Everyone decided it was Do Shit to Obama Day when the president had a rally in Philadelphia yesterday. Some unknown person threw a paperback book at him, for one, though apparently the president didn’t notice, so our antsy nation must wait until next time to try to change Obama’s reading habits again by tossing magazines and books and pre-loaded Kindles at him. Also, finally some Messican tried to take up that one billionaire guy’s $1-million offer to streak in front of the president. Unfortunately, Obama didn’t see the guy’s dick, because the police rushed in and covered the streaker up with a campaign sign. But hopefully that didn’t invalidate this stunt, because our nation’s economy could sort of use that million-dollar infusion. If it helps, we made a Blingee of it!

Them Messicans is taking our streaking jobs too!

Christopher Columbus would be proud of what Americans did with the place. And by place, we mean Philadelphia, the exact spot where his ships landed. [Daily Mail]

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