You know, some people actually spend a lot of time with this stuff. You don't have to ask Anne Applebaum.If you haven’t heard, Comedy Central is going to have a comedy event this weekend on the National Mall, because some of their shows are primarily rooted in political humor. This has very much confused the media, because people who hold “rallies” on this spot of dirt and grass are usually very political! (Except for musicians, like at the July 4 fireworks show or, say, this “rally.”) They generally DO NOT care for some people coming into THEIR BLAND CITY OF BULLSHIT and performing comedy and stuff on a stage. And thus this week has been made up of endless, inane editorials about how this rally is bad for politics or whatever, and the only way this can be bad for politics, of course, is if they cover it like it is the most important event in politics when in fact there is a pretty important election a week away. So will they have time to break away from their huge presence at this comedy concert thing to devote their full, necessary effort to covering the glut of highly important elections that are currently coming down to the wire?

No. They will need a few news cycles to tell us what it all meant after they have wasted their money going to this comedy thing, because they have somehow egged each other on into thinking the outdoors embodiment of two cable teevee shows they generally ignore is now the most important thing happening this weekend. And then, whoops, an election just happened.

We have struggled this week to limit ourselves to one post about these chronically stupid political media people trying to predict what this “rally” will “mean” when they have no clue about comedy or how it works, because how can you have the stomach for this bullshit? A good rundown is here, anyway.

But it is bad, for everyone’s pageviewz, when there are no real “October Surprises” in the final week of a midterm election because people collectively decided people who read about politics would rather read about an entertainer. Wait, sorry, we found out what Christine O’Donnell’s pubes look like. Christ.

See you all there tomorrow.

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