Michael Steele no longer has free time to flash “gang signs” with interns. He now has an opponent running against him for his job: former Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis, who ran against him last time. “Awe, snaps!” Anyway, like Newell, we noticed something when we tabbed this story this morning: Anuzis’ blog is called “That’s Saul, Folks!,” which… c’mon, guy. This man will need a better blog-title pun than that, so we will help him out with some better options:

Roll Saul (Like that one media thing!)
Saul My Children (Like that soap opera!)
Saul Wheel Drive (Like that car option!)
BaseSaul (Like that sport!)
Saul Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (Like that 90’s cartoon movie!)

You get to pick ONE. The rest of those will be the names of Wonkette’s spinoff sites. [WP]

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