You know, some people actually spend a lot of time with this stuff. You don't have to ask Anne Applebaum.If you haven’t heard, Comedy Central is going to have a comedy event this weekend on the National Mall, because some of their shows are primarily rooted in political humor. This has very much confused the media, because people who hold “rallies” on this spot of dirt and grass are usually very political! (Except for musicians, like at the July 4 fireworks show or, say, this “rally.”) They generally DO NOT care for some people coming into THEIR BLAND CITY OF BULLSHIT and performing comedy and stuff on a stage. And thus this week has been made up of endless, inane editorials about how this rally is bad for politics or whatever, and the only way this can be bad for politics, of course, is if they cover it like it is the most important event in politics when in fact there is a pretty important election a week away. So will they have time to break away from their huge presence at this comedy concert thing to devote their full, necessary effort to covering the glut of highly important elections that are currently coming down to the wire?

No. They will need a few news cycles to tell us what it all meant after they have wasted their money going to this comedy thing, because they have somehow egged each other on into thinking the outdoors embodiment of two cable teevee shows they generally ignore is now the most important thing happening this weekend. And then, whoops, an election just happened.

We have struggled this week to limit ourselves to one post about these chronically stupid political media people trying to predict what this “rally” will “mean” when they have no clue about comedy or how it works, because how can you have the stomach for this bullshit? A good rundown is here, anyway.

But it is bad, for everyone’s pageviewz, when there are no real “October Surprises” in the final week of a midterm election because people collectively decided people who read about politics would rather read about an entertainer. Wait, sorry, we found out what Christine O’Donnell’s pubes look like. Christ.

See you all there tomorrow.

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  • facehead

    But how do I know whether or not to laugh until Steve Doocy tells me?

  • Crank_Tango

    It takes a village…is there anyway we can nuke the village?

    • chascates

      We may have to nuke it to save it.

    • GOPCrusher

      If we blast off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    • V572625694

      It just so happens that's one of the few remaining things the United Snakes is still good at! Bombs away!

  • SnarkoMarx

    I hope there are a lot of comic ladybug costumes and rainbow colored pubic fright wigs.

    • undeterredbyreality

      Uh oh…Are you wearing my dress to this party or am I wearing yours?

  • The Post op-ed: the "moderates" in attendance will have been bused in by Arianna Huffington and organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    Sounds like the making of a really dull and self-righteous audience.

    • Mahousu

      But if it's PETA organizing them, they might all be naked.

      No, wait, I just pictured what that would look like.

      • Negropolis

        Yes, like Christine O'Donnell.

        Too soon?

  • Well, they're feebs.

    They viewed as "grass roots" an event sponsored and organized by partisan Faux and the ultra wingnutty Koch brothers with Wall St and Chamber of Commerce monies consisting mostly of old fat Rascal riding white bitter Republicans with race issues so I'm not surprised.

  • Only the death of a washed up celebrity can save us from this indignant, self-righteous wanking.

    time to take one for the team, Steve Guttenberg.

    • bitchincamaro2

      Steve's demise will be postponed; James "Danno" MacArthur has made the noble gesture already.

    • Native_of_SL_UT

      I'm pretty sure that the Rapture has already occurred and that Steve is the only one who left.

  • metamarcisf

    CBS is reporting an admittedly early crowd estimate, based on the amount of portable toilets available, of approximately 87,000.

    • JMPEsq

      Fox has already reported a crowd estimate of 50, and will be sticking to it no matter what.

      • metamarcisf

        The aerial photos prove it. Back to you, Megyn.

        • JMPEsq

          "Why is everything so dark? This almost looks like it was taken at three in the morning."

          "You're fired".

          • Negropolis


    • Pragmatist2

      Do you suppose it is possible to measure the actual number of attendees based on the– what shall I call it??– "waste" in the portapotties?
      Can some wonk out there figure this out while I get another drink?

  • JMPEsq

    If the the fogies at the Post are jealous, why don't they try organizing their own rally? It could be called "the March to Get the Kids Off Our Lawns", and should be able to attract a crowd of their families, or at least parts of them.

    • metamarcisf

      It could be combined with its direct competitor, "the March to Stand on Our Porches and Shake Our Fists at Passing Cars", which could double the initial crowd estimates.

  • qwerty42

    Well, the Post either does this or it printsKrauthammer declaring a race war. Or both! Win all around. Next, it will call for war against Iran (more win!).

  • Pragmatist2

    I"m surprised it's October. I thought it was June.

  • Ducksworthy

    This Nolte idiot thinks that the people who find the Stewart/Colbert act amusing and informative are "the bow-down-and-blindly-worship followers". I wonder what he thought of Becks friends and the miracle of the geese but dare not read anything he has written because if fear that whatever he has going on in his brain is contagious through print.

    • DustBowlBlues

      Miracle of the geese? I didn't pay attention to Beck. Did some geese fly over and shit on his head, or what?

      • Gleem_McShineys

        Geese flew away out of the reflecting pool. Therefore: Miracle!

        Also, any shit to be found near Glenn Beck's head is either safely ensconced inside it, or pouring directly from his mouth.

        The larger miracle was that the geese escaped before any teabaggers figured out that KFC Double-downs were ALSO mostly made from feathered creatures.

        • Kitty_Sanchez

          *dabs eyes*

          This is simply beautifully-worded snark. Why the low thumbs, people?? Give it up for McShineys!

    • finallyhappy

      I saw the miracle of the geese today over Westfield Wheaton mall. The mall when I am there is about 90% non-white so I am sure Glenn Beck was not in there.

  • Worthly Wokette Skum

    Vitter's left an October surprise somewhere. We just need to look for it in the right place.

    • chascates

      It can probably be sniffed out.

  • Worthly Wokette Skum

    The "inane editorials" link is wrong – should direct to the WP home page.

  • Texan_Bulldog

    God forbid someone take the spotlight off of the DC punditocracy (aka self important bloviating gas bags).

    • V572625694

      Not a big war enthusiast but have to think a War on Pundits would lead to a good outcome.

  • GuanoFaucet

    I want a post-fucking-pundit world. Is that too goddamned much to ask for? Fuck them all.

    • metamarcisf

      So I guess you didn't win the Washington Post pundit contest after all.

      • GuanoFaucet

        Ha! No, surprisingly enough, they didn't pick my entry, which consisted entirely of the phrase "fuck off and eat a bag of dicks" repeated sixty or so times.

        You deserve many whore diamonds for your work over at the breitbart sites.

  • Worthly Wokette Skum

    How can they be putting on comedy rallies when the country faces serious issues like death panels, Kenyan socialism and government take over of medicare?

  • chascates

    Ranting lunatics demanding what cannot be = political discourse.

    Witty satire exposing hypocrisy and ignorance = affront to democracy.

    • Hypocrisy and ignorance = "patriotism"

      Witty satire = "treason"

  • SayItWithWookies

    This is reminiscent of Ms. Applebaum's earlier editorial in which she complained about how the involvement of crabs, shrimp and flounder was demeaning to our once-great oil spill.

  • Ducksworthy

    This a probably a predictable reaction from our Overlords anointed official Interpreters of Current Events who a jealous because unlike Colbert/Stewart they . Are Nutless 2. Lack Insight and Imagination and 3. Are the rightful butt of Colbert/Stewart's humor.

    • Kitty_Sanchez

      And Stewart and Colbert have descended on D.C. and pulled the curtain back, revealing to the audience how unimpressive the Overlords and their "Oz" really are.

      They know their relevance is in serious jeopardy.

  • Anytime you begin a post "Can the Media Shut Up…" you just know you're going to be in for some serious disappointment.

  • bumfug

    The biggest pisser in this whole thing is the bullshit argument that comedy somehow diminishes the importance of politics. Politics DEMANDS comedy! These numnuts bore the living shit out of people with their endless spewing of "facts" while one good joke has more truth than the entire 24-hour cable news conglomerate. People whose opinions will never be changed by argument are vulnerable to comedy as a way to alter their thinking. It's impossible to take anyone's word for anything once you start laughing at them. That was my operating theory during eleven years of touring as a standup and I still believe it today. Thank you Wonkette, everyone on this site and the Stewart/Colbert rally for making a difference in this country and helping to put the cousin-fucking mouth breathers who want to screw everything up into the proper perspective.

  • __kth__

    Timothy Noah would say you catch more flies with honey than with urine (or however the proverb goes. But what if the pests aren't flies, but (say) feral cats? Or better yet, morbidly obese hominids on scooters? Methinks "catching" them is the last thing I want to do.

  • DustBowlBlues

    They seem to take these two men a lot more seriously than they takes themselves. Three busloads of people are coming from Stillwater, OK (fine. Don't invite me. You thinking an old wouldn't want to ride a bus 24 hours, hop out for a rally, then get back on the bus for another 24 hour trip? You're right. I wouldn't). Mostly, I think, because it sounds fun and people are just rather fed up with the Teabaggers and the corporation-sponsored rallies that pay fat olds in the coin of the realm (Rascal upgrades) to come to their "grassroots" rally.

    And from the right, I think they have a fundamental jealousy of those can bring the funny. I've said it before but fuck it, it's blowing dusty wind down here and I can't breathe so I'll just say it again: funny humor is smart humor and it requires smart people to write and perform it. For political humor, I think you need to at least cube that equation (I would say a higher number, but don't know what the term is for sixting it).

    Does anyone remember the Faux News Daily Show ripoff? Neither do I. By the time I remembered and tried to find it, it was gone. Oh, and did I mention that the hearer needs to have some smarts, as well? So you can see, conservatives strike out twice. Cubed.

    • x111e7thst

      Sixting it sounds seriously hot.

    • BeWoot

      No offense, but a bus out of Oklahoma sounds like a step in the right direction.

      • DustBowlBlues

        If I took offense at the shit people say about my state, I would be angry as Sean O'RushBeck. And as perpetually weepy as Glen-the-Douche.

        (I love the new wonkette edit feature. I typed way about my state.)

        • BeWoot

          I've lived there, but it was a long time ago. I was too young to develop the memory but I'm pretty sure our senators back then were less despicable.

          (I like the edit feature too. This way, fewer people know how lame my first reactions are.)

  • twogoats

    So, Yemenese toner bombs are just an over thought palid Obamaesque October Surprise? Admit it. You miss Rove/Melchor who woulda blown something up, God Damn it.

    • V572625694

      Really not worth turning the Traffic Light of Doom up to amber on that one, is it? All the smart office workers have gotten their toner from Yemen for years.

  • CZL

    What they mean to say is, "We are embarrassed that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, while both being comedians whose job it is to satirize news and news coverage, do a better job of asking tough, probing questions than we do, as we are all confirmed partisan hacks who lob softballs at our own side and shout vociferous nonsense at the other side. We are sorry, American public, for failing in our job as public watchdog, and hope you can forgive us. Here is another story about a missing white woman."

    • Hello !

      You nailed it.

  • WarAndGee

    "1 million clown noses strong" is how this should be reported (regardless of the actual clown nose count ala Michelle Backmann).

    And no mention should be made that this rally is in response to the 100% PURE BULLSHIT,






    Shhh, lets make it all about abstract humor, not that some people walk through life consuming media and cherry picking the facts that support their prejudices and misconceived reactionary ideas.

    (farewell for noo, I;m a having a strok…)

    • DustBowlBlues

      I believe you had a type there. Didn't you mean "I,m" having a stroke?

      You,re welcum.

  • Maman

    Comedy is for terrorists! Real Americans know we have plenty to be afraid of!

  • chickensmack

    Here's what concerns me about this rally: The media may pay attention to it, and spew backwards enough bloviate to make it look like TDS and CR have officially jumped the shark. Y'see, I think the writers and directors of that show are pretty fucking smart, if you consider the attention they've garnered from a low-rent cable channel.

    Personally, I hope the event is underwhelming, just so they won't jump the shark. Because that's the most hideous bell curve ever — to watch something rise in popularity and importance, then fall off precipitously because people don't know what it means any more.

    And if that occurs, then we're left to get our giggles out of Red Eye on Fox — and that's tantamount to waiting for Hale-Bopp with cyanide, in my opinion.

    • DustBowlBlues

      I think they both have a pretty realistic view of themselves. Getting "Crossfire" knocked off the air would've given someone like Keith O (sorry, Keith. You know I still love ya') to think they are a kingmaker. Or breaker.

      Of course, I was also the one who thought Hopey's election was a sign America wasn't populated by mouth-breathing, fat semi-literates. And that the Hegelian (college was a long time ago) Dialectic had kicked in and the country had already reached it's conservative apex and swinging back to the left.

      So that shows you how much I know about anything.

      • Kitty_Sanchez

        I don't think you're wrong about Hopey's election. The ensuing rumble from the swamps of the ignorant and damned doesn't necessarily mean insanity has taken over. I think the next 4 or 6 years will restore your optimism.

        As for the conservative apex thing, I think our historical understanding of the political / economic dynamics has been wrong, as it turns out. I'm going to give you a link directing you to a great piece written by Michael Tomasky. He talks about the history of American Progressivism, the dynamics that bring about progressive "eras," and a dawning realization that we may have misunderstood the dynamics, timing, and limited power of progressive "windows":

        "The historians Nick Salvatore and Jefferson Cowie of Cornell University published a brilliant paper in 2008 in the journal International Labor and Working-Class History called "The Long Exception: Rethinking the Place of the New Deal in American History." In their Abstract, they write:

        'The New Deal was more of an historical aberration–a byproduct of the massive crisis of the Great Depression–than the linear triumph of the welfare state. The depth of the Depression undoubtedly forced the realignment of American politics and class relations for decades, but, it is argued, there is more continuity in American politics between the periods before the New Deal order and those after its decline than there is between the postwar era and the rest of American history. Indeed, by the early seventies the arc of American history had fallen back upon itself. While liberals of the seventies and eighties waited for a return to what they regarded as the normality of the New Deal order, they were actually living in the final days of what Paul Krugman later called the "interregnum between Gilded Ages.' "

        Here's the link to Tomasky's piece:

    • Kitty_Sanchez

      Anh. I think you're worrying needlessly. Stewart and Colbert have basically said to everybody, "Lighten the hell up, put on your clown shoes, and spend a little time making fun of the whole thing."

      I'm pretty sure that the Stewart / Colbert audience intuitively understands the meta snark of it all — they're comfortable with being part of what's being mocked.* Oddly, it seems most media and press commentators are lacking the ability to understand and feel at ease with meta snark. So their obsessive, celebrity-adulating and/or serious reactions to TDS, CR, and the rally just continue to provide fodder for the mocking. Win!

      *Heck, even Code Pink is planning to have a group attend, and in good-natured, self-deprecating appreciation of the meta snark, they will dress up in Mad Hatter Tea Party attire. (When Jon first announced the Rally to Restore Sanity, he poked fun at Code Pink by citing them as an example of left-wing zealousness). I gotta admire that.

  • LionelHutzEsq

    Oh, you all think it is fun and games. But just wait until Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly send the FOX Police to arrest these hooligans who are clearly out to intimidate God fearing Americans.

    Anyway, until Jon Stewart tells us he is going blind or dying, he is just a false prophet in my eyes.

    • chickensmack

      Does that make Glenn Beck a prophet since he's going blind?

      Conversely, does that make me a prophet because I a) masturbate all the time, and therefore b) will eventually go blind as a result?

  • metamarcisf

    The more tea baggers that win on Tuesday, the more material all of us are going to have for the next two years.

    • DustBowlBlues

      Are you the standup comedy guy?

      • metamarcisf

        On Tuesday, we all will be "standup comedy guy"

        • DustBowlBlues

          I will be on my knees, praying for Jesus to save me from the Total Corporate Takeover of America Apocalypse. As if owning 75% of the nation wasn't enough for the greedy fuckers.

          • Kitty_Sanchez

            You mean we still have 25%?? Woo hoo! Par-tay!

        • di_da_is_alpha

          Shit, what's so special about Tuesday? I've been laughing at you clowns for years.

  • Will Liz Glover be filming Riley as he does jog-by moonings?

  • DustBowlBlues

    Not surprisingly, Peter Grier, my favorite actual political blogger in my dignified, favorite newspaper, the CS Monitor, has kept the rally in reasonable perspective. No hysteria. That's why the daily edition went out of business. His Vox blog has done frequent updates on the rally, without blowing it out of proportion one way or the other. I hope Stewbert reads it.

    As Mr. Grier puts it: "Perhaps what America really needs is a Rally to Restore Sanity that’s held not on the National Mall, but on the floors of the House and Senate."

    According to his schedule, Don Novello (did I get that right?) is reading a poem. Is that Father Guido Sarducci? Will he be in character? Then why isn't he addressing the separation of church and state? To get the church's perspective.

  • If John Stewart didn't exist, the Village would have to invent him.

  • V572625694

    MSM ignored Jon Stewart for eight years, while anybody with any brains was noticing that he was funny, incisive, a brilliant clown and a terrible interviewer. So now that they have noticed him, they have to take him down. Charles Krauthammer WILL NOT BE MOCKED!

    • DustBowlBlues

      He really is terrible at an interview, isn't he? His giggle kind of gives it away.

      I ask again: Does anyone remember the Faux news Daily Show ripoff?

  • Kevin Stowell

    Look, kids, an X-ray of a Regressive:

  • Come here a minute

    I sincerely and tut-tuttingly hope that Wonkette editorial standards are requiring that all 'staff' attending the event are doing it in a purely journalistic manner and not in the least planning on enjoying it, for that would be so very unethical.

    Have fun.

  • OhHellToTheNo

    It means Jon Stewart is about to once again make bank.

  • finallyhappy

    I have a sign(really) It says "We!"

  • Negropolis

    I'm thinking of going, but only if they'll be head-stomping. Otherwise, no deal.

  • bumfug

    It's not only the rational, healthy response, it's the only one that accomplishes anything positive.

  • Kevin Stowell

    They are human?

  • Greg_Goldmacher

    It feels like the only antidote to the intense acrimony blasting out of each side is a little levity.

  • jeje82
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