Hmm, so right now everyone is just devastated because that which we knew was going to happen actually happened, except somehow for Harry Reid. Progress is now in peril, everything is ruined, et cetera and so forth, but maybe not all is lost? Can things that seem terrible/horrible/very orange be okay in the end? If America takes its cues from two seemingly strange things that are in fact great — the leftover parts of dead animals turned into bite-sized happy hour treats, and macaroni and cheese served out of an 18 foot truck that’s decorated with large orange and yellow macaroni noodles — then everything should be just fine in the end.

Bar Pilar recently launched an “Offal Happy Hour,” which runs Monday through Friday from 5-7PM. What is offal? The entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal. And why would one of D.C.’s top restaurants feel a need to be resourceful and make meals from the scraps of dead animals when times aren’t tough at all in the northwest quadrant? Who knows. But offal tastes good, we swear! The offal items on the menu include chicken liver pate served with fresh sliced bread, crispy fried pig ears with lime, and sauteed lamb liver with garlic and caper sauce. The items are strange and overly chewy, but also really, really tasty. And cheap! At $4 a plate they are something even the newly unemployed can afford. And, in fact, just about everything on Bar Pilar’s menu is affordable and tasty, meaning that this place where the my-pants-are-too-tight crowd typically congregates for just drinks is also a fine, fine restaurant as well.

CapMac is the newest food truck to come to D.C., and it is orange, hideously, hideously orange. The truck serves different varieties of gourmet macaroni and cheese that will, so the gourmet macaroni chefs insist, “satisfy not only your stomach, but also your soul.” Hopefully not all orange things are that satisfying, but hooray for something orange that is more satisfying and exciting than a man who chokes up while reading his resume.

orange goodness

[Bar Pilar/CapMac]

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