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Eleanor Holmes Norton Invites Stephen Colbert To Binge Drink With Her

This is irresponsible and encourages America’s young people to drink alcohol until they are poisoned:

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has issued a challenge to Stephen Colbert: See if you can handle “Eleanor’s Revenge.”

Norton—who has an ongoing feud with Colbert over his jokes about D.C.’s lack of voting rights—has sent out a “set of messages” to Colbert to see if he’ll join her this weekend at D.C. bar The Passenger to take a new shot created in her honor called “Eleanor’s Revenge.”

“We never expected this drink, but it’s memorializing very well this spat between Stephen Colbert and I,” Norton told POLITICO. No word what’s in it, but Norton said she will be there on Saturday to try it and make sure the boozy beverage is “strong enough.”

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    1. Lucidamente1

      In her defense, she'd already had 3 Eleanor's Revenges when she gave that quote (after 4, she says "zwischen Stephen Colbert und ich").

    1. Negropolis

      I don't get why folks keep calling South Carolina's Finest Joe Wilson Joe Miller. Joe The Miller is the one up in Igloostan/Tundraska.

  1. Negropolis

    No taxation without representation! Free DeeCee!

    Oh, and us black people don't "binge drink," we simply "get fucked up."

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