Munch munch muslims munch.The engrossing drama of Sarah Palin’s Twitter servant “favoriting” an Ann Coulter “retweet” of a “yfrog” photo of a church sign complaining that Jesus’ blood no-likey Obama is now over, as Palin has removed this thing from her account. Americans can now rest easy and get back to their daily lives. We will use Palin’s quote as it appears on the Telegraph‘s website, because it makes her spell things like a posh British aristocrat: “I’ve never purposefully ‘favourited’ any Tweet,” she wrote in an e-mail. “I had to go back to my BlackBerry to even see if such a function was possible. I was travelling to Alaska that day … it was an obvious accidental ‘favouriting’.” WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA WITH YOUR MOSK CRUMPETS, SARAH?

The fact that she uses a hand-held device to write her Twitter messages without checking by her staff has led to errors before, such as calling on moderate Muslims to “repudiate” plans for a mosque near ground zero in New York.

Haha, dumb Brits. It doesn’t matter if her staff writes the messages, she writes the messages, or she writes without having them proofread by her staff. Nobody in that operation understands the Queen’s pretty little language.

And now, at long last, Barack Obama can return to being a bedbug on Jesus’ Holy Mattress. [Telegraph]

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