Win of the Afternoon!If the Tea Party Era has taught us anything, it’s that America’s problems go far beyond common illiteracy. There’s something much stranger and more horrible at work within the shrunken heads and giant bellies of the Teabaggers. They just might be space alien parasites, trying hard to fit in and basically succeeding. Think about it: If a blog comment anywhere else on the Internet included the line, “You do not have a clear worthly Wokette skum,” would anyone even notice?

Apparently in reaction to Wonkette’s unenthusiastic post about the now infamous-yet-bland “Christine O’Donnell made out with some guy a couple years ago” post on Gawker, a commenter who named himself “kublakant” offers this critique, or praise, or maybe a recipe for lemon rat soup:

Christine O’Donnel the only one that can save us Delaware from sin is in Washington. You do not have a clear worthly Wokette skum, your opinions and your sense of humor and the absurd attempt to make something useful of your life you will try to hate it. try to find a job that you are all unemployed, or at least outside the house since occasionallt. This entire blog can be shipped to Afghanistan, no one has lost any

And that shall be our new “catchphrase.” Whenever anything happens, at all, we will yell in unison, “This entire blog can be shipped to Afghanistan, no one has lost any . . . . “

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