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‘Barack Obama’ Sings About Dog Poo In New Gilbert and Sullivan Opera

Good heavens. This is very low-brow opera.We are tired of Election News and Racism, so how about a fun Arts & Culture story? Someone discovered a secret, previously unreleased Gilbert and Sullivan sequel to The Pirates of Penzance, and then made a music video for it. Is this another opera about goofy pirates, in two acts? No, this is a romantic Aria song about Barack Obama, and how he smokes like a chimney and has to clean up doggy doo doo. Stop pretending to be busy. Put on your opera monocle and watch this crazy shit.

Hooray. Okay, now back to the awful elections, and racism! [YouTube]

Thank you to Wonkette operative “Gail” for this hawt Gilbert & Sullivan scoop.

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  1. mavenmaven

    Its sad that this video does a more sympathetic job of presenting Obama's accomplishments than Obama and his press team have been…

    1. StillGoinGreen

      I wonder who decides which story makes the fancy left column w/ pictures and which is delegated to the B-team, or right column here at the Wonkette. This is a somewhat funny, albeit kitschy piece – but it shouldn't garner more Wonkette respect than the "Black Councilman told to pick cotton" story. Am I being a little too A/R?

      1. Patriot2Opine

        Wow, let us see here…You want to talk about someone's intellegence and you come off with a FU. Wonderfully articulate response wise one.

        1. Kevin Stowell

          Good morning, P2O. All well? Ken's right–I am dumber than the last time I was here. Forgot to study. ;o)

          1. Patriot2Opine

            Good morning to you too. Just had to pop in to see how things were regressing here. Seems the gutter society has found a damp, dark, place with shadows on the wall and chains. I believe I will point some of the first year philosophy students here for a modern look at the "Cave". LOL

          2. Patriot2Opine

            Progressive swill bungus fungus. LOL It is a great example for them to see that the Allegory is still relevant.

          3. Looking4Sanity

            It's the exposure. Hanging around proglibs will inevitably suck the brains right out of your head. Shame on you for letting me catch you here! Now. March right home and take a bath young man! You're filthy!

          4. Kevin Stowell

            I sure am surprised to see how a virtual "place" can be so creepy–these people are nuts. All that bigotry training by the CommieCrat Party has been very effective. BTW, good to hear from you–'been a while.

          5. Kevin Stowell

            I'm out unless I see some of the good guys spending some time here. I'm wearing a body condom so I should be good to go.

      1. Kevin Stowell

        It's even harder to make someone laugh who has no "gallows" sense of humor. BTW, he's dead, you can quit wringing your hands, now.

        1. Limeylizzie

          Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa, I thought you were some crazy Right wing person, then I looked at your previous comments, so I apologise.

    1. SayItWithWookies

      Yeah it's too bad he doesn't have a Harvard MBA or you would be forced to think he's a genius. It woulda helped if his daddy's friends bought him a company that he ran into the ground too, so he could convince you that he knew about bidness. I guess we'll just have to settle for non-spoiled, non-inbred this time, though.

      1. Kevin Stowell

        Tax cuts and a little deregulation could have had the economy smoking by now. It seldom takes even a year for tax cuts to stimulate the economy and job growth. Even though I have one, I didn't need an undergrad Finance degree to know that.

        He's destroying your country–study Economics, if you can still find a school that educates rather than politically indoctrinates, and think for yourself, if you can. His was a typical affirmative-action education–regurgitate one-world, collectivist bullshit at schools like he went to and they will give you faux creds all day long.' Sorry you're stupid. That "hope and change" mantra really appealed to major intellect. Not.

        1. kenlayisalive

          Yeah, sure. That's all? Just a little more of what caused all the problems in the first place, huh? Another round of tax cuts for the super wealthy? A little less oversight of crooked banks? THEN we'd be cooking. After the worst downturn since the great depression? Well, we'd certainly be cooked.

          Why are you such a shill for rich people and banks? That's what I want to know. You're probably not rich, or even a banker. So, why do you spend all day being an idiot for them?

          1. Kevin Stowell

            I'm not rich nor am I a banker–I never said was either of those. In your emotion-charged rant, I think it was yours, I was accused of that. So, you see, for you to hate me because I'm rich. You have completely misinterpreted the situation–I own things because I'm industrious.

            Please increase your vocabulary so you can understand the world the way it is and not in the simplified terms you masters give you. BTW, "industrious" is, essentially, the opposite of lazy–look into it. You have been brainwashed into believing that others own things because the pixie dust unicorn gave it to them.

            That's not how it works. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" Jeremiah, I believe. Not as you vote, so shall it be stolen from the industrious to give to your sorry, pathetic, lazy ass.

          2. kenlayisalive

            PS – I could give a fuck about what you own. I'm more interested in the fact that you are vehemently stupid and not particularly interested the problems of your fellow citizens.

            But anyway. Yes, you've proved your industrious nature today beyond the shadow of a doubt. But I'm not sure if "trolling the intertubes" is considered, like, an asset to society.


          3. Kevin Stowell

            I am interested in the problems of my fellow citizens. Many of them thing Communism is their road to material comfort and not industry.

            They are wrong but so infantilized in their thinking that not only do they not want to hear it, they don't believe it. The Left has been lying to the exceptionally stupid for far longer than the right has been telling them the truth. You will work for a living–get used to that idea. The choice you have to make is how much of the fruits of your labor you want to keep.

          4. kenlayisalive

            Are you even reading these anymore? Once again, you're wrong. We all know we have to work. People in unions – they work. People not in unions, they work. People with three low paying jobs, they work. Even most of the unemployed, they'd love to work.

            Look, those buildings get built. Those hotel rooms get cleaned. Those patients get cared for. And everything else that ever has to get done. It happens.

            What we don't want is a world where banks and bosses screw people over without any repercussions. And how do we make sure we don't live in that world?

            Well, that's where democracy comes in. One person one vote, not one dollar one vote. And sure. democracy is almost gone thanks to people like you who don't really get what it is. But we're going to keep combining our efforts, and working hard, until we get what we're worth. Because that, and everything else, is the work the working classes do.

            Get it? I doubt it. Because everything you say and do makes it easier for the average person to get screwed. And eventually, the bosses and bankers will come for you. Fucker.

          5. Kevin Stowell

            "Are you even reading these anymore? Once again, you're wrong. We all know we have to work. People in unions – they work. People not in unions, they work. People with three low paying jobs, they work. Even most of the unemployed, they'd love to work."

            'Sounds like you're describing me at various times in my life. Why all the unjustified hate? I guess you're too good to have to do the same things. Get over yourself, Coward.

          6. kenlayisalive

            Nothing unjustified about it.

            You're a genuine asshole. No, for real. You've accused me of being everything that you really are – a racist, a coward, a homophobe, and lazy.

            You've got a defective personality. This isn't troll talk. I You're really, really an asshole. I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that.

          7. Kevin Stowell

            "I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that."

            So a hoped-for consensus is, in your mind, is reality? 'Sounds like an alternative definition of insane. Or, as Nancy Pelosi, would call it, "deeming." Deeming reality?

            Congratulations, Princess, you're nuts and I live inside that septic tank you call your mind. Get over me and, more importantly, get over yourself.

            Have a bad day. Oh wait, your self-absorption and hate for your country and things you don't understand already have that covered.

          8. JMPEsq

            Uh, I hate it to break it to you, but aside from a few college students who will get over it soon no one actually supports Communism in the US today. Nobody.

            And hey, once again the moron who actually claimed the Nazis were liberal is calling other people stupid; oh, the irony.

          9. Guest Yank

            As a matter of fact, the Nazis certainly did refer to themselves as a 'progressive' party–just as the liberals do now, and for similar reasons.

            Since you clearly weren't up to the task of answering my 'easy' question correctly or honestly, I'll take care of my next question as well. By the way, if attaching 'Esq' to your profile initials is meant to impress and/or intimidate, you're accomplishing neither and actually insulting the title.

            Next Easy Question:
            But then, the liberals have a history of and a penchant for distorting and/or denying truth (which you've kindly demonstrated) and debasing titles and offices, don't they?

            Correct & Honest Answer:
            Yes, as a matter of fact, they do.

          10. Kevin Stowell

            "Uh, I hate it to break it to you, but aside from a few college students who will get over it soon no one actually supports Communism in the US today. Nobody."

            Wrong. Dmeocrats and unions do. Unions are microcosms of socialism and socialist indoctrination.

          11. mumbly_joe

            I know, right? I spent the day here because I have a shitty clerical job with long waiting periods, and even so, I could never have devoted the amount of time to this that he did. If one's wealth and property holdings actually did track faithfully with diligence and industry, either he'd be much shorter on time, or I'd be the one here with the 40 acres and some TruckNUTZ.

          12. kenlayisalive

            Yeah. I gave it my all but I couldn't compete with these motherfuckers in the free-time department.

            That dick's got 20 acres, three trucks, and way too long for recess.

          13. mumbly_joe

            I own things because I'm industrious. […] "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" Jeremiah, I believe

            Hey, you and Paris Hilton both, buddy.

            See what I did there? I punched a pretty neat hole in your whole "poor people are poor because they're lazy, rich people are rich because they're industrious" fallacy, using an obvious counter-example that any idiot with a television set is aware of.

            The only difference between the rich and poor is that the poor have less margin for error. Being poor means not getting the chance to run three separate businesses, plus a baseball team, into the ground. Being poor means that even if you do all of that hard work and dedication to become, say, a surgeon, all it takes is a career-ending accident to leave you suddenly living paycheck-to-paycheck with the student debt of an entire lost medical career hanging on your shoulders. Just for instance.

            Being rich isn't a moral condition- it simply means you'll never be stuck choosing between food and rent. Plenty of extremely hard-working, brilliant individuals find themselves in poverty not of their own making, and you are a dickhole.

          14. mumbly_joe

            Huh, apparently the Breitbots don't like to be compared with Paris Hilton.

            Not sure why, though- after all, she's extremely rich, and therefore their better, because otherwise, why would she have so much money? The invisible hand rewards hard work, and I suppose being filmed having sex counts as work, at least in 27 states.

          15. Kevin Stowell

            Awww, Joe, you almost employed logic and reason there and didn't misconstrue anything I said. Better luck next time.

          16. GreasyRabbit75

            Welcome to the thread, douchebag. Just like your hero, obama (speaking of mutual masturbation), you're a dollar short and a day late. Now kiss my ass.

          17. LibSmacker

            such language! you should just tell him to go fuck himself. that seems to be the usual narrative on here.

          18. Kevin Stowell

            I punched a pretty neat hole in your whole "poor people are poor because they're lazy, rich people are rich because they're industrious" fallacy, using an obvious counter-example that any idiot with a television set is aware of.

            You would have really handed me my head had I ever actually said those things.

            Put done the curette and the noose!

          19. JMPEsq

            Oh, industrious; like those financial executives who have gotten rich over fucking over the rest of us, CEOs who make the most money in society while being completely useless, and of course those who inherit wealth. And then you have the absolute unmitigated gall to call poor people lazy and claim it's their own fault; yeah I guess they should have chosen a richer family to be born into, fixed our school system which provides a shitty education to the poor, and magically made their employers give them decent pay.

            Yeah, I am emotional right now, because that is some of the most vile, anti-human, delusional shit I have ever read, you sociopathic monster. Please go fuck yourself, douchebag. And learn the way the world actually works.

        2. weejee

          Average taxpayer hazn't had this low a tax load since the early 1950s. Back then the top bite was over 85%. How does you 'splain that with ur finance degree?


          1. kenlayisalive

            That he can't explain. Rich people have never had it better – and still this fucking clown demands more tax cuts.

            Remember when Bush proposed his tax cuts and said it would create jobs – then worked out to like $500,000 per supposed job? That's private sector efficiency for you!

          2. Kevin Stowell

            Bush is dead now. Obama's had almost two years now and Congress has belonged to the DemoCretins for almost four. Can we expect some of that Regressive economic genius to come through soon?

          3. kenlayisalive

            Yeah, but Bush did some real quality fucking up. He didn't do a two years clean up job, he fucked things up monu-fucking-mentally, and you know it. Tax cuts for the rich, AND two wars, AND more off-shoring, AND $700 billion in bank bailouts! Plus the fact that you Republipukes have done NOTHING but block efforts to fix what you broke, and you're blaming Obama?

            If you can't block them at every turn and then ask why they haven't fixed our problems yet dipshit. You're party is the reason we have problems, and your party is the reason we're unable to fix them, and your party is the reason we'll have them in the future.

            Because the people you support thrive on poverty and despair and war. And that's it. And that's why you want to block everything and do more of the same. Because the American people are struggling and fucked AND YOU LIKE IT.

            Fuck you. If Obama had any balls he would be throwing you stupid motherfuckers in reeducation camps.

          4. kenlayisalive

            Bush is not actually dead, though certainly if Obama was the president I was hoping for, he would be in prison.

            No, he's not dead, and his fuck ups live on. You know that. Seriously, you're better at being a dumbass than a liar, so stick to that.

            Who knows what could have been done without the Party of No standing in the way.

          5. Kevin Stowell

            "If Obama had any balls he would be throwing you stupid motherfuckers in reeducation camps."

            Thanks for exposing your inner NAZI for the world to see–sharp move.

            So, you are aware of the evils your vote has wrought? The media politicically killed Bush and all you Emos were right there shouting "Crucify him, crucify him." Ha ha ha ha!!

          6. kenlayisalive

            Yeah, they can't be reeducation camps because you'd need some education to be reeducated.

            The media killed Bush? First of all, he's still alive. Second, his tax cuts still exist. Third, we're still fighting his dumb wars. Fourth, idiots like you would still defend all the stupid shit he did.

          7. Kevin Stowell

            Obama owns the state the country is in now. Accept it, it would be the adult thing to do. There's not a thing going on, now, that anyone who knows how the world works can blame on anyone but Obama. Grow up, Bush is gone. If the adults get out and vote, for a change, Obama will be too.

          8. JMPEsq

            Huh, I missed the media killing Bush between their constant slurping of his cock. Seriously, part of the reason the Dems can't get anything done, besides the fucking constant filibustering, is that they've got to deal with a mainstream media that does nothing but recycle right-wing talking points and do everything they can to try and make sure Republicans win every election they can.

          9. Spanky2a

            Yeah, I hate it how WaPo, NYT, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC/View, Olbermann, Ezra Klein, The Atlantic, Salon, Maureen Dowd, Bill Moyers, Chris Matthews, Markos Zuniga (Kos), Rachael Maddow, Oprah Winfrey, John Stewart, Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman, etc., are so incredibly right-wing!

          10. JMPEsq

            Let's see, you got the WaPo, half the Times, CNN, CBS, ABC, the daytime programming on MSNBC, Chris Matthews, the Atlantic, Maureen Dowd, and also NBC, Fox, Time, Newsweek, all are right-wing. So your attempt at sarcasm seems rather odd.

          11. GreasyRabbit75

            On what friggin' planet are these right-wing institutions? Chris Friggin' Tingles Matthews is right-wing? I know Prop 19 is a liberal's wet dream, but could you at least put down the bong while you're on here?

          12. LibSmacker

            are you retarded? the media spent 8 years crucifying bush and is now licking obama's taint, as if his every turd should be gilded and preserved for posterity. any outlet that dares to even postulate that bush was anything but an evil monster (i.e. fox news) is lambasted by you idiots as an extremist fountain of lies and misinformation.

          13. JMPEsq

            Huh? The media did nothing but suck Bush's dick for years, starting with the 2000 election; remember how they kept spreading the "hah hah Al Gore said he invented the internet" meme, even though he never said that. They finally stopped after Katrina, but that hasn't stopped them from constantly crucifying Obama since the election of 2008; remember the way they blew up the Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright non-controversies, for example; they were only nice to him in the primaries against Hillary Clinton, a fellow Democrat.

            Since then, they've tried everything they can to destroy him, and even treated the likes of Sarah Palin as if they were relevant non-morons.

          14. Spanky2a

            "Average taxpayer hazn't had this low a tax load since the early 1950s. Back then the top bite was over 85%."

            Was the average taxpayer paying 85% back then? Too, consider there were more deductions back then, as well, such as consumer interest. And there were fewer phaseouts of deductions based on income.

            BTW, total tax burden is not solely dependent upon federal personal income tax rates, i.e., consider property tax, sales tax, gas tax, state income, vehicle registration, luxury tax, alcohol tax, etc. etc. etc.

            Will Rogers:

            "Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for. "

          15. weejee

            Total tax burden Spanky you little raze-cull, total – fed, state, city, county, luxury, inheritance, you name it all of them combined. No, the average tax payer was not paying the top rate when Harry Truman was in office, anymore than the average tax payer is paying the top rate today under Obama. The were NO individual taxpayer deductions for interest in the 1950s except mortgage interest on your first house only! Shit, even the Timez for the Teatard, USA Today, says complaints 'bout the tax load are totally bogus.

          16. Spanky2a

            Deductibility of consumer credit interest (car loans, charge account purchases, consumer loans, etc.) was phased out by The Tax Reform Act of 1986.

            The roughly 47% of people who pay no federal income tax OF COURSE feel that the tax burden is just fine – and should be raised on those who actually pay taxes.

          17. Kevin Stowell

            Can you believe the government-worshipers at Google have manage to keep their, I guess, effective tax rate down to 2.4%? My God, what's this world coming to when even the Commies at Google are trying to keep 60 billion dollars out of the hands of Obama?!

          18. Spanky2a

            It's OK that Google is beating the tax game because they do stuff that is fun for yutes and becuz a lot of kewl people werk there.

          19. Kevin Stowell

            Of course–ran out of other hate speech, huh? What's up with the wig? Transvestite? Not that there's anything right with that.

          20. kenlayisalive

            Haha. Wow, you have no redeeming qualities. You think we'd let you do your little minstrel show here and not say anything?

            Glad you've moved onto your fag jokes. You're really a well rounded piece of trash.

          21. Kevin Stowell

            Another way of saying homophobic. Ok, now, really, I have to go. I have adult things to do. Go take a nap. Sweet dreams.

          22. kenlayisalive

            Clearly you have no adult things to do.

            A racist and homophobe trying to tell other people they are racist homophones. You live in a fantasy world.

          23. kenlayisalive

            It certainly sums up his lying idiocy in one fell swoop.

            But I'm not gonna argue with you. I've wasted enough of my time today.

            I hereby renounce combatting trolls.

          24. GreasyRabbit75

            The real nightmare comes in less than two weeks. Emo kids are gonna be crying in their Cheerios.

          25. GreasyRabbit75

            That's the best you've got? Thanks for playing, and you receive a home version of the game. Tune in next time….

          26. JMPEsq

            Making fun of public schools now? Ah, you guys must have been raised by proud home scholers; that would explain the ignorance.

          27. Kevin Stowell

            "home scholers"

            "that would explain the ignorance."

            Alrighty, then. That would be "schoolers."

            For my part, Catholic grade school, some high school–finished a GED in the Army, then a B.S. Finance degree from Illinois State at the "industrious" age of 39.

          28. mumbly_joe

            GED in the Army, then a B.S. Finance degree from Illinois State

            I don't think anyone here really expects you to catch the irony of accusing the rest of us of being underedumacated due to guvmint schooling.

            I get it, we're always either Ivy League elitists, or morans made retarted by govmint schools, but you might want to sort out which meme is appropriate to the current context, every once in a while.

          29. JMPEsq

            "Proud home scholers" is an in-joke taken from a teabagger's sign meant for the non-troll regular commenters here.

          30. Kevin Stowell

            Of course, that explains it. I believe that explanation as much as you believe anything I've put up. I appreciate the clarification. More Fool-aid?

            Good night.

          31. JMPEsq

            Wow, calling someone a racist when they go into overt racism mode is now "hate speech"? Uh-huh, right.

          32. Kevin Stowell

            That was a pretense of inarticulateness. That you would circuitously consider that a Black trait well demonstrates your own racist thinking.

            Put down the noose!

          33. Kevin Stowell

            You guys are astoundingly stupid. Do you ever pay any attention at all to the things you post?
            You just made my point, again, with that "Amos and Andy" crack.

          34. kenlayisalive

            Amos and Andy "crack"? He's saying you're a racist by pointing out the racist caricatures your idea of "inarticulateness" is based on.

            Plus you don't have a point, so no way he can make it for you.

          35. JMPEsq

            What you said. Unless this guy, who also made an "affirmative action = incompetent" crack earlier, has an "inarticulate" pretense that just coincidentally comes out sounding like an old-timey caricature from a minstrel show.

        3. JMPEsq

          So maybe tax cuts should have been part of the stimulus package, like they were. But more deregulation, the very thing that let the banks create the economic mess? Come on, that's ridiculous.

          And nice to see that, yes, you are a racist; but then then that goes without saying for someone who's popular on the racist apologist Breitbart sites

          1. kenlayisalive

            No, it makes total sense! If someone goes to the doctor with a broken arm, the best treatment is to shoot them in the face.

        4. SayItWithWookies

          Oh yeah, that's it — we were just one tax cut and one scrapped regulation away from a perpetually booming economy. It's too bad those lazy-ass Republicans, when they held the presidency and Congress solidly for six straight years, didn't eviscerate the financial regulatory structure enough and give yourselves enough no-bid contracts to make the world into a paradise. So here's a question — if y'all failed that badly even by your own standards, then why should anyone take that conservative nonsense seriously ever again?

        5. mumbly_joe

          study Economics

          Some of us have- in fact, there's quite a few Nobel Prize winners floating round out there who would be able to explain the difference of stimulative effects between government transfers and tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, what with their much-higher marginal propensity to save and all. Again, not a coincidence that median incomes fell during the last "recovery" (Try googling the term "phantom recovery" some time, if you can muster the intellectual curiousity, to find a few vastly more intellegent people than yourself discussing this issue)

          In fact, the present ZLB conditions of arbitrarily low inflation and interest rates mean that present real-world economic conditions are pretty damned close to the certis paribus conditions that any intro to macro course first learns to apply a Keynsian analysis, so even though one doesn't learn about interest-mediated crowding-out effects (which, again, are not a factor because interest rates are effectively 0) until later, it's not like you'd need a terribly advanced understanding of Economics to know that you are full of shit.

          Oh, yeah, and poopyhead. Also.

          1. Fare la Volpe

            But haven't you heard? The new revisionist history holds that Herbert Hoover spent BAZILLIONS of dollars in regulations and tax hikes, that big stinking conserva liberal! The fact that none of that is even remotely true doesn't sway this new "history," natch.

        6. axmxz

          Yes, all this economy needs is a little deregulation. Especially around the financial and mortgage sector. The poor dears have been through so much, the least that meanie Obama can do is let them cut loose a bit!

          1. Spanky2a

            Government can run business much better than free enterprise and there is never any corruption in gov't, every1 nose that!

          2. SayItWithWookies

            So is every football team run by those guys in the zebra stripes, or do the players run their teams while the umpire and line judges etc. just determine who's operating within the rules and who isn't?
            In short, there's a difference between running something and regulating it — it would greatly benefit your understanding of the economy (not to mention sports and anything else with rules) if you were able to grasp this simple distinction.

          3. Spanky2a

            I love the sports analogy.

            When the referees and umpires are corrupt, there is no chance of a fair game.

            Of course, my perspective is tainted because I'm in the Chicago area, which is one of the most politically corrupt regions of the US.

          4. JMPEsq

            Hey, I see his point now! Since some politicians are corrupt, that means that we should never make any laws are regulations, ever; similarly, since some umpires and referees are corrupt, that means we should get rid of them all, along with the rules, and just trust the invisible whistle of the free stadium will magically guarantee a fair game.

          5. JMPEsq

            Hey, it's not like letting the financial industry run wild with no regulations ever caused major financial collapses; just ignore 1929, and 1987, and two fucking years ago.

          6. JMPEsq

            The same mistakes FDR made? You mean the ones that ended the Depression, and won World War II? I'm talking about the real world here, not Republican alternative history fantasy land.

          7. Spanky2a

            "The same mistakes FDR made? You mean the ones that ended the Depression,"

            FDR's unconstitutional wage and price controls delayed the end of the Depression indefinitely. Just as the economy was starting to pull itself out of the hole in the mid-30s, FDR crushed it.

        7. Spanky2a

          You are one of them iggerant racist trolls what wants children to work in mimes 14 hours per day 7 days a week.

          You prolly prey to Cheney Enron every morning!

          (I just thought I"d jump on the bandwagon and not pay any attention to positions not in lockstep with the Zeitgeist here)

          1. Kevin Stowell

            Fourteen my ass, the little slackers better put that much time into keeping up the plant, property, and equipment (PPE). I bees a Cheneyite–that is a sub-chapter of the Church of Halliburton. Halliburton ahkbar! 'Bout det ZitGrist–I'll be stopping in here regularly–I think they like me. Well, prolly just once each morning (hint).

          2. kenlayisalive

            Dude, you can be our moron mascot of the morning. It will be fun.

            Fucking loser. We'll enjoy explaining the facts of life to you.

          3. Kevin Stowell

            I own all my stuff (three trucks, house, garage, 12 x 20 tack room, twenty acres. What do you own besides guilt and shame for having voted for the worst president the country has ever had because you were so emotional as to let that "hope and change" B.S. guide your vote? 'Course, I was crazy enough to work for it and you're stupid enough that you probably think Obama's going to give you yours. Obama stash. Ha ha ha ha!! You're a moron-American.

          4. kenlayisalive

            Worst president this country ever had was George W. Bush.

            Who the fuck cares about your fat ass rural lifestyle?

            Oh, he works! And all those people who were working and got laid off – you figure they suddenly got lazy?

            You're a self satisfied rich prick who can watch unemployment skyrocket and not give a fuck.

            "I don't care about people in need, I'VE GOT THREE TRUCKS!"

            "I don't care about people working three jobs, I'VE GOT THREE TRUCKS!"

            "I don't care about anything if bankers get away with murder because I'VE GOT THREE TRUCKS!"

            Fuck you and your three trucks.

          5. Kevin Stowell

            I'm done with you, Ken. I mainly just stopped by to see if you all are this excitable all the time and, apparently you are. When emotion trumps intellect, it appears the best I can expect from you is this last post which is pretty embarrassing–even to real rocks. Don't be so emotional, it's a waste of time. Go to Heritage or Cato and figure out why you,re so ignorant, quit allowing the communists to play you with their divide-and-conquer class-envy B.S., get a job, quit envying, and get on with your life.

            Get a job and you can have way more than I do. 'Course you might wait until RepugnantOnes are in office being they're are still, somewhat, the party of capitalism.

          6. kenlayisalive

            I've never been thinking clearer. You are the epitome of a self-centered shit head. Why don't you work with your fellow citizens in this thing we call a democracy, instead of trying to put them down because they've had hard times and you've managed to avoid the current fiasco.

            Fuck you and goodbye.

          7. Advn2rgirl

            No, this is some new fellow who's decided to bring joy and light to our little corner of the world. Don't feed the trolls.

          8. JMPEsq

            How would going to a reality-denying hole filled with ignorant adolescent libertarian morons like Heritage or Cato show us how we're ignorant?

            Not to mention that there's a lot of irony in someone who actually claimed the Nazis and fascists were liberals, and that deregulation is good for the economy, accusing other people of lacking intellect. I wouldn't be surprised if you deny the proven scientific reality of global warming or evolution, either. But then, Republicans have been very talented at denying objective facts for a long time now.

          9. Kevin Stowell

            "How would going to a reality-denying hole filled with ignorant adolescent libertarian morons like Heritage or Cato show us how we're ignorant?"

            The key word there is "Libertarian." They have, as their political perspective, being free. You know, the antithesis to what Regressives want for you, Plantation-Boy.

            Put down the noose!

          10. JMPEsq

            No, they don't even know what the word "free" means; they just like to whine about taxes, and have the government allow corporations to run roughshod over their workers, consumers and poison our air and water. The outcome of their policies would be a corporate feudal serfdom, with the rest of us not free at all.

            When it comes to actual freedoms, like say a woman's ability to control her own reproduction or the freedom to marry who you want, most of them are strangely silent, or even support the anti-freedom position.

          11. Guest Yank

            Right off the red carpet, these cretins–this would be your brain on liberalism.

            And I don't even wanna know how it smells around here.

          12. Guest Yank

            Probably, though yours may be a conservative guess since the man in the photo appears to be alive still.

          13. Guest Yank

            Financially, perhaps, you 'do alright,' but there's little doubt 'greasyrabbit' is light-years ahead of you–

          14. imissopus

            It's where you store your saddlery for horses – bits, saddles, stirrups, and so on.

            Of course, he mentioned having a tack room but no horses – or a barn for that matter. Probably best not to think too much about why he has a tack room.

          15. Kevin Stowell

            "It's where you store your saddlery for horses – bits, saddles, stirrups, and so on."

            Even a horse knows that.

          16. Spanky2a

            "What's a tack room anyway?"

            The answer is under my thumb.

            I think it's a place where sailors plan when to move the boom to the other side of the sailboat.

          17. JMPEsq

            Since you own all your stuff and don't take anything from the government, I guess you must never drive those trucks on roads.

          18. kenlayisalive

            I think he's saying that the government builds the roads you drive your three trucks full of middle eastern gasoline on.


          19. Kevin Stowell

            "Not my fault the gas comes from the Middle East. Bubba, in 1995, did try to appease the earth-huggin faction of the Church of Communism with: http://www.oceancommission.gov/documents/gov_ocea

            Obama thought, being there were no descriptions in this to handle spills, he would use it as a political sledgehammer to try to destroy BP, and to lock idiots like yourself into the perpetual delusion that oil is the anti-Christ. He fooled the fools, again.

          20. JMPEsq

            Oh, so the oil spill was Obama's fault now, not BP. Got it. And we don't have to worry about using too much oil since more will be made in another couple hundred million years, and the effects of global warming won't really start to make things bad for humans until after your lifetime so that doesn't matter.


          21. mumbly_joe

            US America hasn't been a dominant producer of oil since Eisenhower- our consumption has constantly outstripped our production since the late 50's, and even when US production peaked (in the 70s, btw, so think Ford and Carter), we were consuming at more than twice the rate of production.

            But, no, clearly you're right- our dependence on foreign oil is totally Clinton's fault.

          22. Spanky2a

            You're missing the point.

            Because we have roads (and fire departments), that justifies complete regulation of everything else by corrupt politicians.

          23. Guest Yank

            And just what are you and Spanky doing over here slumming with these vermin?

            There's no intelligent life to be found in this trash bin, much less intelligent discussion.

            Why not head for higher ground.

          24. Kevin Stowell

            Just did. 'Sorry. Holler out "Dollar ahkbar" or something like that and watch 'em go nuts. Or remind them that Obama's been in office almost two years and Demmunists have had Congress for almost four and things are going to Hell in a hand basket. Or take the easy way out–just say "Bush." ;o)

          25. Guest Yank

            I read something by one of these clowns that mentioned the term 'reality-denying,' and I laughed out loud–a delusional foul band of freakniks, aren't they.

          26. Kevin Stowell

            That "Alamo" thing sounds a little racist to me, Spank. How do you reckon you should atone for that pecadillo?

          27. Ein_Rant

            Danke, Yank…

            Leavin' GF for the Bigs. I want the 'red flag of honor' from the Leftards here. I jes' wonder if I collect all those points if the folks at the Bigs will click me down without reading.

            Knew you'd like the avi, too… I leave you to speculate as to the identity of the master word-smith who came up with this new handle. Sadly, I can't take the credit… Hush-hush if ya do, as he don't want credit, me thinks…

          28. Guest Yank

            Don't worry, only the most pitifully uninformed would click you down, squire.

            And mum's the word regarding the word-smith.

            Happy Roasting.

          29. GreasyRabbit75

            Yes, I am sure he will be back soon to foul it up some more. May even call me a Poopyhead or some other inventive moniker.

          30. axmxz

            Sorry, your forty acres and a mule are not very impressive. I own a penthouse on Wall Street, two rooms stuffed to the top with artwork, Persian rugs, near-extinct exotic animals, five Lamborginis, seven maids a-milking and a partridge in a pear tree.

          31. Kevin Stowell

            I wasn't trying to impress on anyone but the WonkCommies anything but the importance of embracing capitalism and the work and industry ethic–sorry that escaped you. I don't generally give a sh** what anyone thinks of me because I live an honorable life.

            I would think, with your owning five of them, you'd know that there's an "h" in Lamborghini. Oh, well, any lie will do for those desperate to use the force of government to steal from others what they have a moral duty to provide for themselves. 'Sorry about your cowardice and sloth.

          32. axmxz

            Oh, we weren't playing "I own more crap than someone else on the internet, therefore I am right, on the internet"? My bad.

            But in case we still are, I also own twenty Fabergee eggs, five Rembrants, eight Mazerattes, two and half Hoppe diamonds, and eleventy elefants.

          33. axmxz

            It's only half because I've already eaten the other half. So if you want it back, you better tell me before I nuke the other half for dinner.

          34. GreasyRabbit75

            Don't worry about it, go ahead and eat the other half. You wouldn't be any smarter with it anyway.

          35. Kevin Stowell

            You don't think trying to take up the slack where a bunch of children's parents failed them and educate those children is honorable?

          36. kenlayisalive

            Dude, you are such a loser.

            You need a hobby that doesn't include commenting on posts from a week ago.

          37. kenlayisalive

            Yet you keep coming back like a jilted girlfriend.

            I think you're just saying you don't like me, just like Republican Senator Larry Craig says he doesn't like blowing guys in airport bathrooms.

            But then, there he is.

          38. GreasyRabbit75

            "Yet you keep coming back like a jilted girlfriend."

            You really shouldn't speak of things of which you have no experience, i.e. a girlfriend, jilted or otherwise.

            "blowing guys in airport bathrooms."

            That being said, you also shouldn't speak about the things of which you DO have experience.

            In your case, Skippy, I think it's just safer to STFU.

          39. kenlayisalive

            Struck a nerve or what? It's okay, you're among friends.

            I'm sure you the ladies love you. Who isn't impressed by a guy who trolls the internet all day?

            Good luck though, one day I'm sure you'll talk your sister into giving you that blowjob.

          40. GreasyRabbit75

            Yes, I am sure you are quite impressive. I'm an only child, by the way, but maybe I'll look up your sister. I hear she's open for business.

          41. kenlayisalive

            Yeah, I sympathize with your folks. If I brought one retard into the world I wouldn't want to risk another either.

          42. kenlayisalive

            Sorry, dude, I don't have time to watch your favorite Justin Beiber videos. But when you have a new insult, feel free to post it.

          43. Kevin Stowell

            "emails form"

            What form do you use for email? Just askin'–ya' don't have to tear my little head off!

          44. kenlayisalive

            Oh my god. A typo. How will I ever recover from this gaffe.

            Seriously, you argue like a third grader. That's you have left? It's pretty sad.

    2. freakishlywrong

      The p is high with this one, must be all the hateful shit said on wingtard blogs. Vote him off the island, Wankettes!

        1. kenlayisalive

          You're dumb enough, racist enough, and hang around enough sheep-minded group-thinking dipshits. That's more like it.

          You emoticon using disphit troll.

          1. Kevin Stowell

            Yeah, and you're the dumbass who thought my calling you stupid was a compliment.

            There ya' go, all bettuh.

          2. kenlayisalive

            So you've taken out time from your economics research to focus on teaching grammar as well?

            Glad to know you're a well rounded troll.

            Go fuck yourself.

          3. kenlayisalive

            You mean your fatter than I can imagine?

            Is that why you do this all day? To fat to be rolled out of the house or what?

          1. GOPCrusher

            Ever notice how it's the People Of Walmart, that will never see 250,000 in their lifetime that fight the hardest to maintain those tax cuts for their corporate overlords?
            Vladimir Iiyich Lenin called them "useful fools".

        1. mumbly_joe

          Hahaha, that picture never gets old, not even the third time you spammed it in this comment thread. That shows such abject originality and inventiveness, and TOTALLY DOESN'T reveal you to be a freeper or some other idiot from another site that's basically the right-wing equivalent of /b/.

          Wait, no- actually, the opposite of everything I just said.

          1. mumbly_joe

            I know you are, but what am I.

            And, you're doing a bang-up job of convincing me you're not the offspring of Skoalrebel and some /b/tard right now. Poopyhead.

    3. GOPCrusher

      Oh great. Another one of those that thinks adding more tax cuts on top of the ones that are costing this country 700 billion dollars a year, is the way to economic prosperity.

      1. Looking4Sanity

        Explain to me how taxing everyone into poverty is going to result in prosperity again. And who, exactly, "prospers" under this scheme? Somalia? Kenya? North Korea? It certainly won't be average Americans.

        How many homeless people have you seen create jobs (ie: hire employees)? Your problem is you hate everyone making more of their lives than you have. Bottom line…you are disgusted with yourself but choose to take it out on everyone else. Get a clue and a life.

        No charge for the diagnosis!

    4. snoopyfan2010

      Jesus Christ! I just wasted ten minutes of my life on this crap series of posts and responses. Doesn't this new intense debate thing come with a delete function??? I know we all need human interaction to feel important but using internet blogs really may not be the best option. Now I have to go check my FB page so I can see how many friends I have. So, please respond, I really need an answer to validate my life.

        1. kenlayisalive

          Yeah, regurgitating Faux News and Glenn Beck nonsense. If that 's what you call refuting bullshit.

          Shit isn't spelled with four asterisks, by the way. You can cuss here you dumb fuck.

          1. Kevin Stowell

            I don't listen to Beck and I haven't had television for five years–sorry your prejudices (bigotry) compelled you to be so wrong.

          2. Patriot2Opine

            And cussing is so native to the progressive tongue as it rolls perfectly to the gutter. Hmmm, spend any time in the public schools?

          3. kenlayisalive

            What are you, lost in time? This thread is from last week.

            Seriously though, sorry to upset your delicate sensibilities with all the coarse language. I didn't know there was a princess around. I know I'm dealing with a bright mind when you imply that having gone to school can be used as an insult.

            You Dumb***.

          4. Patriot2Opine

            Feeling guilty? Your implication that I was offended is rash. You sniffed my threads and profile so I believe you know that I am not easily offended. I just think that the over use of gutter tripe tends to diminish any message you wish to convey. You are showing a lack of education hence I expected a public education.

            I presume we are both lost in time as you seemed to find the response with relative speed.

            Gotta love the You Dumb*** as it does show your proclivity for the trench.

          5. kenlayisalive

            The only message I want to convey to you obnoxious trolls is one of disgust.

            And yes, you're quite a dandy with your private school education I guess. You and the rest of the 10% of the population that went to private schools (where there is apparently no cussing allowed and everyone is little angels, haha) can feel very superior. You're a joke, madame.

          6. Patriot2Opine

            It seems that you are conveying much more than that. I do from time to time pop into progressive sites to see just how the rif raf is doing. No wonder the left is getting it handed to them. The obvious lack of sense is astounding. Good luck with all of your tolerance and keep on reading the book.

          7. kenlayisalive

            I have no tolerance for people like you at all. Demeaning our public institutions, trying to destroy everything the people of this country built together and hold in common.

            Y'all are a sick bunch. You want the country to go back to 1929, but it won't happen. We won't let it.

            You can shove your superior private school attitude too.

            Adios, payaso.

          8. Patriot2Opine

            Nope wrongo smart guy. I went to a public school in the sixties, graduated a public high school in the seventies, and spent thirty years learning about the world first hand while serving my country. I continued my education in higher learning and still do to this day. You want to talk about destruction there Mr. Wizard, it is the left with the socialist “I want mine” attitude that is waging war on society. The little book of sphincters “Rules for Radicals” is your own demise. As expected you dive into assumptions and you are wrong. My tolerance for whiney self absorbed socialist cretins who never served a day for the country they rob is in negative numbers home slice. You prove you don’t even have the intellect to ask questions, only attack. Walking dichotomies wrapped in ignorance. Ha.

          9. kenlayisalive

            So you went to public schools, and yet, somehow, you want to insult people by asking if they went to public school. Okay. You figure that one out. Always with the doublespeak, you right wingers.

            Second. I know it is hard for those of you who wrapped yourself in the flag to understand, but being in the military does not a citizen make. Okay? We're all citizens. We all vote. We all organize. You do your job, I do mine. That's a democracy, "if you can keep it". You don't like a book? Who the cares? You want to burn it up?

            That's your superior attitude at work. "I did this" and "I did that". You still get one vote, alright? That's what you hate though. Because there are these "others" who are not as "good", haven't "done as much" as you, and you hate that they have rights and a voice. Well you know what? Your hating it isn't going to take it away our right. Your tea party, though it will try, won't take it away our rights and our vote.

            So keep hating your fellow citizens. Keep imagining "they're" robbing "your" country blind (while you're probably collecting your social security and military pension soon).

            You can get all offended, but I'm telling you why you're a selfish fuck up. It's against all morality not to help the needy. But even all your hate and dumb ideas – it only matters 1/300,000,000th. You're one person. You're one vote. And, when it is all said and done, your philosophy of superiority and greed and selfishness will go down in flames, like it always has.

          10. Patriot2Opine

            That was an awesome diatribe that said absolutely nothing. I never once said the needy shouldn’t be helped nor did I say that I thought I was superior. Initially I poked at you for making a point with an FU. I further asked if you went to public school. You never did answer any question directly and I wouldn’t expect that you would. I made record of my service to illustrate some points. First I have seen socialism, Marxism, Communism, and fascism first hand, I mean on the ground in your face first hand. It was and is never anything but ugly. I just once want to hear someone from the left say they love the country they have, and appreciate what it stands for instead of trying to change it into something that is completely contrary to our principles. But alas, what I hear is utter and complete obfuscation.

          11. kenlayisalive

            You can't hear it because you don't want to.

            You don't have to say "I think I'm superior" because it oozes from every sentence you type. You don't have to say "I don't want to help the needy" because it is expressed in every action your political peers take.

            I do love this country, but most importantly, I love what the people of this country have fought for and built to make this country a civilized, democratic place. So there, now you've heard it. PS – this country isn't about "Your Principles" this country is about democracy, the people who live here, and what they all manage to build together. Your personal "principles" don't mean anything except what they are to you. You can have them, but you can't impose them.

            So where have you seen "socialism, Marxism, Communism, and fascism"? This should be good. Was this all during the last two terrible years of the Obama administration?

          12. Patriot2Opine

            PS – this country isn't about "Your Principles" this country is about democracy, the people who live here, and what they all manage to build together."

            Gosh, I couldn't agree more. Had you taken the time to digest what I wrote I was speaking about the country's founding principles when I said "our".

            Again, your incredibly narrow vision and progressively clouded thought assumes I was talking about this country. You paid no attention to what I wrote at all did you? The world is a damn scary place, name a country other than the U.S.

          13. kenlayisalive

            The question was sincere. In the second sentence I was simply making fun of your political peers and their stupid constantly crying "Obama is a socialist" and "fascism = socialism" nonsense. But humor and irony is not y'all's strong suit, is it.

            But really, I find it hard to believe you are interested in democracy with the attitudes of superiority you carry around. I really really get the sense that somehow you think you are a "real" American while others aren't. I just base that on your statements from earlier. You seem like you have this "me vs. them" thing instead of an "us" thing going on. That's okay, like I said, you're just one out of 300 million, so you can feel like that. But do be honest about it.

          14. Patriot2Opine

            Oh, one more thing. If you were attempting to quote Benjamin Franklin's response when asked what government they had given the country it goes like this "Madam, a Republic if you can keep it."

          15. Patriot2Opine

            "It's against all morality not to help the needy."

            Perhaps you could tell me if you are talking about, Ideal moralism, Intuitional moralism, or utilitarianism?

          16. kenlayisalive

            Jesus commanded, "Love your neighbor." When asked to define "neighbor," Jesus expanded the traditional meaning of the word–defining our neighbor as anyone who is in need, including social outcasts: "But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed." (Luke 14:13)

            Now, I know it's not exactly what you hear in a day of trolling BrietBart.com. And you'll note that nowhere did Jesus say "Wretched are the poor, for they are robbing our country blind, and the pittance we spend on welfare could better be spent on an aircraft carrier".

          17. Patriot2Opine

            So maybe you could tell me where Jesus said that your governments are commissioned to take what you have and deliver it to the poor. Or just maybe he meant to do so of our own volition. Please don't try to sell some collective salvation crap as there is no Christian doctrine for it.

          18. kenlayisalive

            Doctrine? That intellectual nonsense again when dealing with right and wrong. It's really unbecoming.

            You know what is said in the bible, you know the spirit of it. And you know that, as a complex society, we can't just rely on the generosity of others any more than we can just keep all laws on the honor system.

            If you don't want to practice generosity in your politics, that's your problem. But you don't get to just do what you want. This country has to make decisions. And if the decision is to tax the people, then you have to pay or take the consequences. It's that simple.

            What I'm criticizing is your idea that there is a "them" who is "robbing the country blind" when what is in fact happening is the normal functioning of a democracy.

            In other words, go vote, go do your organizing, but if you want to be thought well of, then keep the hateful "me versus them" stuff to yourself.

          19. Patriot2Opine

            Slappning my knee here and laughing so hard. Apparently you can't get past the printed cards the Soros gang provided for you. I am very benevolent and I have faith that everyone has it in their heart. While the left cries foul, it is merely due to projection. While I can safely assume you read the verse from Luke you quoted, try reading some of Paul’s letters then come back with something intelligent. Taxes are a necessary burden but inappropriate spending by Congress is not. “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach the man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Who said that smart guy?

            Just another thing before I dismiss you, I am only concerned with a handful of people thinking about me. It starts with the one who suffered for my sins, everyone else accepts the outcome.

          20. GodHelpUsAll912

            " What I'm criticizing is your idea that there is a "them" who is "robbing the country blind" when what is in fact happening is the normal functioning of a democracy."

            OMG you call the debt we're in normal?
            God said Thou shalt not steal!
            Stealing from people who work to give it to lazy people who refuse to work democracy?
            Cramming death care down peoples throats when they made it clear they didn't want it. Calling American's of any color "teabaggers" or "extremists" or Terrorists, is NOT American or democracy, it's downright shameful.
            One more note, even beside all the lies, and slanderous crap that you sorros worshiper's said about him, ( Bush ) he never was seen on tv every single day criticizing citizens, he said "that is democracy".
            You're too arrogant and ignorant yourself to see it.

          21. GodHelpUsAll912

            Scummy and stupid?

            I guess we could say the same for you eh?
            You don't know us either, yet you call us names.
            My my my how big of you. I bet sorros is proud of your commie self.

          22. kenlayisalive

            Ah, see, I do know you. Because here I am sitting and working, when I get an email with someone telling me I don't believe in the teachings of Jesus.

            Let's not forget that you wrote to attack me, dumbass. That's how I know you're scummy and stupid.

            Seriously, you're an idiot. Trolling on a week old post telling people you don't know about their religious beliefs, and then acting like this is coming out of nowhere.

            A real bunch of thoughtful folks over there at BigBrietbart.com. Seriously, you are the dumbest bunch of aggressive losers I've ever had the misery to argue with.

          23. di_da_is_alpha

            So, why do you do it, dumbass? Why are you here? Having second thoughts about the "compassion" of big government?

            People willing to stand in line for hours just to fill out a form for a one in 50 chance at some "Obama money" is a good thing?

            How about next time, when they are told to pick some cotton for their "Obama money"? Is being a slave to government a good thing in your mind?

          24. kenlayisalive

            Hey, I just keep getting the emails and keep having the urge to tell you off.

            You all are so transparent, and gross, and aggressive. It's like a freakshow of selfish political thought. I just can't let you all go around, on this site which i like, and be awful, and sometimes, racist, but always stupid.

            But really it's mostly because you all are so dumb. "Slave to government", "Obama Money". I mean, you're just full to the brim of stuff you've heard on the radio but that doesn't even really exist. You're clowns. You're the party of Christine O'Donnell. It's like being at the circus.

            I mean, you're the douche who was calling us insects and talking about mass graves. That's really bad shit. Nazi stuff. Can't let that shit slide. And then you ask for tolerance. Ha.

            You bunch are really really full of wrong ideas, and I just don't want you to think no one is noticing or it's just "cool". You want to be assholes, go back to BriefBarf and be assholes.

            But don't forget, I have never, ever, ever began my day by writing to one of you. The continuation of this sad, skinny thread is all up to you chumps.

          25. di_da_is_alpha

            You're a dumbass. Go back and read the thread in question. I apologized for calling you bugs. I thought with all the hate directed at Palin and Trig, that you pussies had a little thicker skin.

            As far as progressivism being "insect mentality", well it is, so no apology there.

            The mass graves comment was in reference to how the left puts folks in mass graves. Go read the thread you stupid puss, Im not going to repeat any more.

            And how about you not "bouncing trolls" (hahah, yeah, right) for a week? That's what you told Professor Picklepuss. Can't keep your word, huh?

            Get used to us. Well, me at least. I don't let misogynistic, hate-filled dipshits run me off.

          26. kenlayisalive

            "Professor Picklepuss" that's pretty good. Did a little kid let you borrow that one?

            "Go back and read the thread…" How's about a fuck you. You fucking dildo. You're the one busy with a week old thread.

            Misogynistic? Now that's new. I've been called a racist by a racist clown, a homophobe by someone who made some real nice gay jokes, and now a misogynist. I'd ask where you came up with that one, but I assume that at this point you're just calling me whatever you the last thing someone called you.

            Glad you apologized for saying the worst of your bullshit. But you're back at it I guess. And you keep coming back for more, and I'll keep coming back for the apologies.

            Aggressive chump. A real internet tough guy. You must be a pillar in your community.

          27. di_da_is_alpha

            You criticize me for commenting on a week (not quite) old thread, yet here you are too. Does it bother you that much to have dissenting voices in your echo chamber (more like a chamber pot) ?

            And yes, I did apologize for calling you thin skinned pussies "bugs", but if you're expecting any more apologies, don't hold your breath. Or do hold your breath, doesn't matter to me. Pussy.

          28. kenlayisalive

            Pussy as an insult is about as close as you'll come to the real thing.

            Keep talking though, you do my work for me. I call you an asshole for fun, but the more you talk, everyone can see for themselves the kind of piece of shit you are. I don't even have to work, it's as clear as day from the pus that drips out of your mouth like an open sore.

            See you tomorrow, bitch.

          29. JMPEsq

            They also think pussy is an insult; but no, they're not misogynist woman-haters, no not at all. And let's see how thin this can get…

          30. kenlayisalive

            yes, if they can pass an insult that they haven't only exposed themselves to be, then I'll be impressed.

            "You're a misoginist, you pussy" or "your a homophobe, you fag".

            I mean, an insult shold at leastring true for the length of time ti takes to read a sentence.

          31. kenlayisalive

            ifwecanget ittobeasnarrowastheseasshole'smind, we'veprobablycrossedsomekindof scietificbarrier.

          32. GreasyRabbit75

            "Oh, and this idiot and his sockpuppets / fellow moron racists are still actively trolling, congratulating each other (and giving each other more p) in the old musical thread. Even though it's many days old."

            Look familiar?Yeah, you go ahead and keep thinkingyou're above it all, you self-righteous poopyhead,too, also. There, I feel smug and superior, too. Also.

          33. JMPEsq

            I like the misogynistic comment while Kevin Stowell is busy trolling another thread attacking the right to choose, proving that the guy you are defending is a misogynist.

            And uh, what the fuck do you mean about leftists putting people in mass graves? Who, exactly? And I want no lies here, OK.

          34. kenlayisalive

            Ah, JMP. Asking them not to tell lies is like asking the sun not to come up my friend.

            Lies are all they have. Pimp suit = truth. Scientist = lies. It's the only algebra they know.

          35. kenlayisalive

            Yes, from a guy who likes to perform in the internet equivalent of black face and make fun of gay people, that's really damning.

          36. kenlayisalive

            I know reality is hard for you, but the rampant inequality and crash came during the Bush administration.

            Sorry to expose you to facts.

          37. Looking4Sanity

            So, "it's all Bush's fault" is all you've got?

            Explain how taking a problem and making it 400% WORSE and attacking US citizens with unconstitutional legislation "improves" our situation.

            It's only been two years, and the laundry list of Obama's offenses are already longer than my arm.

            You've got two more years to talk smack and then we're kicking your Commie, one world order boy to the curb and all of your pinko friends along with him.

            That's a fact.

          38. kenlayisalive

            Again, I know it is hard for you to accept facts. But yes, the crash was Bush's fault. I mean, that's historical fact. What happened next, well – Obama has done some good things but hasn't hardly done enough. But nothing, not one thing, rises to the level of an "offense". It's not like he invaded Iraq or something, or exposed the name of a CIA operative, or is taking in huge, secret foreign donations.

            You watch way to much tv though, that's clear. You are just full of crap that other people say that you've never experienced yourself. You are, what is that you all say, a "proud dittohead"? Like your proud to just parrot whatever your leaders tell you without thinking about it. "Bwak-socialism…Brwaaak-communism! Polly is a cracker!"

            You've never seen a real communist, you've never seen a real socialist. They don't even hardly exist. You've just heard about them on tv. You're a frightened little baby who needs daddy Beck and Mommy Palin to hold you. It's okay, little baby. You can be scared. But really there is no socialist monster under your bed. All that's under there is just your piss puddle and baby tears.

            You're a simple minded little baby, and that's a fact. Good luck in 2012.

          39. Looking4Sanity

            "the crash was Bush's fault. I mean, that's historical fact."

            Not a fact. At best, it might pass for "conventional wisdom" in your retarded little circle of pinko friends.

            Your entire little rant is built upon a lie. Good luck with that.

          40. kenlayisalive

            Hey, you know, you can come on here and be an asshole, give your dumb ill-informed opinions, but you can't come in here and misstate basic facts.

            Maybe you don't know the difference between 2007 and 2010, but then again you don't know the difference between today and last week, which is when this tired thread was started.

            Boring, boring asshole troll.

          41. Looking4Sanity

            I'd expect nothing less from a mouth that has spent the last two years attached to Obama's ass.

            I could have done without that final description of yourself though. Goodbye, you tedious, deluded pinhead.

          42. kenlayisalive

            You started talking to me, you stupid jerk off. Yet another fact that goes undetected.

            Glad to see you go jackass. Make sure your mommy buys you the rubber sheets.

          43. GodHelpUsAll912

            " the rampant inequality and crash came during the Bush administration.

            Sorry to expose you to facts."

            The dems were in control. JUST because the crash happened on Bush's watch doesn't mean it was his fault.
            Just like what is happening now under obama, the consequences will happen when the Reps. take control and you would blame it all on them. Typical progressive setup.
            The arrogance and lack of education amazes me with you sorros commie followers on here. Just the name of this site fits you wonkers to the max.

          44. kenlayisalive

            You don't even know what wonk means.

            Anyway, I really don't have room for another troll in my life. Especially one who just repeats the same exact bullshit as the others.

            Let the adult trolls do the work, you can just watch for now.

          45. GodHelpUsAll912

            " Let the adult trolls do the work, you can just watch for now. "

            LOL you just called yourself an adult troll.

          46. GodHelpUsAll912

            Oh by the way….don't worry about me…..I'm off of here I have to take a bath, I don't want to catch some disease.

          47. kenlayisalive

            Yeah, that's right, were all diseased and don't believe in Jesus. What a typical scumbag you are. You can shove your imagined superiority up your ass.

            Oh yes, were all less than you soapy right-wing internet troll.

          48. JMPEsq

            Hey, we all suffer from "Bush derangement syndrome" for being angry about shit that Bush actually did, while they are being perfectly rational in hating Obama for his imaginary socialism and non-imaginary blackness.

    5. Dashboard_Jesus

      sweet holy jeebus, looks like the KevStool is STILL goin' FULL RETARD…how much spamki' do you have to get from your intektual superioirs before you decide to slither back under that rock you call home? the stoopid, it MUST hurt, amirite? also :)

          1. Guest Yank

            We believe this to be one of the caves where the trolls dwell at night.

            Now, sssshh, and let us quit this place to follow Virgil out of here to 'walk once more beneath the Stars…'

  2. SayItWithWookies

    I'd think after all the crap President Obama has to clean up at work, the Bo poop would be refreshingly uncomplicated. Hell, he probably invites John Boehner and Eric Cantor over to yell at him about how he's holding the plastic bag wrong just so it feels more like the rest of his day.

      1. Lascauxcaveman

        Haters. It was funny and had excellent production values. And more truthiness than a week's work of network teevee news.

        1. exmartinette

          Oh, I'll grant you that. Besides trying to set up the merry burlesque below, I just wanted to point out that parodies of the Major-General's Song are treading a well-worn path.

  3. imissopus

    It's tough to choose between saying "don't feed the trolls" and "so is Reagan but the conservatives still won't shut the fuck up about him." Perhaps I'll compromise with "boring troll is boring."

  4. exmartinette

    He is an American!
    For he himself has said it,
    And it's greatly to his credit,
    He is an American!

    For he might have been born a Ken-yan,
    A French, or Indoneesi-yan!,
    Or perhaps Ha-why-yi-yan!
    Or perhaps Ha-why-yi-yan!

    But in spite of all temptations
    To be born in other nations,
    He was born an American!
    He was born an A-mer-er-er-er-er-er-er-er-errrrr-ican!

  5. JMPEsq

    When Riley typed, "Okay, now back to the awful elections, and racism!", I don't think he meant it as an invitation for the racists to troll this very thread.

  6. axmxz

    It's unlikely that Obama would view cleaning up doggy poo as all that onerous. He spends the rest of his time cleaning up the Bush Presidency; that shit has the grip strength of an industrial adhesive and the smear capacity of 10 megaRoves.

  7. 7pilesofwisdom

    It's telling that the wingnuts themselves are so tired of the red sites, where the ideas are so sadly stale and silly, that they have to hang out on Wonkette and valiantly cling to the Reagan-era notions that time has proven so very wrong. It's more proof that nostalgia should be classified as a mental disease. As for the topsy-turvy, there is no better place for a parodist to go than to the inventors of modern musical comedy. Done right, there is nothing nostalgic about roots music — and the parody is done right.

  8. fuflans

    yes yes this is all very important, but what about lesbian couples on israeli 'dancing with stars' hmmmmm?

  9. GreasyRabbit75

    I would figure that with 0bama as your role model, you would have a corner on the "blaming everyone else market".

          1. Kevin Stowell

            Have you felt the overwhelming love here? That tolerance they all practice sure is working out.

          2. Guest Yank

            Yeah and I don't get it–is it something we've said? Maybe if we bow to all of them and give them a few trillion dollars they'll be nicer to us.

          3. Ein_Rant

            Nicht populär hier? Gut. Es ist gesund zu gehen, wo man nicht wollte. Diese Leute müssen Sie sicher though. Frieden.

          4. Kevin Stowell

            'Didn't think you'd care. They're just like the worst over at the Bigs–completely devo. Can't argue with them–it's all "you're a poopyhead" and "fuck you." They're not interested in facts nor interpreting anything they way you actually said it or that a chimp would know you meant it.

          5. Caedite_Eos


            Now you are slumming it in the shallow end of the IQ pool too!

            Aw crap! Now you guys have made ME Step in it too!

            I detect incoming "Poopyhead" and "Fcuk You" bombs. Raise Logic Shields and prepare for ineffective arguments. WANK WANK WANK WANK!!!

          6. Kevin Stowell

            Raise Logic Shields and prepare for ineffective arguments. WANK WANK WANK WANK!!!

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whooo lawd! Hee hee hee hee! You're tearing me up, D.

          7. Ein_Rant

            I think GF will stay in the sunshine. Somebody who knew my prior penchant for multiple personalities suggested this name for me, and it was too good to pass up. Welcome to the shit-leagues poopy head!

  10. predilectrix

    Thank you, Overlord Ken-san, for imposing comment threads. MUCH easier to bypass that troll bog up a spell.

  11. imissopus


    People, if you don't feed 'em they won't breed. Then maybe they won't hang around high-fiving each other over what an awesome fucking job they think they did smacking all us dumb libtards around. Besides if they drive you guys to have coronaries, who will entertain me?

    1. kenlayisalive

      You're absolutely right. I thought I could stick it out, I just didn't realize how little they actually have to do during a day of "industriousness".

      But it is so hard to let them be assholes. Anyway, I renounce my troll bouncing.

      For a week.

    2. mumbly_joe

      Sorry- you know us Libtards have a problem with blatant misinformation, and I, in particular, am too big of an Ivy League Elitist Libtard to let it go especially when it's dressed up with a "Go learn something about [economics/history/etc]".

      I swear to god, I've forgotten more from my undergraduate econ non-major than these Breitbots will ever know in their lifetimes.

      (also, I <3 schoolyard insults- you'd be surprised how strong an associative link someone can form between 'economics debates' and 'schoolyard insults')

      1. imissopus

        Hey guys, I sympathize totally. I've taken on some trolls here myself when they have gotten to me. And joe's takedown with all the economic jargon was awesome. I'm just saying at some point you've got to let it go, take deep breaths, go get a few drinks. First of all those douche bags are impervious to facts. Second of all they're just saying shit to make steam come out of your ears. You know, the same stuff we do to them on Breitfart's site.

        Fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em over here!

        1. di_da_is_alpha

          Professor Picklepuss weighs in with a battle plan. Some of the dumbest folks I've ever met were "educated". There is a difference between common sense and book smart. And if the book was written by an idiot, someone like, say, Paul Krugman, it just makes the problem grow exponentially.

          1. mumbly_joe

            Hah, that's funny, because some of the dumbest folks I've ever met assumed that their lack of "book larnin' " made them fonts of folk wisdom, when in fact it just meant that they'd never learned to see past they own biases and assumptions and think critically about the information they'd been fed. You know, the sorts of people who spout folksy wisdom like, "Some of the dumbest folks I've ever met were 'educated'. There is a difference between common sense and book smart".

            Okay, imi, that's the last one, I swear- I'm going to have to go into flame-warrior rehab, now.

          2. di_da_is_alpha

            Where did I say I didn't have book smarts? Just because I didn't let left-wing professors sway many of my positions (which are based solidly on common sense) doesn't mean I'm unejeecaded. By the way, didn't you read the memo from Professor Picklepuss? Don't feed me !!!!! Heheheheh

            Flame warrior, huh? What, did someone light a cigarette too close to your colostomy bag, old timer?

    3. JMPEsq

      The problem here is we've got an onslaught of several of them, so they not only make their "jokes" but then engage in a big circle jerk that seems like it will never end.

      1. obiwanacracker

        Has not the great Owl himself taught us that the only suitable reponse is "Scheisskopf"? Give a troll a fish, and he returns looking for intelligent conversation. Tell him he's a poopyhead and he high fives himself and goes on his way.

        1. GreasyRabbit75

          "Poopyhead"…….(sigh)……Your intelligence and inventiveness knows no bounds. You are truly a prince among men. Now kiss my ass.

    1. Spanky2a

      Do you have tolerance for those who have no tolerance for those who are intolerant of the intolerant?

      1. Guest Yank

        How hilarious were you and Kevin on this thread, I ask you?

        And that 'madam' here actually responded to your post was the icing on the cake.

        1. Kevin Stowell

          "And that 'madam' here actually responded to your post was the icing on the cake."

          That was kinda funny, wasn't it?

  12. GaltFan

    We usually attribute it to your stupidity and lack of actual facts. Personally? I think it stems from a philosophical deficiency on the part of Leftards/Progturds… Which also explains your desire for the denial of reality and a desire to stay comfy in your little insular community…

    1. JMPEsq

      "Philosophical deficiency" from someone who calls themselves "GaltFan"? Really? That implies you take Ayn Rand seriously, which means you must be an idiot when it comes to both philosophy and literature.

      1. Ein_Rant

        And you take who seriously? Karl Marx? I highly doubt you could give a serious critique of Rand's philosophy. A lot of people get hung up on her Atheism, though I doubt that is a problem for you. My bet is that you are a miserable person who feels good about himself for holding all of the "correct" views. "Help" the poor! Save the trees! Save the planet!… Crap like that, right? A social "do-gooder" that is all high-minded and the picture of 'tolerance'? Someone who is probably cheap as they come, but has oh-so much compassion? With other people's money? I bet you can't give me three examples of Rand's philosophythat are wrong that I can't answer you on. Try me…

        1. JMPEsq

          A serious critique of Rand's "philosophy"? Please. You might as well ask for a serious critique of David Icke's theory that the world is controlled by shape-shifting lizard aliens, or the existence of Santa Clause. Some ideas, like Rand's, are so obviously crackpot that it's demeaning to treat them seriously; not to mention that you demean actual philosophy by using the word for Rand's bullshit.

          Hell, you illustrate yourself by talking about helping the poor, preserving the environment, compassion and tolerance as if they are somehow worthy of mockery and contempt. Rand just wrote a bunch of juvenile pseudo-intellectual wankery to justify acting as amoral, greedy, sociopathic asshole, and someone referring to her work seriously is a great sign to avoid the motherfucker.

          1. di_da_is_alpha

            It took you two days to think up that lame excuse for a response? No wonder you're a progressive tool, not enough brains to run your own life. Better have Jackass Obama wipe your butt for ya, loser.

            And there is nothing "compassionate" about making folks dependent on government. "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

            So you just go ahead and try to help government queen bees buy the votes of those they wish to rule, the majority of America is waking up to your bullshit. Over a century of progressivism will take some time to fix, but fix it we will, vibrator-head (since you're a robot and all).

          2. JMPEsq

            It's clever of you "guys", if you are actually different people which you probably are not, to keep saying "oh yeah, good one" after someone types a completely idiotic comment. Really, I'm not being sarcastic at all.

          3. Guest Yank

            Can't get anything past you, Esq.

            What's even more clever is how so many 'actually different people' here can exhibit the same level of 'progressive' depravity, ignorance and delusion, simultaneously. Makes one wonder if you've all been cloned from the same freakazoid.

            And be done with flattering yourself, troll–'idiotic' would be a vast improvement for most of you miserable serfs.

            But, really, I'm not being sarcastic at all, either.

          4. JMPEsq

            Ah yeah, so the fact that I didn't realize you trolls were still here mean I couldn't come up with answer, and not that I just had better things to do than check this thread. Uh-huh, sure.

            So, have you ever driven on a road before? I hope not, otherwise you are dependent on the government. It such a ridiculous false argument; there will always be government of some kind, the question whether it will be geared towards the interests of the regular people, or just towards perpetuating the hegemony of the rich and powerful, like the Republicans want.

            Or you can just repeat pithy cliches, even if they make no sense as our current system which only provides decent education to the children of the rich doesn't teach a man (or a woman) to fish. But you don't want that, because the basic sociopathic Randian philosophy is "fuck everyone else, I got mine."

            And the "queen bees" line is telling, since it recalls the "welfare queen" line favored by that giant dipshit who ruined our country, Ronald Reagan.

          5. di_da_is_alpha

            No, the "queen bee" line is because progressivism requires people to think like insects. You tools don't consider that business owners must have someone to buy their products, so your moronic description of Rand is, well, moronic. Henry Ford is a good example of how a business can be run without government or unions.

            I've always said that Reagan was great, but not perfect. Since you jackasses think so highly of the man, I may have to move him even higher on the leader board.

            G'night, dic…………. I mean vibrator-head.

          6. JMPEsq

            Henry Ford provided a good example of how a business can be run without government, unions, or Jews, yes. Funny where you forget the part where his workers were treated horribly until they actually unionized, or the fact that he was an actual Nazi sympathizer.

            "Reagan was great" – well, that says all you need to know about you assholes.

          7. Ein_Rant

            As I figured when I challenged you, you ain't got a thang. Rand was a true American in the finest tradition (yeah dumb-ass, I know she was an immigrant from Russia). She understood individual rights, whereas turds like you find it perfectly acceptable to enslave all men to the god of state in order to 'redistribute' the wealth (created by whom in the first place?) according to your diseased theories.

            Pick at this, little turd…


            Be honest, and there might be more "discussion" with your betters -such as the dog, the horse and humble little cartoon girl (me)…

          8. JMPEsq

            You know, slavery is something that really happened, a horrible injustice, and it's really despicable for you to compare government not following your discredited economic theories to that horror.

            And Rand didn't care a thing for individual rights; all she cared about was whining about corporate regulation and taxes, not actual rights.

            Oh, and wealth is created by workers, not the executives and stock brokers who make all the money off of other people's labor, idiot.

            But the fact that you'd actually use the phrase "your betters" says it all, really; you people actually believe certain people are better and more worthy than others, and are just plain nasty amoral douchebags.

          9. di_da_is_alpha

            There's more than one way to enslave people, dumbass. Now why did you lie and say that Ford didn't pay well until his workers unionized? I was gonna give you a link, but I see that Ein already has. Read it.

            And I pointed out Ford as a good business model, not as someone I would invite to a bar mitzvah. Woody Wilson loved "Birth of a Nation", but I bet if someone used that as a reason to get rid of the IRS and the federal income tax, you scream like a baby.

            Calling a guy a "pussy' is misogynistic? I know women that call wimpy guys that. Read the comments on wankette of any post regarding Palin or O'Donnell or any other woman that you clowns disagree with and see if you can figure out the difference between humor and hate. I'm bettin' ya can't. And, I betcha just as many if not more little girl babies are aborted as little boy babies.

            Here is the comment regarding mass graves ……………………

            "And as far as tombstones go, if we keep on the road we're on, most of us (you included, many of the "useful idiots" are the first to go) won't have tombstones. Just a mass grave in the middle of a forrest."

            Yeah, I misspelled "forest". Sue me.

            Do you take that as a direct threat? It was meant to point out how the LEFT (big government types) have to kill people en mass in order to consolidate power.

          10. Ein_Rant

            Slavery has happened throughout all of human history. Any other country you can name that pitted brother against brother to end it? Remember all the Jim Crow laws passed and enforced by DEMOCRATS?

            My boss had a business long before I got there, and he would have employees if I decided to leave. I give him value in exchange for a paycheck.

            Ever owned a business? I have. Guess who gets payed last… The risk taking owner. Have a bad month? Everybody else gets paid. Didn't cover the operating expenses? Don't count on the employees to chip in to cover…

            Some people are better, despite the crap you have been fed. People who think more creatively, people who produce something new or better, people who are honest, hardworking and don't mooch a living off of strangers are better.

            High taxes are akin to a new slavery whether you are bright enough to realize that or not. Do you have a better term to describe spending half of your time working to pay for government? And don't give me bullsh*t about roads -that is a drop in the bucket…

            Stop pretending you know anything about Rand, or even the American revolution. You are a petulant little child, smug and superior feeling in your delusional beliefs…

          11. Kevin Stowell

            We got tired of being part of the "washed masses?" I guess cuz we're into diversity–finding out what the moron-Americans "think" can be very mind-closing.

          12. Ein_Rant

            It is torture to read the main articles here. I gotta believe these people are specifically tasked to come up with the most juvenile crap possible. I figure the average age over at the Bigs is mid-50's. Here?17, my poopy headed little friend, would be a generous concession.

            Ya gotta thumb me down though, or my red flag will never get to -100 something…

            This site keeps locking my browser. Make sure your antispy/virus program is very good. I think this site is infested by more than meets the eye…

          13. Ein_Rant

            Vibrator-head? You assume he has the energy for that??? Couldn't find the Ford link I wanted, but it should be "fair" enough for Bot-boy,Esq.

            Caught your thread with Idi, glad you had a good time…

  13. JMPEsq

    Wait, so having some liberals on faculty means that no one who's affiliated with UCLA can be a conservative, even when they're economists who create a flatly wrong hit piece on the one of the country's greatest president, who was a liberal? Huh.

    It's too bad Orwell is not alive, or he would punch the shitfaced conservatives for usurping the name of his book, since he was a liberal and in fact a socialist. Just one line of that blog ("Obummer", really?) shows it's worth reading. Oh, and the Cold War called, it wants its' paranoia back.

  14. mumbly_joe

    And the war wasn't a massive government deficit-spending program, and so therefore Keynsianism is wrong! Also, our wartime economy was an extremely liassaiz-faire free market, not a quasi-command mobilized economy! MENSA memberships, all around, for that one.

    Here's an alternate theory: any sort of spending could have gotten us out of the Depression, but it ended up that a lack of political will watered down the New Deal (seeing as Keynes's actual proposals were more radical than what Roosevelt actually enacted), just as the "bipartisan spirit of compromise" ensured that the stimulus would be too small and mis-targeted to be especially effective, something countless salt-water economists argued way back as early as four days after inauguration.

    In the case of the Depression, it took an extremely bloody war that left millions dead to generate the political will to support adequate short-term deficit spending. Are you suggesting that we should be praying for another world war? Because that's sort of how it sounded, just now.

  15. Kevin Stowell

    You could have saved some magnetic media by just saying, "Explain that to me, please, I don't get it." Obviously, You can't handle the truth!" Ha ha ha ha!

  16. JMPEsq

    Clearly, even though you're the one who's denying basic historical facts. And keeps reposting the same article over and over again as if it somehow substantiates your slander.

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