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BUSTED: Jon Stewart Caught Talking With Tim Geithner About ‘Policy’

After carefully inspecting “the Treasury Secretary’s calendar,” Bloomberg News has revealed that Tim Geithner had a top-secret meeting with teevee comic Jon Stewart. What could this mean, besides “Tim Geithner probably doesn’t put ‘secret’ meetings on his calendar”? Brace yourself:

The reason, according to a Treasury spokesperson: “Jon Stewart is influential in America, so we took the opportunity for the two to meet and to discuss the economy.”

This basically ends any debate about whether Stewart is a comedian or a newsman. Presumably Geithner thought it important that Stewart be well-informed on aspects of policy, and Stewart felt the same way.

Exactly. Jon Stewart wants to be “well-informed” about issues that he talks about on his teevee show, therefore: definitely not a newsman. Thank you for confirming that Jon Stewart is a comedian, Bloomberg News!

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  1. BombyMcGee

    Actually, Geithner just wanted to talk to Jon about hiring a couple Daily Show writers to punch up his testimony to Congress.

  2. Kidneys4Sale

    Timmah: John, here's the deal. My public image is shit, and I need a boost. Goose my numbers, and I'll make sure your show is reclassified as a major investment bank. Step 4? Profit, Johnny…proft.

    John: Uhh…I really, you know…Hank Paulson tried the same thing.

    Timmah: I…really? I feel so vindicated by that. Hank's my hero. (fapfapfapfap…)

    John: Oh, this is awkward.

  3. Amaravilha

    Amazingly, there's a whole news channel of blonde bimbos and angry shouty white men who don't seem to understand the economy.

    Maybe Geithner should meet with them, and settle the debate: comedians or newspeople?

    1. SorosBot

      Someone's forgetting CNBC and Fox Business! One would thing the so-called business experts would know more than a comedian, but no, they actually know less than your average homeless guy on the street.

      1. kenlayisalive

        I, for one, have always wanted to kick Neil Cavuto right in his fat little face. I'll just assume I'm not alone in this.

          1. Spanky2a

            If you can fabricate bigotry out of that, you've got quite an imagination. Do you exhibit the same exactitude when evalauting the bigoted posts of your fellow communists?

  4. axmxz

    The Daily Show and the Obama administration should merge into the Daily Obama Administration, where Jon takes half an hour every night to dispel vicious opposition rumors and bolster facts about the day-to-day happenings in the White House and on the Hill. So just a name change, basically.

  5. V572625694

    Pretty sure Stewart was just auditioning Geithner for his post-Treasury slot on "The Daily Show." The guy's a laugh riot, you gotta admit. "What's the deal with CDOs? If they're collaterilized, how can they be a debt?"

    1. undeterredbyreality

      Jon wants to add a token sleazy greaseball to the staff, to go along with his token black, token muslim and token englishman.

  6. ttommyunger

    I can't believe Mr. Stewart would take time out of his busy schedule to consult a nobody like Tiny Tim. Surely he has more important things to attend to. You don't mind if I call you Shirley, do you?

  7. LionelHutzEsq

    Boy, can you imagine what would happen if anyone at FOX News tried to become informed on an issue before they talked about it.

    It would kill the comedy over there.

  8. PublicLuxury

    Jon's slipping. Last I looked their is nothing funny about the economy. Paint drying is more entertaining than Timeh. Economy schonomy…I want my PORN.

  9. Mort_Sinclair

    Because Jon Stewart's brother is the president, CEO, or whatever the hell you call him of the New York Stock Exchange, Geithner probably just wanted to know what he could buy Larry for Hanukkah.

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