Circa 2010, actually.Tennessee Republican Terri Lynn Weaver has SOMEHOW gotten into controversy by posting a photo of herself with her fat pastor dressed as a blackface Aunt Jemima, which you can see at left. What you can’t see at left is the comment Weaver wrote on this photo: “Aunt Jemima, you is so sweet.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Surely this nice white lady just meant that she loves that particular pancake-dust brand and would like it to be her friend on Facebook! And doesn’t everyone have a pastor who dresses up as offensive caricatures of minorities? That’s, like, the most important part of the Bible. Jesus was always wearing hilarious costumes like this. And in response to the furor over this offensive stereotype, the woman is now defending herself in the most stereotypical way possible.

Yes, that’s right: “I’m the least racist of anyone. Some of my greatest friends are black.” Problem solved.

Look, it’s the famous Basil Marceaux news team!

Yes, stand strong, white lady! There was probably no other costume for her pastor to wear, anyway.

Someday you can tell your grandchildren about Terri Lynn Weaver when 50,000 similar things are still happening in the South. [WSMV via Wonkette operative “Christy F.”]

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