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There Will Be Tea: Liveblogging America’s Return To Slavery, Part IV

whoa whoa what the hell ...Is this still happening? Has Rand Paul bankrupted America and outlawed blogging yet? We’re entering HOUR FOUR of this teabagstravaganza, and we’re still weeping for the loss of Our Christine (“You”) because comedy is going to be in short supply, forever, and she was our queen! Well whatever. At least John McCain won his easy-ass had-it-forever Senate seat, so ol’ Walnuts will still be around to yell at clouds.

10:06 PM — A House loss is still just “likely,” after all this ruckus?
10:08 PM — And what exactly is lost, should the GOP/TeaPee take over the House again? What are they going to do to “get back” at the Democrats, pass a bunch of environmental legislation and climate change legislation and stop the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?
10:12 PM — Haw Haw, Michele Bachmann is on MSNBC talking to Chris Matthews. It is wonderful. She is dressed wonderfully. Matthews wants to know if Michele will investigate all the Democrats for un-American activities.
10:13 PM — She won’t answer! She just says “the economy is job one.” So, presumably, Job Two is investigating Democrats for un-American attitudes.
10:14 PM — Her smile is 1,00,000 watts of coal-fired happiness. (She will not answer his question at all.)
10:15 PM — Christ Matthews just asked if Michele Bachmann is hypnotized.
10:16 PM — Har har, Michele just mocked Chris Matthews for his “tingle down the leg” comment about Obama.
10:17 PM — Now Matthews is actually having to explain his 2008 excitement about Obama; he is sticking to the anti-American investigations Bachmann has said (on his show) that she would lead.
10:17 PM — “She just moronically looks at the camera.” — Chris Matthews, who is correct!
10:18 PM — Do not miss PART III (the one where Jar Jar gets raped/killed) of our Liveblogging, which is here.
10:19 PM — Eric Cantor, Washington politician, is telling MSNBC that America has spoken against Washington.
10:20 PM — The Twitter flow of gibberish is subsiding, at least from the Washington Media/Political People we follow. Did everybody just get high and go to bed?
10:23 PM — Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin live on Fox News, together, for some reason!!!!
10:23 PM — Why? Because both share a forbidden love of “Fritz” Mondale.
10:25 PM — The hair on Palin is IMMENSE. Never seen that much hair. Her neck can barely hold it up.
10:26 PM — Ferraro … we fell kind of bad for not knowing she was still alive. She seems to be fine!
10:26 PM — Sestak-Toomey still too close to call?
10:26 PM — It’s getting terrible now. Eric Cantor won’t leave MSNBC, Bill Bennett has eaten all of his co-panelists.
10:30 PM — We need some Conventional Wisdom to make it through this Long Night of the Soul. Let’s go check the New York Times!
10:31 PM — “Republicans See Big Gains in House: Tea Party Propels G.O.P. in Senate, but Democrats Are Ahead in Key States”
10:32 PM — Uhh.
10:33 PM — Sestak holding a 29,000 vote lead with 72% reporting.
10:33 PM — Does Campbell Brown sit sadly tonight, drinking scotch and cursing at CNN? What about Aaron … Brown? Was that his name? Dan Rather was jabbering nonsense on one station or another earlier today, so he’s happy we suppose.
10:35 PM — Nikki Haley wins! Despite the “slut shaming” by Gawker.
10:38 PM — Russ Feingold officially loses.
10:38 PM — This means four Senate pickups for the GOP, 45-2-43 at the moment. (Meaning, “47 including the two independents who are sorta Dems.”)
10:40 PM — But the states with all the people and money (the “liberal elite states”) are still pretty heavy wins for the Democrats. (Florida had people, but no money.)
10:43 PM — Just 18 minutes until the California polls close. Jesus god this has only begun, hasn’t it?
10:45 PM — Using his usual “people can be divided up into tenths, like dimes” methodology, Nate Silver predicts 51.6 Senate seats for the Dems and 48.3 for the Republicans.
10:47 PM — And the House will go to the GOP, 232.2-202.8. The end.
10:51 PM — Andrew Cuomo somehow defeated America’s Greatest Governor, Carl watermelon-email guy!
11:01 PM — New liveblog by that Jack guy, look! Polls have closed in California! Yahaghghgh!

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A writer and editor of this website from 2006 to early 2012, Ken Layne is occassionally seen on Twitter and writes small books and is already haunting you from beyond (your) grave.

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  1. ph7

    It was over when Nate Silver sold out to the NYT.The NYT?!?! Reading news from ink pressed on to ground up trees? by the light of burning whale blubber?

  2. Limeylizzie

    Your other Queen Michele Bachmann is screeching away and Chris Matthews just asked her if she was hypnotised because she has answered the same question 3 times the same way and then asked her if she was in a trance…it was epic!

    1. obfuscator2

      and some fuckwit mong had a huge bachmann banner in the shot. appropriately, it was upside down.

      aaaaand tweety just called her a moron.

    2. Redhead

      damnit! I'm at work and they have it on CNN (though CNN did introduce "O'Donnell giving her loser speech" a bit ago, which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.) But MSNBC sounds amazing right now.

      1. Ein_Rant

        "But MSNBC sounds amazing right now."

        What? No workplace drug-use rules where you are?

        The colors!!! Or color, that is… Red (the good kind, not the Commie crap…)

        1. DashboardBuddha

          I just did a quick scoop of my cat's litter box. I mention this because your comments remind of the solid clumps of shit and piss I throw away,

    3. PublicLuxury

      Bachmann is one of the stupidest people alive. And a bitch to boot. Hard to believe she was a tax attorney at one time.. Also hard to believe she has lived as long as she has being as stupid as she is…

    4. DeLand_DeLakes

      Ugh. I grew up in the shithole of a district that has now elected this horrifying caricature three times. If my parents didn't still live there, I'd be in favor of nuking it. (I mean, we gots a Rethug House now, gotta nuke somethin'…)

  3. SayItWithWookies

    Our Christine (You)… sigh — it seems like just yesterday I was Time Magazine's person of the year, and now I've lost a Senate bid. And frankly, America, I'm disappointed in all of us.

        1. DashboardBuddha

          What? What? I can't understand. Take the cock out of your mouth and speak louder. That's what you t-baggers are best at, right…speaking louder?

    1. Kitty_Sanchez

      Chris Matthews just said something like Bachmann just stares into the camera and moronically recites things over and over, like she's hypnotized.

      She always looks hypnotized. Those eyes always look like Charlie Manson eyes.

      1. obfuscator2

        "are you going to use your majority in the house to investigate democrats in congress for unamerican activities?"

        "i love lamp."

  4. Fuck Toad

    This is not as terrible as I had feared, but that's mostly because I'm not watching TV news coverage and plus I'm drunk.

    1. Ein_Rant

      That's the spirit Toad! Denial! You have been living it ever since you became politically "aware" anyway… Loser…

    2. indecencycmdr

      i thank you for making me laugh. i once spent some time in a psych ward (true! for depression! during the bush administration!) and all they had there were disney movies. i thought "well, if this is all there is, then why am i here w/ a scar on my wrist?"

    3. GodHelpUsAll912

      " This is not as terrible as I had feared, but that's mostly because I'm not watching TV news coverage and plus I'm drunk."

      That explains the stupidity, and lack of facts.

  5. Jukesgrrl

    When Rand Paul decides he doesn't like the rules of the Senate (probably on Jan. 15), he'll decide to make up his own Senate. Then the real fun will start.

  6. chairwomanwow

    I really really want the sad face from Part II of the liveblog on a tee shirt. The nation's sadness makes me giggle.

        1. TX_Bluebonnets

          Dammit! I should know better than to google anything any of you people ever say…especially when you say don't.

          How do I wash inside my brain? Will gin help?

        1. JMPEsq

          Remember what this idiot said before; he is an actual creationist, and I wouldn't be surprised if he also was a global warming denialist. Oh, and he also supports Ayn fucking Rand.

          1. obiwanacracker

            But the avatar has captured the feminine essence of Ayn/Dagney. Or not. Something about some personal hygiene issues. I can't believe I still remember this shit from high school. Most of us outgrow it soon after.

          2. transfatz

            Most people consider Ayn Rand's work ingenious for the duration of one bottle of Clearasil.
            My infatuation with Rand lasted until the really bad sex scene in The Fountainhead. I puked, and that was that.

          3. Kitty_Sanchez

            A fucking creationist and an Ayn Rand cultist?? And too stupid to be rightfully embarrassed. On second thought, no, that seems about right.

          4. neiltheblaze

            Can you imagine what Ayn Rand would think of Creationists? Does this clown realize what contempt she would have for him?

      1. GodHelpUsAll912

        " Go suck Rand Paul's cock ans STFU "

        He don't have your bad habits. But it still sounds like your jealous. LOL

  7. TanzbodenKoenig

    Dammit it's time like these I want to have cable, but I also don't want to gouge my own eyes out. What to do?

      1. Ein_Rant

        I'm a dick, you're a joke… A match made on Earth… How rational… If you weren't some douche-ass dude with a girlie avatar, that is… How's the tranny act workin' out for ya? Still frustrated despite the lower standards is my guess… Cry now, as you can't sink much lower…

        1. transfatz

          Sorry, no super majority in the senate. Not likely to be one in the future. Veto still at the top. You call this a victory? Your standards are low. Ha ha, welcome to America. Nothing to cry about here.

      1. TanzbodenKoenig

        You know what else will? Repealing the bush tax cuts. Also not giving fat old racist fucks like yourself all those free scooters and oxygen tanks

        1. Ein_Rant

          Your kitty is a bit pale there, plantation-man. I yearn for FREEDOM for all people. Equality is to be before the law, not in outcomes…

          I am a mere 40yrs old, so you will be seeing me around for quite awhile. Sad note? I eat well and exercise just enough… I am VERY healthy. Your best bet is that I get hit by a car… LOSER!!!

          1. Lost_Teabaggers

            No our best bet is that you outgrow your childish stupidity, I mean seriously you're 40 years old and a Rand cultist? I think that actually says a lot about your relevant intellect. Question, did private plantation owners keep slaves and if so isn't it a little shortsighted to say all private property is holy? Also, if private owners can ensalve people and use indentured servants doesn't that shoot a hole in your belief in the sanctity of private property? If you admit humans can own other humans it's a blackhole in your philosophy because one way or the other you must eliminate someone's freedom…either the freedom of those being enslaved by saying it's okay to enslave them or the slave owners freedom by using the government to regulate them. So which is it? (and yes, this question is still VERY relevant, especially with the direction of worker rights in this country)

          2. transfatz

            I've seen it again and again. Every time someone here asks a Randroid a reasonable question you duck and ad-hominem. Your intellect is bankrupt and your "philosophy" is missing both the philo and the sophia.

          3. Kitty_Sanchez

            It couldn't answer you, so it claimed boredom and left it with an insult.

            About Rand cultists: I've learned that intellect can be unhelpful (or even harmful) if it's not accompanied by emotional intelligence and a measure of humility — two things notably lacking in, I think, all Rand cultists I've encountered. It seems futile to pose questions to them that will require them to do a bit of self-reflection. It seems beyond the cultist's ability to ponder his/her own existence from another perspective — that of his/her beloved self as just one fragile human life within a social grouping of all other human beings, within all of humanity's history and future. Their internal response is white noise, which they diagnose as stupidity on our part, the end.

      2. JMPEsq

        Yeah, how dare people start wars for no reason and just give out tax cuts to the rich willy-nilly to create a deficit! Hell, remember how this country's worst President, that moron Ronald Reagan, created that giant deficit?

        1. Ein_Rant

          I see you are proficient at being a parrot. Did you get an A+ in talking points 101 without having to give "teach" a knob-job? Or did you do that out of a sense of obligation?

          1. nappyduggs

            "Ass-mileage." Admittedly, I tee-heed. I'll give you this one; but seriously, Senator Boehner, don't you have other things to which you should attend right now? We all know that you have a Steno-Pad just rife with these bon mots (Boehn mots?) but you may as well save some for later. It's gonna be a long two years.

          2. GaltFan

            Wazz up Willona? I ain't seen you since I was a kid! Good Times, I tell ya! Good Times… Too bad you are just as lame as the other teenagers that post here. I "dropped the cloth" since at least one or two of your fellow dimbulbs figured out the obvious… You are worthless… You got NOTHING…

    1. Kitty_Sanchez

      No cable news? Oh, you're much better off!

      Don't abuse your eyes — abuse your liver. I suggest tequila straight from the bottle, a lemon cut in half, and a shaker of salt. Nothing to clean up unless you yack.

  8. marinmaven

    Just get it over with and make the graphic a tiny scared face (or stoned face) on the state of California looking over to the rest of the country. Maybe it will be a face that one gets when you encounter a scary crazy person on the street — the kind you cross the street to avoid. If everything goes as planned, California will be refuge. If things really go bad, we head to France.

    1. Fuck Toad

      Don't forget about us in Oregon, where the most contentious race is Crusty Old Asshole versus Slick, Probably Moderate Republican Basketball Asshole. No tea bag heroics up in this place.

      1. TX_Bluebonnets

        Used to live in Oregon. Miss it. Great state, even though moss grows everywhere and it looks like a combination of Teletubbyland and a Lord of the Rings forest. Hell, up there, I'm a moderate.

    2. wondering where i am

      I am in California. I just stood behind a meth addict for 10 minutes as he tried to game the ATM machine, while his little chihuahua pooped on the plantings. Are chihuahuas the dog of choice for meth addicts? Anyway, what I mean to say is that in California crossing the street to avoid these people is not possible.

  9. Beowoof

    Jeebus, Michelle Bachman is on talking about investigating Un-American Attitudes. Holy Shit they plan to waste a lot of money and time and effort doing shit no one cares about.
    Tweety Matthews, just asked Michelle if she is under a trance tonight, because no matter the question she gives the same answer. When Chris called her on it, she gave the same answer.

  10. Come here a minute

    The Washington Wizards have their first win of the season — that's gotta count for something.

  11. Ein_Rant

    What's the matter wankers? I can't reply to any of your crap. I can post a new comment on this thread only. I would have bought some stock in Kleenex, but you little pigs just wipe the boogers on your sleeves anyway, don't you?

      1. Ein_Rant

        You THINK??? Not based on the content of the crap you post… T-bag vs D-bag? I'll take the TEA, thank you…

        1. Redhead

          Awwww, is stupid troll getting mad? Must be the lack of oxygen to the brain from the teabagging you gladly take. Trying taking the balls OUT of your mouth for 30 seconds, take a couple deep breaths, and then try that thinking stuff again.

    1. PresBeeblebrox

      If there's anything I can't stand more than a Randroid, it's a smug Randroid. Wouldn't you rather have rough sex with your significant other, who you've surely nicknamed either "Dagny" or "Hank", than post on a political blog full of sad, liberal drunks? Or take Leonard Peikoff's fist up your distended rectum? Sanction of the victim and all, y' know.

      I swear by my life and my love of it … that you are a fucking asshole.

      1. Ein_Rant

        My significant other varies from left to right… On the Right is Dagny… On the Left is Wank, wanker…

        "[s]ad, liberal drunks?" Is there any other kind, wanker?

        At least it seems you read a book one time… My congratulations to you…

        1. PresBeeblebrox

          Motherfucker, I know your type. You sad, pathetic Randroids slum around in your Rand-conventions, looking to score with fat, ugly chicks and fat, ugly guys while talking about the finer points of Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology and drinking weak beer or, if you get really daring, smoke weed. You like to talk about how the Constitution really means we should kill everyone, all the time, and how Atlas Shrugged is a great piece of well-written fiction. You either idolize or demonize Nathaniel Branden because he fucked, or refused to fuck, Ayn Rand. You idolize or demonize Leonard Peikoff or David Kelly because they are, or are not, true to the Holy Writ of Ayn. You are completely absorbed in a philosophy created by a screenwriter who really hated Bolsheviks. And, of course, you are better than everyone else because you are entitled to the Virtue of Selfishness.

          So, yeah, go fuck yourself.

    2. kenlayisalive

      You're such a dork. You always think there is some conspiracy against you but at this point I think you don't know how to use your computer. Plus you replied to a comment five minutes ago. So fucking shut up.

      This is the guy who said "I'll eat pussy if it's clean". Yet another overcompensating Republican who'd disappoint Xtine in the sack.

      1. Ein_Rant

        I'm 'touched' that your drug-clouded brain remembers me. Perhaps I had a technical glitch? A few of my buddies were complaining of being shut out from your delusional intolerance society earlier… Perhaps it was a cookie problem?

        I am almost used to your ugly face now, a shame if I ever do get shut out from here…

        1. kenlayisalive

          You are the biggest nerd I have ever met. The only cookie problems you have is if your mom forgets to pack one in your lunch.

          You are a stupid twat. You will never get shut out of here, but I love how full of paranoia you are. You know, of course, what Freud said about paranoia.

      1. Ein_Rant

        Kill me? You wankers got nuthin' but drugs, alcohol and delusions… Please…

        Wait a second… What was that I just heard? ANOTHER Demonrat lost? ANOTHER ONE???

        How's that hopey-changy thang workin' out for ya now?

        You pathetic bastards don't scare anyone but your own delusional shadows…

        Pathetic, weak… Laughable…

        Feingold goes down! Expected, but still good news… He hated free speech, as do most of you intolerant Leftards…

      1. Ein_Rant

        Could be! A gold star for you for most intelligent and witty comment of the evening (here, anyway…)

      2. obiwanacracker

        See Galtfan. Or don't. It's even less entertaining. Speaking of which, cue the oily wascally wabbit.

  12. PublicLuxury

    Here's the thingy… The House can investigate and roll around in pig shit and throw up shitty bill after bill after bill… the Senate will just kill it. Talk about Gridlock. Bachmann is all giddy with her new power… Guess what she'll have even less. If the Dems keep the Senate, and they will, the House is powerless. ____Impeach Obama.. Ok House do it… The Senate will NEVER vote to convict. Want to pass gobs of weird stuff for your icky friends Bachmann??? Go ahead, The Senate will let it drop. There you go. Dumb assfucking dipshits

    1. slappypaddy

      the insane clown posse of the right now gets to demonstrate new feats of incompetence. some people insist on getting enough rope to hang themselves with. who are we to stand in their way?

    2. BarackMyWorld

      Hide you kids, hide your wife, hide your husbands, because they're going to be investigating everybody out here.

    3. imissopus

      Hell, there's a couple of hundred bills the House has passed the last couple of years because Nancy Pelosi is actually good at her job, but they are sitting in the Senate now awaiting action. I can only imagine how fast the Dems will jump when Boner starts sending over the shit his nutbag caucus will come up with.

  13. OzoneTom

    You know that I heard a "voter" being interviewed on NPR earlier. She is unemployed and voted to put the Republicans back in power because of "taxes and shit".

    Hey, she's unemployed — maybe no one told her that she doesn't have to worry about taxes.

    Well if she gets her way then she can pull herself (and her spawn) up by her bootstraps and they won't be a burden on us Working Americans with another extension of unemployment benefits.

      1. OzoneTom

        But, in fairness, I feel that I must point out that her tax rate is much lower than that of millionaires who create all of the jobs that she does not have.

        1. BeWoot

          Actually, I believe her effective tax rate is much higher than that paid by the plutocrats, whose income is usually deducted to down around middle class rates by the time their accountants get through massaging the numbers. Also, the taxes Little Miss Unemployed are subject to include FICA, which is exempt from any earned tax refund.

          So, any way you slice it, she's an idiot.

    1. MissTaken

      Yea! No more unemployment benefits for the unemployed! No more Taxes and Shit!

      If she was a real merkin she wouldn't have wasted her time with that pansy-ass, waste of tax dollars she doesn't pay anyways, NPR/Acorn interview and gotten a JOB. Duh, free market and all that

    2. TX_Bluebonnets

      And it's about time that gets really explained. Why, exactly, have liberals let Reagan and his spoor control the narrative for 30 years? I know probably a hundred people who get $5,000 plus tax refunds every year, with their unaffordable children credits…and who think they 'pay' taxes.

      Obama's just started a new story…doesn't count yet.

  14. magic_titty

    “She just moronically looks at the camera.”

    I can't believe he really said that. Tweety bringin' his 'A' game to the festivities…

    1. PublicLuxury

      Tweety's A Game… Lately he's left in his rust belt. Glad to see his game is back. Too bad he didn't find it sooner. He preached democrats to be crushed, smashed, eviscerated. . . for months. Perhaps if he had been a little more stern with the republitards. . .

  15. NorthStarSpanx

    Senator John McCain can only hold onto his Presidential endorsement to remain relevant and interesting for the first two years of his six too long years to go.

    House Speaker Bachmann? Doesn't scarecrow Pelosi seem more attractive all of a sudden?

  16. Beowoof

    You know I think it is about time to get a big glass of Cabernet and see what's on HBO this is too damn depressing. Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman the stupid runs rampant.

  17. PresBeeblebrox

    In the Dep't of Some Good News, Nick Rahall, the Arab-American Congressman who was criticized for supporting/chairing Arab-Americans for Obama, kept his WV House seat. Cripes.

  18. Lucidamente1

    Don't worry, Ken, I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of Christine (she'll be in a Bill Maher – Christopher Hitchens I-hate-me-some-muslins sandwich next week and every week thereafter).

  19. Bonzos_Bed_Time

    Whew-whew! West Coast Cali Liberal, FTW!!!

    Serious. Fuck the rest of y'all.

    Brown/Boxer/Newsom/19 and no on 23. I'll be content with that.

    1. MissTaken

      If Texas can secede can't California? Pretty, pretty please? We already say California Republic on our flag. Although that damn bear reminds me of Sarah Palin…eek

  20. kenlayisalive

    Lincoln concession speech on C-Span. How's that whole fucky upy healthcare thing working out for you?

    1. Ein_Rant

      Hey Blondie, hows that election workin' out for ya? Guess you'll keep the Senate, but that doesn't surprise anyone.

      Will you cut your 'hair' after Sarah Palin knocks Barry O' off in 2012?

    2. PublicLuxury

      Blanche Wal-Mart… What will the Walton family do now that their senator has done lost? Pay estate taxes…. maybe. Form unions maybe… Treat employees well… uffda Poor, poor Waltons. Three years ago, when I lived in Northwest Arkansas where the Waltons live, breathe and work, they stood to loose 36 Billion in estate taxes if the "death tax" was reinstated. Imagine… How Much It Is Now…..

  21. SayItWithWookies

    Sestak has a 51-49 percent lead over Toomey right now, according to ABC. And interestingly enough, nobody's mentioned the Citizens United decision and the consequent spending as having an affect on the outcome. Maybe the idea that lots of corporate spending doesn't necessarily get you a seat in Congress will catch on. If Americans are thoughtful. Or maybe I should just keep drinking.

    1. PresBeeblebrox

      Sleestak now behind by only 1,500 votes with 89% in. It's coming down to the Philly suburbs, which are breaking weirdly – half for Sleestak and half for Toomey.

      Will? Holly? Where are you?

  22. magic_titty

    So as the shitstorm continues toward 2012 with a Republican-controlled Congress, there will surely be a referendum on them bastids, and Obamer is a shoo-in, right? Is that how this works?

    1. Cicada

      That's how it worked for Reagan and Clinton, oddly enough. Let the endless pundit comparisons/projections/wankfests begin!

  23. GuyWithTheFace

    Cantor: We've found $350 billion to cut, so with the lost $700 billion from Bush tax cut extensions, we come to a net gain of negative $350 billion! Genius!

  24. Swampgas_Man

    Down here in PA, they're crowning Tom "People on unemployment don't want to work" Corbett Governator. I think I have some brandy left over in the kitchen. . . .

    1. Ein_Rant

      Go out and buy more before you run out. Or don't. Maybe a DUI will provide some desperately needed revenue to your state and local governments. Plus, then you can hang out with crooks who actually take some risks when they rip off the average citizen…

  25. MistaEko

    If I could before I sign off and start excessively enjoying my La Fin Du Monde (oh what a fitting beer):
    In a time when we choose Rex Grossman over Donovan McNabb, the Waiver Wire over Randy Moss, Dancing with the Stars over the World Series (and Bristol Palin over whoever else is dancing therein), and Video Game bans over ESRB ratings, it is only logical that we choose know-nothing shitkickers spouting bumper sticker phrases over bumbling good-intentioned readers.

    Recovery's closed due to AIDS. See you on the other side, brothers.

    1. indecencycmdr

      shine on you crazy diamond. (although I prefer Maudite). my upstairs neighbor is vacuuming. seems fitting somehow.

    2. mayor_quimby

      End of the world indeed! I love that beer, it has kicked my ass on several occasions.
      And yes, don't choose stupid or suck over smart or excellent.

  26. BarackMyWorld

    I'm calling it now….Gov. Brownback (former senator) vs. Gov. Cuomo (former cabinet secretary), both campaigning on a "No more politics as usual" platform for President in 2016.

  27. Ein_Rant

    Not Phil Hare I tell ya… I CARE what the Constitution says, and I know it is supposed to be the law of the land. I am EIN RANT!!!!!! Or Ayn Rand if you care to have it simplified, simpleton. Now, tell me how evil and stupid I am… I am waiting…

    1. PresBeeblebrox

      No, you're just a Randroid, bucko. Nothing special. So where do you come down on the Kelly/Peikoff schism? I bet you've got the letters "ARI" tattooed on your ass – you seem like one of those hard-core, Peikoff-suckers.

  28. BeWoot

    Which Wonketteer was is who said earlier, "Great, now we get the country they deserve"?

    Whoever it was, let's nominate them for a Pulitzer, a Nobel and a MacArthur grant. And what the hell, also an Obie.

  29. elpinche

    I'm seeing a recount nightmare with Sestak and Toomey, oh jesus , please not another Al Franken/WhatshisFuckinFace fiasco.

    1. PresBeeblebrox

      Except in PA it would be Meth People, not Lizard People.

      Toomey ahead by 15,000 with 90% in, frak me.

  30. JMPEsq

    Oh god, did we attract a troll while I was not was not paying attention? And not only that, it was the creationist and defender of the world's worst writer (Ayn Rand) that I ran off a go…

    1. TanzbodenKoenig

      Just remind it that Ayndroid never produced anything tangible herself and watch it's tiny head implode

    1. TanzbodenKoenig

      Shouldn't you be celebrating your tea party victories? Oh yea, there are none except for Rand Paul and he went running for the establishment before the ink dried on the primary results

  31. BarackMyWorld

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. Rivers and seas boiling. Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria!

  32. SayItWithWookies

    Heh heh — on ABC, the five-dollar version of SE Cupp is saying that Karl Rove and the mainstream Republican backlash against the tea party was the reason the GOP didn't pick up all the seats it could. Oh it would be so funny if this election was more divisive to the Republican party than the 2008 ones, when by way of recrimination, they promised to change — which meant they would do the same shit they always do, only more so.

    But now that both right wings of the Republican Party have exhibited some amount of success, they might both feel they're carrying the banner for the next generation. I hope they start tomorrow by beating each other over the head.

  33. indecencycmdr

    ok, apparently wisconsin has elected a state treasurer who ACTUALLY PROMISED TO ABOLISH THE JOB IF ELECTED. frick.

    1. Negropolis

      Strangely, she's making sense to me in her analysis, tonight. Gawd. What a horrible night the night I start "getting" Arianna.

  34. HobbesEvilTwin

    Yay for the Teapocalyse! It could be worse, though; there could be a nigger in the White House.

    Oh, wait.

  35. DustBowlBlues

    Hey–why didn't someone tell me you guys had moved over here. Did anyone hear Matthews or whoever ask Dixie Jew if they were going to raise the debt limit? And he said, "We have 3 or 4 months before we have to deal with that. Right now, we're focused on . . .
    {repeat talking points}.

    They're going to okay big tax cuts, bring back jobs and start paying off the deficit in a major way (because that's what it would take to keep it at current levels) in 3 or 4 months? Ariana is dumping on Hopey. Sounds correct to me. Poor Hopey.

    1. HistoriCat

      Time to start leaning to speak Chinese; you'll be in better shape when our new overlords foreclose on us after we default on our debt.

  36. nachoproblem

    So, has the Constitution been privatized yet? I haven't given anybody $75 in a while, am I still American?

  37. PresBeeblebrox

    Holy crap, the DE GOP House candidate is going on in his concession speech about how God and Jeebus were behind his campaign and that he and the victorious Dem agreed to pray for each other… he didn't mention that he sunk $675,000 of his own money into the race. At least he's not a total dick/weirdo like O'Donnell was… he went out with some amount of class even though he thanked various organizations with "Patriots" in their names… I guess no librul can be a patriot, eh?

    Still, this nation has been seized with crazy tonight…

  38. TX_Bluebonnets

    Had to switch off MSNBC to see how my South Texas locals were doing. There is some good news here…maybe politics is local?

    I feel sad, and alone.

    1. HistoriCat

      Nononononono … politics is NOT local. Unless the Democrats win – then it is obviously local. Or voter fraud.

  39. gullywompr

    Friends, it is with great sorrow that I mourn the passing of this year's greatest sources of material. Meg Whitman, you were a boundless fount of Messican one-liners, good bye. Carl Paladino, bestiality porn just won't be the same without you, buddy – travel well. Sharrrrrrrron Angle, nobody runs from a question like you do, babe. Rich Iott, you're now reenacting in that Nazi battlefield in the sky. And Christine, oh my sweet Christine, I'll still touch myself in your memory, but it just won't be the same. Here's a few coins for your eyes, to pay the ferryman. Whaaaaaa!!!!

  40. ChuckieJesus

    Prop 19 poised for defeat just like 38 years ago, highest opposition coming from MOR voters, olds, and people with "high school education or less". FUCKERS.

  41. imissopus

    May I say, this thread contains the saddest trolling in the history of the internets. Holy God. Dude, go get laid, even if it's a hooker.

    And Ayn Rand? She of the rational self-interest? Smoked two packs a day for most of her adult life and died, painfully (and alone, since no one could stand her) of lung cancer.

  42. cgray

    Suck it democrats. Suck it good. Suck it nice and slow. Here it comes. Here it comes. SPLAT!!!!!!!!! 240+ droplets of REPUBLICAN baby juice, all over your arrogant, ignorant, condescending faces. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. cgray

        Actually, my dick only goes in your mother's mouth. And she told me you're nothing but a pathetic democrat loser who blames Republicans for your utterly failed life.

        1. ChuckieJesus

          Actually, she's gay too, and has no interest in your hot throbbing 9 centimeters of shit-covered Vienna Sausage.

          So, in the immortal words of Aerosmith, "Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true."

    1. kenlayisalive

      You may not realize this, and you'd certainly never admit it to anyone outside a public bathroom, but you are one gay gay gay dude.

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