And now you must blow some businessman character in the Overlook Ballroom men's room.Kids, do you like the journalism? Of course not. You don’t even know what it is. But if you did, you might think it’s a respectable way to make a living. You would, of course, be wrong about that, too. Consider poor little rich boy Anderson Cooper, who actually worked hard for many years as an actual on-the-scene international war & disaster teevee reporter, and now is reduced to doing daytime talk shows for ladies and dressing up in fetish-furry gear. CLICK TO SEE ENTIRE HUMILIATING PICTURE.

The CNN personality says on his “Twitter Pix” website:

In IA for story on ape communication. The apes asked me to dress as a rabbit. Weird, huh?

“The apes asked me to dress as a rabbit,” writes Anderson Cooper, who also claims to be in Iowa. Expect to hear this excuse a lot once the 2012 primary season gets underway, which apparently happened today.

Anderson Cooper's new talk show, directed by David Lynch.

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