kincaid

    It's part of a series. In coming weeks, Rush will feature Obama rogering a weeping Statue Of Liberty from behind, stealing the Lincoln Memorial's wallet, drive-by-shooting Washington as he crosses the Delaware, and laughing at pictures of Brett Favre's dick while having a post-coital smoke with Jen Sterger.

    1. comrad_darkness

      I don't suppose he will have one where Obama is sneaking illegal drugs past U.S. Customs . . .

      1. Chet Kincaid

        Oh Lizzie, you are my Saucy Thesaurus. I am like a two year old drunk with the joy of a new word. Roger. Roger? Roger! Blancmange, also.

  20. chascates

    The utterings of an obese, drug-addicted thrice-married radio DJ are always pertinent. Just as are those of a disgraced former Speaker of the House and serial adulterer. Or those of a barely literate former half-term governor of the least populated state. Or those of a raving faux-populist Mormon convert who…

    Oh, fuck it. Just fuck it.

    1. comrad_darkness

      Intelligence is the single biggest. Wait, intelligence and logic are the two biggest detriments to success in national media. That and command of facts. Wait, the three biggest detriments to success in national media are intelligence, logic, command of facts, and a distaste for inflammatory rhetoric. Oh, hell, I'll just come in again.

      1. finallyhappy

        yes, it should be thrice divorced but it doesn't count when you are the voice of good family values white Christians. Just like you can have a daughter who is a baby mama, a son who is a druggie and quit your own job but still be queen of white trash family values America- because hey, you are just like them.

  21. PsycWench

    You know how in high school there was this fat sloppy kid that people kinda hung out with to hear him trash-talk but nobody really liked? And you remember how he was always down on the good-looking fit athletes and how they thought they were so cool but they weren't? And the other kids snickered and egged him on even though they secretly envied the athletes tremendously?

    Well, it turns out that this story does not always end in high school, does it?

      1. comrad_darkness

        No, he was deemed to be too much of an asshole . . . to. own. an. NFL. team. Cogitate on that for a minute.

        1. chickensmack

          I first thought "Steinbrenner!" but felt ashamed for not remembering how to even play hockey. Is that with no arms?

        2. Radiotherapy

          Exactly, he was deemed to be a big enough asswipe to not even fit in with the likes of Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones. It was a huge win last year when the uppity labor AND management refused to let him in the club. He whined about it for months to this day. Aw, fat boy didn't get what he wanted.

    1. HistoriCat

      There is nothing so depressing as coming to the conclusion that real life actually is a lot like high school.

      1. HELisforHEL

        It's exactly like High School. The dirty little secret no one clues you in on.

        I still seem to be sitting at the freak/outcast/hopelessly nerdy/artsy-fartsy/gheys/friends of the gheys/Library geek/"loser" table. Although at this point it's with a sense of pride.

        1. PsycWench

          If you're in college, you might be sitting right behind me. The residents of the quirky table are easily the most interesting and fun in the college. They even let me sit with them sometimes.

    1. chickensmack

      Conservatives hold fast, and wait preciously by every tense moment, until that most awe-inspiring event which becomes the touchstone of all whitebread humanity, and for which we all clamor so much:

      When black people act white.

      It's akin to being saved, yaknow?

      1. trampndirtdown

        Oh black people can act white and it's cute and all, but when they start thinking that they really are equal then Conservatives flip out.

    1. zhubajie

      Has anyone checked the files in the Dominican Republic? Or Costa Rica? who knows what he's been charged with there?

  22. PublicLuxury

    non snark

    Rush is such a coward. He can't openly tape his radio show. The studio address is more secret than Cheney's bunker. He has to take special measures when traveling from his house to the studio. He can't take the same route over and over.

    Our President, Mr. Barack Obama, on the other hand, publishes his schedule. Everybody, that is alive, knows his address. All his moves are photographed and written about at length.

    So who's the gang member?

    A man that stepped up to the plate to openly lead or a man that hides where he lives and works?

    A man that has taken on overwhelming tasks of saving our country so the republicans have something to ruin again and again, and again…

    Or a man that is venomous and divisive and a drug addict and misogynistic?

    Who's doing more for our country, Rush?

    I'll take the graffiti, thank you. You can shove the alternative up your abundant ass.

  23. fuflans

    thanks, rush.

    i find it encouraging that we have moved beyond the divisiveness and rancor of the last few years and are now engaged in constructive dialogue. Your arguments are cogent, precise and thoughtful, and will no doubt convince many.

    I look forward to future reasoned analyses from you and your listeners. Keep up the good work!


    1. user-of-owls

      Oh my, I hope you were able to make it to the bathroom in time after you typed this. Barring that, hope you're at least in a hotel room and not at home.

  24. bordo2

    I'm getting tired of waiting for this ponderous spooge bucket to eat himself to death. Someone, please, send several hundred pounds of Popeye's Fried Chicken to this bloated fuck weasel.

    1. harry_palmer

      In one of Al Franken's books he says"The difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg is that one is one is an enormous Nazi gas bag, and the other is a dirigible."

  25. tribbzthesquidz

    I saw at the grocery store that Obama is a "pinhead" also. It said so right there on the cover of that O'Reilly book. Bill=Patriot. Barack=Pinhead.
    Bill and Rush are SO qualified to make these judgments. They has showz on tv and stuff.

  26. el_donaldo

    Limbaugh went on to complain about the large number of chicken bones dropped about the area and say that he wasn't saying that the President dropped them there himself but clearly somebody did.

    1. Beowoof

      I am sure as we speak she is getting doctors and drug dealers across South Florida to give her bigger and bigger piles of oxy to stuff into fat-boy's burgers and fries.

    1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

      Sweet Sidhartha on a papadum, I want to believe in karma so badly I can't stand it.

      But this smegma-sack in a golf shirt is continuing to behave like the elementary school asshole who draws Hitler mustaches and goot outlines on people's photographs, and those little turds are supposed to grow up to be toothless emphysemics with prison records, but Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is making fifty million dollars a year.

      I want a vengeful god, and I want Him/Her NOW.

  27. marinmaven

    It is Rush and his ilk who are ganglike, but more like Clockwork Orange-esque thugs with teabag brown shirts. They have been perfecting their bullying for more than a quarter century and aided by 24/7 broadcasts that indoctrinate hatred, bigotry, and willful ignorance to a scared and under-educated populace.

    I would delight in chiseling Obama's features into Mt. Vernon because it would drive these people crazy. I would also love to chisel Susan B. Anthony, Harvey Milk, Caesar Chavez, and that crying Native American on the side of the highway on there too. Just because.

        1. snoopyfan2010

          I would settle for putting a native american in the white house, but Rushmore would be my second choice.

    1. marinmaven

      And its Mount F%^KING Rushmore, I know. Can we change it to something that doesn't have that creep's name in it like…Mount Hussein…that should piss people off.

    1. iburl

      I thought that American Talk Radio was the doggy-doo and that Rush Limbaugh was the largest of the fetid, squirming, diseased 2-headed maggots eagerly scat-lapping while constantly spewing noxious, poisonous fecal pellets out of their hind-guts.

  28. BarackMyWorld

    Let's be fair here…referring to someone as a "juvernile delinquent" isn't racist in and of itself. Let's look at a more complete picture, and ask ourselves if Rush has ever shown any kind of pattern of racist comments before. For instance, was it also racist than when he called Obama an "Idiot black manchild"? What about when he called him "Halfrican American"? And was it racist when he called Obama the "Affirmative action president" or "Barack the Magic Negro"?

    Let's be reasonable here.

    1. imissopus

      Or when he said (paraphrasing) why should we want the president to succeed just because he's black? Because of that we're supposed to just bend over and grab our ankles?

      So racial and gay hang-ups. A twofer!

    2. iburl

      What about his almost daily playing of the theme from the Jefferson's "Movin' on Up" EVERY time he talked about black people in the 90's (Usually Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton).

  29. Beowoof

    I have a dream America. I have a dream that this fat white racist piece of shit will be drowned in the reflecting pool on the mall with wall to wall tv coverage. Then his remains cremated and spread into various toilet bowls in McDonald's across the DC metro area. Too much?

    1. finallyhappy

      First, don't mess with the reflecting pool- ducks and seagulls could be poisoned. Second, do you hatr Latinos? Because mostly that is who I see cleaning bathrooms in this area.

    2. HistoriCat

      Needs more painful embarrassment. Something slow and humiliating. I'm open to suggestions since I can't think of anything vile enough.

  30. Come here a minute

    If only Rush was right! Then President Barry would "pop a cap in his ass," as the president would say, if Rush was right.

  31. mavenmaven

    You know why its called Mt "Rush"more? Well, see that big crack between Roosevelt and Lincoln? Yes, it represents Rush Limbaugh's butt crack.

  32. Redhead

    How have the porno scans and pokey-prodey time at the airport not revealed the enormous ball of crack Rush always keeps on him?

    What's that? The porno scans don't show things in Rush's favorite hiding place? Ahhhhh.

  33. snoopyfan2010

    They say that the opposite of love is not hatred but indifference. So all of Rush's comments must be his way of saying how much he loves Barry. In fact, I think he has a deep, eternal love for all minorities, especially those of African descent.

  34. aguacatero

    To paraphrase Harry Reid, how could anyone who is not a fat southern white male with anger problems and sexual inadequacy issues ever support modern American conservatism?

  35. BarackMyWorld

    "Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger!"

    -Dr. Laura
    (also not a racist)

  36. user-of-owls

    Normally I feel that Roget's is more than sufficient for my synonymicalistic needs. It's only when I struggle to find new ways to encapsulate the likes of this Pustule of the Airwaves that Mssr. seems somehow lacking.

  37. iburl

    Flush Rimjaub is pouring viagra and oxy-contin down his throat while furiously stroking his 4mm pencil to these comments.

  38. yourong1

    Google in the input you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

  39. elpinche

    The worse thing than thinly veiled racism is circa 1992 racism. Fresh Prince of Bel Air graffiti? Cue the Fly Girls from In Living Color, aaawww yeah DJ Twist in the hizzahowwwoowwsszzzz!!!

    What I'm trying to say is that Rush Limbaugh needs to die of a slow and painful cancer.

    1. Radiotherapy

      And sorry Mr. Lumbnut, because of your previous addiction to narcotics, the only thing we can offer for palliative pain is tylenol…well OK, extra strength tylenol…and of course the Elton John Box Set to listen to.

    2. HELisforHEL

      Not to mention subpar Photoshoppin'.

      Typical of all repug/conservitard "art", they once again highlight their inability to do anything creative well. Come on neocondummies, learn how to use your Displacement Maps.

      No talent shitbags.

  40. comrad_darkness

    "Staffer Quits RNC, Assails Fundraising Under Michael Steele"

    Oh yeah, that's right. Now that Repubs have the white momentum back, they can totally dump the black figurehead.

  41. littlebigdaddy

    What I am wondering is how the elitist liberals explain the natural rock formation of Mt. Rushmore? How did Jesus know that those people would become president, back when he created the mountains?

  42. littlebigdaddy

    What I am wondering is how the elitist liberals explain the natural rock formation of Mt. Rushmore? How did Jesus know that those people would become president

  43. obfuscator2

    i guess we've gone from dog whistles to plain old asshole whistles.

    fuck it, paint it black. that way, everyone's happy.

  44. MilwaukeeKent

    Gosh, strong words from America's number one mattress salesman. Maybe Tom Donahue/USCofC or the National Assoc. of Manufacturers will pull another string tomorrow and make him say a funny again.

    Ha, ha! Look at the fat man dance! Seeing him move like that almost makes you forget his life is defined by a painful pilodial cyst…

  45. obfuscator2

    looking at the colorful graffiti on the freight train cars passing by is the only enjoyable part of sitting at a railroad crossing. if i were smarter, i'd make a point about the symbolism of art vs. commerce in america.

    i hope rush lives long enough to experience the pain of testicular torsion.

  46. Negropolis

    "An utter wrecking ball", eh? Why does His Utter Rotundness speak of himself in such a way?

    I actually can't think of anything else to say. Rush is just that horrible of a human being.

  47. ShaveTheWhales

    The thing that figuratively curdles my blood is that a brief scan of the non-Wonkette internet will yield hundreds of comments along the lines of "You libs have never listened to Rush. He just tells the truth, and you can't stand it. Blah, blah, blah". (Random capitalization and misspelling omitted).

    The curdling part is that many of these offerings appear to be sincere. We are surrounded by people who can listen to a racist, hate-mongering draft-dodger and think that he is delivering pearls of sweet reason.

    Much as I love my kids, there are days I wish we hadn't had them.

  48. x111e7thst

    I am always glad of the opportunity to hear the views of the porcine yet Vicodin addled Mr. Limbaugh. They add so much to my understanding of the seminal ideas and events of our times.

  49. little don

    I'm not bothered by old rush being racist. I'm used to it by now. What bothers me is that, if I were to show this to certian people I know, they would deny up and down left and right that this was in *any* way racist then accuse me of being a mean "Al Sharpton" black person. (As if Al were even that bad.) So, I just stay quiet. And therefore they win.

    You'll even find a few of the "this can't POSSIBLY be racist" folks in liberal crowds (at daily Kos even) only in that case it's "Stop your talk of racism you'll upset the nice white voters who are the only ones who matter." etc.

    I'm rolling my eyes so far back I can see the soles of my shoes.

  50. Truculent

    it's gotten to the point where a man can't enjoy his garishly furnished, pseudo-whorehouse mansion with his 15th wife any more, or jet out of the country for a few blissful days with an underage child at a discrete resort. Barry has truly let America go to hell

  51. GeoffPeterson

    In fairness to Rush, Obama does live in DC, and we all know that DC is Chocolate City.

    On the other hand, "We have a juvenile delinquent for a president who has ruined so much public and private property" is probably the best description of the Bush years that I have ever read.

  52. little don

    I'm not bothered by old rush being racist. I'm used to it by now. What bothers me is that, if I were to show this to certian people I know, they would deny up and down left and right that this was in *any* way racist then accuse me of being a mean "Al Sharpton" black person. (As if Al were even that bad.) So, I just stay quiet. And therefore they win.

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