Take-away: future Chinese-food delivery girl.
Hey hey, Bristol Palin is still on that terrible dancing teevee show that makes her dress up as a pink-bowed gorilla furry! Sarah is very proud of her, because she is an important example for all incomprehensible vapid young media personalities: They’re going to criticize you anyway, so you may as well be substantive and stick to your ideals jive in a monkey costume on national television. Oh, but this is just one chapter in the Great White Teen’s road to “grace&diversity.”

Bristol was one of the trout.
Okay, we will buy the first two, but commercial fishing? Is Palin trying to tell us that girl has had an actual job? But sure, combining reality teevee with those three things every snowbilly white-bread backwoods Alaska teen does is the definition of being part African-American.

Who let this MASTER LOGICIAN get anywhere near a place of learning?
Oh, she’s an economist now. Right. Always seemed like she had a good handle on that stuff. [Twitter]

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