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Insightful Colorado Billboard Contends There Are Four Obamas

Sky News
Here is a great work of American art: A billboard from Grand Junction, Colorado, featuring some sort of editorial cartoon inviting voters to “Vote DemocRAT” and hang out with this booth full of offensive Obama caricatures. That actually sounds like it would be rather interesting! This thing was sent in an e-mail to the National Review, which doesn’t openly endorse this for some reason, probably because the artist didn’t sign up for their gay cruise. A somewhat clearer version of this cartoon is after the jump.

How many hours of the day do these characters hold these choice expressions, do you think?

Here is the grand unifying theory of Obama for wingnuts. Look, they never have to fight anymore about whether Obama is a Muslim terrorist, a Chicago gangster, a Messican illegal immigrant, or a flamboyant gay. He’s all four of those things, because there are secretly four Obamas! THAT’S how Obama can hijack airplanes in New York and have anal sex with a dude in San Francisco at the same time.

Here’s a full rundown:

The billboard’s tagline, “Vote DemocRAT–Join the game,” is littered with every conceivable meme that has been leveled at President Barack Obama as four iterations of the President–as Muslim/Terrorist, Nazi/Fascist and gangster, Communist/open borders supporter, and a supporter of gay rights–play cards, ostensibly “gamble” with the Statue of Liberty, a figure of blindfolded Justice, the Holy Bible, an American soldier, Uncle Sam, and a bald eagle. As they play, grinning vultures bearing the labels “$oro$” and a blue U.N. helmet look on, while several rats lurk from below, variously labeled “trial lawyer,” “IRS,” “EPA,” and “FED.”

The billboard itself lacks the shoulder badges emblazoned with the Muslim crescent and star, the swastika, and the hammer-and-sickle that appear to either have been part of the original picture, or were added later.

Makes sense! This will definitely influence voters. Good thing on which to spend one’s money. [NR]

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  1. elviouslyqueer

    What, no watermelons, loincloths, or fancy Kiswahili feathered headdresses? Fail, wingnuts, FAIL!

  2. Mumbletypeg

    Of course there's four Obamas. You got your Marxist Obama, your Socialist Obama, your Obamao version and Terrorist Nobama… Kind of surprised they stopped at four.

    1. Mumbletypeg

      It feels so heretical reciting the Other Side's canon. I hate it when I forget a few of them… like missing one of the more forgettable 10 commandments.

    2. Beowoof

      Where is Nazi Obama, no rendition of the many faces of Obama could be complete without one. The Larouche's must not have been involved.

      1. DoktorZoom

        Gangster Obama also has a swastika lapel pin, so that's covered (Or at least the jpeg from NR has it–it's not on the actual billboard, a gross oversight on a gross sight).

        As we all know, the Chicago Mob was 100% aligned with the Bund.

    3. finallyhappy

      No Jewish Obama? Something like 80+% of Jews that voted voted for our Baruch. Now you know we'd only do that for one of our own!

  3. One_who_wanders

    It's a conspiracy nut quadratic equation! I can't believe they left out the swastika, have they no artistic integrity?

  4. Kitty_Sanchez

    Hey, that looks like the last phone banking party I went to at my local Democratic Party HQ. Good times, good times.

    1. mumbly_joe

      Or, for that matter, the commie messkin Obamar shooting terrist Obamar? Or Nazi Obamar killing them all, for being messkin/commie/ghey/aye-rab/etc?

      1. JMPEsq

        According to wignut history, the commies and the Nazis believed in the exact same thing, and were allied to each other; that whole constantly killing each other part never happened.

        1. mumbly_joe

          How could I forget. Also, the Nazis fucking loved the gays, and were all gays, and filled the SS with gays, and definitely never sent them to death camps, or anything like that.

        2. binarian

          It continuously amazes me how outright stupid the wingnuts are; the Nazi party's full name was the National Socialist Workers Party so therefore they were Communist Socialists. I actually had an abbreviated conversation with some TeaTard who REALLY believed this. We are a nation of stupid.

          1. JMPEsq

            I once ended up banging my head against the wall debating these idiots under one of Juli's Vanity Fair pieces; they kept going, "HA ha, you such a moran, claiming teh Nazis weren't libral socialists!"

            I blame the (home) schools.

          2. mumbly_joe

            I've actually had the displeasure of debating some of these nutbags in non-partisan video game (!) forums; typically, when I point out that North Korea's full name is "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea", and how do you figure that happened, they get very very quiet on the topic. At first I thought it was because I won an argument on the Internet, but sure enough, they'd come right back and repeat the same thing a week later, after they reloaded their stupid-save-state.

    1. V572625694

      Out in western Colorado — a spectacularly beautiful place populated by wingnuts and Ralph Lauren — having a gun in your 4×4 is a given. And when you've got yer gun, you gotta shoot somethin!

      Take a look: http://goo.gl/maps/AaC9

      By the way, they'll always be democRATs to me from now on.

    2. DoktorZoom

      Clearly, the bullet-riddled cantina they're in was seized from its rightful owners by Obama and his SEIU thugs. Duh.

  5. bigdupa

    I always wondered what happened to the Cosby Kids (Fat Albert's crew.) Guess we'll never know who commissioned this speech thanks to Justice Roberts. Which Obama is holding the king of spades?

  6. DaSandman

    ah the right wing and their lunatic outriders have so many attractive tastelul substitutes for the word nigger.

  7. Oblios_Cap

    I never realized that Panch Villa was a Communist! I have really missed out by not being homeschooled.

    That picture should be used illustrate the definition of the word "assinine" in the dictionary.

    1. CapnFatback

      No, that's clearly a rendering of Cesar Chavez. When you've stereotyped one Messican, etc. . . .

  8. mavenmaven

    I love the vultures, George Soros and the UN. I suppose Soros hints at the only meme explicitly not seen on this poster- the hidden insidious hand of the JOOZ!!!!
    Can't see what's on the table, is ZOG written anywhere?

  9. Serolf_Divad

    Obama's a Nazi because the Nazis just looooved black people. Remember when Hitler had Jesse Owns personally sign a photograph for him just after Owens kicked ass at the Berlin olympic games?

  10. Moonbatting Average

    There's a wad of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of the table labeled "Snarky Liberal Blogs"

  11. fuhrius

    Great work Erik! I like the zoot suit with the swastika. Mike thinks it's confusing because he says zoots were more of a Latino phenom I guess but I think it works. Tammy says the jeckle should have had a neck sign like heckle but that's a minor issue.
    Couple of minor points though- our contact @ Gun Owner of America wants the rounds off Messicanbama before the print ads. (I know it's stupid but these people are wrapped extremely tight)
    I guess Chinkbama didn't make the cut but as you know I can't really draw that well.
    oh yeah… and I know it's yucky- could we possibly gay up Gaybama some more because I'm not sure the bandana plays.
    All in all though great work. I'll send the invoice before the end of business.

  12. obfuscator2

    it looks like the kiddie menu/placemat at a teabagger-themed restaurant chain. cracker barrel would be a great name, but it's already taken.

  13. mumbly_joe

    Wow, there's so many things there it's kinda impossible to believe that he could be all of them at once. Especially since so many of those things love killing others of those things and all.

    Jonah Goldberg is liable to disagree on that point, but then again, that's precisely why Jonah Goldberg is an idiot propagandist.

  14. lumpenprole

    This is such an explosive shit splat. I'd love to see a higher rez version in order to catalog all the symbols and how they illustrate various tenets of white trash mythology. It's visual art intended for an illiterate audience.

    It lacks Professor Anti-Christ Obama with a book ("DARWIN") tucked under one arm, sipping a latte, forked tail, etc…

    1. Chet Kincaid

      You sound like John Cusack in that movie about Young Hitler. Didn't work out so well for him.

      1. lumpenprole

        Should have cast Jack Black as Hitler in that one. "Top Five things about the Jews I'm going to scream about. One, …"

  15. petehammer

    "Us Tea Party patriots oppose Obama on policy grounds, NOT because he is black! We are against his policy of being a Mexican gay gangster Nazi muslin. We wish he would reverse that policy!"

    1. Starfish

      I'd go with Papyrus, myself. It would give it that much sought-after furriner Muslim touch. And it's so unique!

  16. bureaucrap

    Another historical marker demonstrating America's longstanding commitment to civilized discourse.

  17. JMPEsq

    How long before someone at RedState, Free Republic etc. claims this must be the work of a LIE-BERAL out to make the wingnuts look racist, like all those ones who pretended to be teabaggers and carried racist signs? If it hasn't happened already.

      1. Gleem_McShineys

        "B.A. Degree in Fine Art."

        It is never important WHERE you got your degree, you know. No need to mention it, ever.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Said it before, I'll say it again. 10 years ago, nobody would have considered putting something like this out in public. Now, they consider it a badge of honor and YOU are a P.O.S. to even suggest that this is racist.

  18. thx11380

    Yawn, once again Jack Stuef picks an anti-Obama story and plays devils advocate while trying his darndest to pretend he's not one of them.

    1. JMPEsq

      Yeah, Jack is actually a sekret Jewish racist, who along with laughing at poor white people whose children are kidnapped by the socialist state, hates Obama, black people, Muslims, Mexicans, gays, Jews, and gangsters and just loves racist billboards.

      Or else maybe there's such a thing as context.

  19. Guppy06

    He's four people at once? Is that like the Christian trinity?

    In the name of the Raghead, the Spic, and the Glory-Holer, amen.

  20. mrblifil

    Email sent to National Review? Looks shopped to me, badly so. I'm conflicted also by the anthropomorphized vultures lying in wait for…the demise of the constitooshun. On one hand they make me associate Democrats with vermin and horrible eaters of carrion. On the other hand they're cartoon-y and cute, and they fill me with warm memories of waking early of a Sunday morning and watching hours of animated entertainment. WHY DID OBABMAR HAVE TO RUIN SUNDAY MORNING KIDS TEEVEE THAT ARROGANT NEGRO??!!!1!!

  21. amalgamated_inc

    Wait–what is Muslin Obamar holding in his hand? OHMAHGAH, THE TERRORISTS HAVE STOLEN OUR EXCLAMATION POINTS.

  22. MiniMencken

    Where are the November Criminals, the Bourgeois Nationalists and the Jews? Seems somewhat incomplete to me.

    1. TX_Bluebonnets

      That involves a knowledge of history not contemplated by either 1960's sitcom reruns or any Fox broadcast, ever.

      And we can't be anti-Jew, anymore. We need them to spark the Apocalypse, according to a buncha fundamoron preachers.

  23. SarcasticNymph

    Hard to tell with the resolution, but I think each Obama's hand of cards includes three-of-a-kind sixes. Now what could that possibly be about? Let me think.

  24. Dimitrios_M

    The trouble with appealing to the lowest common denominator is just how terribly low those denominator truly are.

    Appealing to them only gets them all riled up and looking to see who needs a gosh darn whupping!

  25. ttommyunger

    I enjoy pointing out to Rightards that only Dubya could have fucked the wars and our economy up so bad that a young, inexperienced nigger could be elected just because he was the polar opposite of all things Republican… Voted for Bush? Twice? You put President Hopey in the White House. I only voted once for Barry, Dubya herded MILLIONS of votes his way just be being such a fuckup. You're welcome.

    1. Chet Kincaid

      And yet this "young, inexperienced nigger" is more qualified for the job than a senile movie actor or Yale legacy alcoholic fuck up. In fact, he is actually qualified.

  26. jimstoic

    Was he on gay.com last night? I'm pretty sure I saw someone who described himself as a Muslim Blatino Nazi.

  27. Sassomatic

    We have depicted Obama as the following people because they are bad: gangsters, Mexicans, gays, and Muslims. We didn't need to include black people because he is already black, and everyone knows that is bad.

  28. DeLand_DeLakes

    …Okay, I give up, what's the guy on the right supposed to be? Going bowling? Let's say bowling.
    …and I didn't know that old-timey Chicago gangsters were also Nazis?

  29. DeLand_DeLakes

    …Also, the image is pretty blurry, but I'm pretty sure the American soldier has no pants on in that picture.

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