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GOP ‘Young Guns’ House Nominee Loves Playing Nazi Dress-Up

Heil Ohio!What this year’s crop of insane GOP/Teabagger candidates had lacked, so far, was really only a Tea Party-backed Republican nominee hand-selected as one of Eric Cantor’s “Young Guns” who also spent all his spare time dressed up like an actual Nazi Waffen SS soldier playing German Invasion in the woods around Toledo. And now, the story of the GOP Resurgence is complete, because the dress-up Nazi has been located. Meet Rich Iott, your new teabagger congressman from Ohio!

Joshua Green of The Atlantic brings us this charming tale of a man who simply loves history, that’s all:

Iott, whose district lies in Northwest Ohio, was involved with a group that calls itself Wiking, whose members are devoted to re-enacting the exploits of an actual Nazi division, the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking …. Iott confirmed his involvement with the group over a number of years, but said his interest in Nazi Germany was historical and he does not subscribe to the tenets of Nazism. “No, absolutely not,” he said. “In fact, there’s a disclaimer on the [Wiking] website. And you’ll find that on almost any reenactment website. It’s purely historical interest in World War II.”

Whatever, Hitler.

It only took a day for this very promising Nazi candidate to be removed from Eric Cantor’s heroic “Young Guns” group of 40-and 50-something GOP creeps chosen to be the Republican Party’s sexy new face:

Until last night, the GOP included the candidate, Rich Iott, on a list of promising potential members called Contenders — a notch below their so-called Young Guns. Now he’s gone, without a trace.

You can get away with a lot in conservative politics these days, but it turns out spending your weekends dressed as a Nazi, celebrating the brave Waffen 5th SS Panzer Division is still a bridge too far.

Haha, Talking Points Memo, always with the jokes. [The Atlantic/TPM]

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    1. smokefilledroommate

      His idea of a 3-way is Himmler, Goebbels and Mengele.

      A chili joke. I'm here all night.

  1. Neilist

    Be that as it may, those NAZIs made GREAT guns.

    I mean, the MG-42 is a CLASSIC.

    And they had GREAT fire departments, too. If only the City of Dresden had paid its $75 annual fee . . . .

      1. Iam_Who_Iam

        I’m gonna have to start paying you tutoring fees. Thanks to you I’ve got the translator bookmarked, so yea! I look it up and hell, it still means nothing to me (cuz I’m slow you see), so I google it and aw hell, now I’m gonna have to make a trip to the library.

        I think I learn more here goofing with you Wonkettes than I ever did in school. This has me wondering if school could be more effective if they threw in the random buttsex joke just to keep things interesting. Go figure, but at my school we got in trouble for that sort of thing. Way to crush our curiosity, assholes.

    1. natoslug

      Those were 1945 dollars, which with German inflation, would have been ~50,000 wheelbarrows of deutschmarks (sp?). They didn't have the spare manpower to haul their dues. Poor krauts. Certainly made them sauer.

    2. weejee

      The MG-TC is better and it oils you, or your garage floor, instead of you having to oil it.

      However, if you want a true CLASSIC go for a late 60s Morgan Plus 8.

        1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Had a '73 MGB for a few years. Really good car until the heater valve started to lead onto the distributer cap.

          1. Beanball

            Austin Healey 3000 owner here! Used to pop the cylinder head every month or so for "decarbonizing." With a big straight six and triple SU carbs and a Laycock de Normanville electric overdrive, it was good for 130 mph!

            Gadzooks, I loved that car.

          2. comrad_darkness

            My Miata tops out at 122 but I've never ever put anything but gas, oil, coolant, and air filters in it. For twenty bloody years. Suck on that.

          3. smokefilledroommate

            Love Mazdas. Had a 323 and never looked back. Really unsung in the states, anyway.

          4. HELisforHEL

            With ya there. Grew up in a Eurocentric gearhead house. Yes, a family of masochists, car-wise.
            And that's why we have a Miata. Fast, fun, runs like a dream and no Lucas Electrics to be found.

          5. Lascauxcaveman

            1970 MGB-GT.

            1969 Rover TC2000.

            Both great cars, and oddly enough, I never had an electrical problem with either. I'd take them both back for more than I sold them for.

        2. GunTotingProgressive

          Why do the British drink their beer warm?

          Because Lucas Electronics made wiring harnesses for refrigerators as well.

          1. comrad_darkness

            Oh, snap.

            Why do the British drink standing up?

            So they aren't surprised when they do.

          2. straighteight

            Nonsense! I've had a pacemaker built by Lucas Electronics for years and I've never had a prob–

          3. HELisforHEL

            I haven't heard that joke in years–LOL
            If your nom de plume was 'gun toting Libertarian', I'd swear you were my brother.

      1. Neilist

        Weejee, Old Trout, I, too, had my MG Experience, to wit, the 1959 MGA 1600 Twin Cam.

        Which is Ye Olde English for "Oil Spewing, Wooden Floorboard Leaking, Non-Starting Lucas Electricals Piece of Shit."

        If the Waffen SS had been using British auto "technology" during Operation Barbarossa, the Wiking Division would have stalled out about five miles over the German/Russian boarder.

        Although, if the SS had paid their $75 annual towing fee . . . .

        1. ShaveTheWhales

          Ah, memory. In 73 I was visiting a friend in San Jose, and my car died. He loaned me his 57 or 58 MGA so I could drive back to Mill Valley for work the next AM. Nice midnight stoner two hour drive, made all the more remarkable by the two-by-two foot piece of the floorboard that was missing, for some reason.

          So much fun, I subsequently bought a '74 B, which was perhaps my favorite car ever, except for the electrical switches breaking and stuff.

          All hail Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

    3. dogscantlookup

      I'll keep my Mosin Nagant 91/30 cheep, not complicated and can be mass produced like a mofo. Use it as a paddle for a boat it'll shoot.

    4. DashboardBuddha

      isn't our own famed M-60 based on the MG-42? The classics never really do go out of style, do they?

      1. Neilist

        Comparing the M-60 (A/K/A "The Pig") to the MG42 (A/K/A "Hitler's Zipper") is like comparing a Yugo to a Mercedes Benz.

        In the Grand Tradition of the U.S. Army Ordinance Dept. — the same folks who came up with the M14 and the M16 — we took a really, really good idea and Totally Fucked It Up.

          1. Gunner Asch

            Agreed. I used to teach the M-60 (thank you for the hearing loss/free VA care) and it was "jams 'r us" plus you couldn't keep your aiming point for night ops when you changed the barrel since the bipod is attached to it. Just sort of a loosey-goosey weapon all around. And I broke a solaris muscle in my calf lugging one uphill on a run.

    5. indecencycmdr

      wow. wonkette has discovered its own secret nazi division. where's the bear jew when you need him?

    6. Gunner Asch

      Neilist! Thank Woden you're here. Many moons back someone told me that "stutzengrabenzusterbenpanzerkraftwagen" was a real word for tank. Or was that Mark Twain just riffing on the German habit of compounding words ad infinitum?

    7. Neilist

      Once again, you Liberal Communist Pinko SCUM appall me. How the *&$ did I get 37 points on this post? What am I doing WRONG?

      On a less serious note: I confess I have a bit of sympathy for Iott. But only a bit. I don't really "get" reenators in the first place: In any Reasonable World, they would be buying and practicing with REAL guns, not running around with Airsoft copies or firing blanks. That way, they will be prepared when the ZOG takes over.

      But I don't have the same reaction to Confederate reenactors as I do to NAZI reenactors. Even though no less authority than U.S. Grant called the Confederacy, and the defense of slavery, the worst "cause" for which men had fought.

      And I will confess to being FASCINATED by Hitler, although, again, in a different context. I believe that, if you can "explain" Hitler, and what happened in German, you can explain the human race. (Interesting recent attempts: Spotts, "Hitler and the Aesthetics of Power"; Rosenbaum, "Explaining Hitler." And the movie "Max," with John Cusak.)

      Finally, and perhaps most important: In my hometown (SF), the guys in the SS uniform pieces were Butt Pirates down on the Castro. So in the end, the story really does come "full circle" back to today's "It's Raining Men" GOP!

      Or perhaps a better phrase would be "reach around"?

      Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Grand Old Parrrrrrr-TTTAAAAAY!

      (A cautionary note: Stay away from the Zyklon B "Poppers.")

      1. spooked911

        when I was a kid in the 60's, you could get a lot of WW2 stuff– books, models, etc. Nazis were on TV all the time. And I have to say, the Nazi Germans had:
        1) the coolest uniforms
        2) the coolest guns
        3) the coolest tanks
        4) the coolest planes

        Stylistically, they were amazing.

        1. HELisforHEL

          Beautiful uniforms; really, no other armed unit comes close. Too bad they were worn by patsies fighting for a cause put forth by an evil, delusional egomaniac.

          1. Iam_Who_Iam

            The stories of Hitler and his men being gay have a bit of credibility given the sharp uniforms. Your regular heterosexual fellow can't figure out to match socks, let alone how to put together such a snappy looking uniform.

      2. BerkeleyBear

        I get the whole fascination with the Reich/Hitler in a general sense (after all, the History channel wouldn't exist without WWII themed videos), but dressing up as any group associated with the Wehrmacht and claiming it is just about history is about as Trig-like an activity as possible. Especially since, uhlike the CW types, the "reenactment" is nowhere near the actual conflict site and there's no opfor group of reenactors (unless I'm terribly confused I don't think anyone's volunteering to play Jewish residents/Communist partisans or Uncle Joe's finest Red Brigades).

        1. Neilist

          The Liberal Communist Pinko SCUM in here probably would volunteer "to play the Jewish residents."

          But not the ones in the Warsaw Rising, or those shown in "Defiance."

          After all, the typical Wonketteer would be too busy whining "Gunz Is Bad," etc. to do any actual fighting.

          [Unless blogging from your bedroom counts . . . . )

          "Jews don't fight."

          "These Jews do."

          1. PuckStopsHere

            Of course "blogging from your bedroom" counts. Jesus, what the hell kind of a war are you talking about?

      3. LibrulEleet

        Interesting that you mention U.S. Grant, considering that he had a "Jewish problem" about 80 years before Hitler. Of course, Grant didn't kill them; he merely expelled them from his territory.

        1. Neilist

          Well, if they were Communist Liberal Pinko SCUMy Wonketteer Jews, do you blame old U.S. Grant for expelling them?

          Oh, and Grant was a racist, too, like almost all American whites in the 19th Century. I guess that makes him Pure Evil.

          (Gesh. Can't you people at least TRY to make a reasoned argument?)

  2. x111e7thst

    What's with the one in the kilt? Was he SO turned on by the Ohio Waffen SS that he just cold offered to be their bitch?

  3. Crank_Tango

    my favorite part of all of this is how harshly they judge the nazis, referring to the regime as "quite twisted in most cases." Barack Obama is the antichrist, but the nazis were just a little pervy or something.

    1. iburl

      "Quite twisted in most cases"

      That's their only "disclaimer" for the Nazi SS?

      Sounds more like Gene Shalet's review of Beetlejuice.

      Fascist Republican Swine is Fascist.

    2. kenlayisalive

      "Quite twisted in most cases". Yeah, that's a damning indictment for a mass murdering racist movement that killed 60 million people.

      That's like saying "As professional clowns go, John Wayne Gacy wasn't always the best with children."

    3. Zvi_Bleindmeis

      While heroically standing up to the insidious Soviet communist menace, the Nazis were also insensitive, impolite, and at times somewhat intolerant of those with differing views or backgrounds.

  4. PsycWench

    Oh, a DISCLAIMER! Well, that changes everything. They can't be Nazi sympathizers because the website has a sentence saying that they're not.

      1. hooray4anything

        My guess is that the Jewish friend was not really okay with it. In fact, whose to say his Jewish friend wasn't the one who tipped off the Atlantic? And even if he is okay with it, THIS Jew would like to go Inglorious Basterd on his ass.

    1. Radiotherapy

      Disclaimer: This page or anyone involved in its creation, or members of reenactment groups listed here, are in no way affiliated with real, radical political organizations (i.e., KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc.) and do not embrace the philosophies and actions of the original NSDAP (Nazi party), and wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities which made them infamous. May the victims of this unspeakable horror rest in peace. As we portray the German combat soldier, we are only interested in recreating his daily life, furthering our understanding of what it took to be a soldier, and at the same time having fun reliving history. We honor the men (and women) who really experienced the war, and we salute their courage and loyalty to put their lives on the line in defense of their native soil, no matter what nationality or government.


      1. PsycWench

        Perhaps in the spirit of having fun reliving history they should act out the part of concentration camp victims residents for a weekend. Some of us might be willing to go a little Nazi on them just this once.

      2. hooray4anything

        That would be true if it weren't for the fact that most of the war was fought in other countries. You know, the one's they bombed into smithereens and then invaded. Putting their lives "on the line in defense of Belgium, Holland, and Stalingrad" isn't quite the same thing.

      3. GOPCrusher

        Considering the fact that the Wiking Division was made up of volunteers from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, and other Scandinavian troops with German officers, saying that they are portraying the German combat soldier is a blatant lie. Nor did they put their lives on the line to "defend their native soil".
        Just say that you're fucking Nazi lovers and be done with it.

      4. outragedcitizen

        If they really want to "further their understanding of what it took to be a soldier", then they should join the US Army and go to Afghanistan. Then they will really get an understanding of what it take to be a soldier.

        At best, they are a bunch of immature jerkoff running around in the woods playing soldier, at worst, they are a bunch of racist jerkoff running around in the woods playing soldier. Either way they are good GOP Christian soldiers.

  5. Zvi_Bleindmeis

    I too have a fascination with history, specifically with the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. I therefore spend my spare weekends re-enacting the events of that historical era, out of historical interest, and not any personal approval of mass murder, torture, etc.

    1. Mort_Sinclair

      Bet you do that at your local high school, too, so you can achieve some verisimilitude by using an actual high school to stand in as the former Tuol Svay Prey high school that became the infamous torture chamber Security Jail 21. If you don't, you should.

      1. Zvi_Bleindmeis

        Right you are, Mort. Would you like to join our cadre of "Khmerican Rougies"? You would be a great addition to the movement. I mean group of historically interested re-enactors.

        1. Mort_Sinclair

          I'm in! Why, I'll start oiling up my collection of medieval pears right now! (on tippy toes) Imagine the fun! (clap clap clap)

      1. Crank_Tango

        In daddy's car, thinking you'll go far, back east your type don't crawl…

        thank you for putting that in my head!

  6. TJBeck

    So in 60-70 years, I'm assuming the descendants of these assholes will be dressing up as Osama Bin Laden and reenacting, for HISTORICAL PURPOSES, roadside bomb attacks.

    1. hooray4anything

      "I've always been fascinated by the fact that here was a small group of sheep herders who were able to, from a strictly terrorist point of view accomplished incredible things."

  7. PsycWench

    Asked whether his participation in a Nazi re-enactor's group might not upset voters, particularly Jewish voters, Iott said he hoped it would not: "They have to take it in context.

    So, Jews, if you're upset it's because YOU didn't take the time to stop, look up the history of this division and give it deep thought. You just got all upset.

    1. Crank_Tango

      hmm that was a good idea, looking up the history of the division (this is just the "war crimes" section)
      Members of the division's bakery column, led by Obersturmführer Braunnagel and Untersturmführer Kochalty, assisted Einsatzgruppe A in rounding up Ukrainian Jews. Witnesses report that the Jewish victims were forced to run a gauntlet formed by soldiers who would beat them as they passed, and when they reached the end of the gauntlet, Einsatzgruppen officers murdered them and their bodies were pushed into a bomb crater. The German 1st Mountain Division is also suspected of being implicated. Between 50 and 60 Jews were killed in this manner, as a part of the larger Einsatzgruppe operation which resulted in over 700 murders [8]

      In addition historian Eleonore Lappin from the Institute for the History of Jews in Austria has documented several cases of war crimes committed by members of the 5 SS Division Wiking in her work The Death Marches of Hungarian Jews Through Austria in the Spring of 1945 [9] .

      1. DoktorZoom

        God, do you have to be so OBSESSED with the past? So they committed a few atrocities–it's not like they refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance or something.

          1. mumbly_joe

            And according to the wiki page, he considered it an extremely easy political "win", which it basically was, because what sort of fucking moron complains about universal health care? Awesome.

        1. Beanball

          Otto von Bismarck instituted national health for the German volk in 1883. He wanted to beat the socialists to it.

          1. Iam_Who_Iam

            Be careful there with the double posts buddy. Hell, for a second there I thought I was having a stroke.

    2. mumbly_joe

      Why is it that the Jews always talk about the the bad things the Germans did to them, but they never talk about all the good things? Like, they always talk about the genocide thing, but they never talk about… umm.

      I'm not a racist.

      1. Katydid

        Some of us Jews whose families lived in Germany before getting the hell out have blue eyes and blonde hair, so there is that. Wait, what?

  8. obiwanacracker

    If there were only holding red plastic cups, or wearing reindeer dildo noses, we could chalk this all up to facebook shenanigans. Those wacky, irrepressible young guns!

    1. DashboardBuddha

      Someone on HuffPo made just that reference. Something along the lines of "hey…what about candidates who fellate the dildo on her husband's nose?".

  9. DashboardBuddha

    It just boggles my mind that anyone other than an actor would want to play a nazi in any circumstance.

    Look at that picture…we're all just guys here…pretending to be members of ONE OF THE MOST EVIL ORGANIZATIONS EVER TO EXIST.

        1. DashboardBuddha

          Holy shit! There seem to be some serious IB lovers here. Does it help that I really liked Fight Club? No? Here…let me watch Inglorious Bastards again.

          [time passes]

          HOLY SHIT! What was I thinking. GREATEST.MOVIE.EVER.

          Thank for setting me straight folks!

        2. lumpenprole

          That movie promised me something like ten dead nazis for each undercover Jewish fighter right at the beginning and then DID NOT DELIVER anything like that number of dead nazis for the next several hours. Then there was a big, needlessly complicated fire made of nazis, the end. Very unsatisfying.

        3. transfatz

          Some years ago I worked with a big, very old Sioux Indian. He's gone now. He told me he fought in WW2. I asked him what he did. He answered "I killed Germans". I laughed and told him that lots of people did that. He said "No, we were special. We heard they considered us inferior so we killed them."
          He was in a group of Indians dropped behind enemy lines to kill German soldiers silently as they made their way back to allied positions. They never used guns, only knives and hand axes. They left a feather on the body. The German soldiers were absolutely terrified of these Indians. They spooked the Americans too since they would penetrate our lines without anyone noticing. So there were real Inglorious Bastards.

          1. transfatz

            Shortly after I posted I remembered a detail from my conversation with the man we knew as "The Chief".
            He told me he liked to place the feather in the mouth of the dead German so that the departing spirit would know he had been killed by an Indian.
            Essentially rubbing the victory of the untermensch in, even after death.

    1. DoktorZoom

      Did you consider that maybe he just didn't have the figure for an Imperial Stormtrooper outfit?

  10. Mort_Sinclair

    First we had Kurt Waldheim, former Austrian U.N. Secretary General, who gave us the unforgettable Waldheimer's disease, a variant of Alzheimer's disease, in which one forgets one was ever a Nazi.

    No we probably should offer up Iotter's disease, a more refined variant, in which the sufferer forgets simply that Nazis were bad.

    1. Crank_Tango

      well, they remember the nazis are bad when they somehow remember they were called national socialists, and then they remember that they are into calling democrats "socialists," but only then.

    2. walterhwhite

      And let's not forgot our very own Nazi Pope Razzinger (Pope-a-razzi?), part of that very special Nazi Youth group.

  11. ManchuCandidate

    I wake up in the morning
    And I raise my weary head
    I've got a Wehrmacht coat for a pillow
    And a Panzer was last night's bed
    I don't know where I'm going
    Only Himmler knows where I've been
    I'm a nazi on the run
    A SS lover
    A fake soldier in the wind

    When you're brought into this world
    They say you're born with white skin
    Well at least they gave me something
    I didn't have to steal or have to win
    Well I tell them that I'm a teabagger
    Yeah, I'm a teabagging man
    I'm a dolt in your stable
    I'm Goering was to Himmler
    Mister fake SS Hauptman if you please

    I'm wearing a blazer of the Nazis
    I'm SS now and act as a douche
    I'm wearing a blazer of the Nazis
    Lord I never fought for real
    But I drew fake blood
    I'm on Cantor's list
    Call me young gun

  12. el_donaldo

    No, really, it's totally innocent. They're just into outdoor revival productions of the Sound of Music. You should seem him in a nun costume!

  13. JustPixelz

    Someone dresses up as a Nazi and spends his time acting like a Nazi and describes what it's like to be a Nazi, and everyone on the internet goes all Godwin on him.

    1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

      My god, comments like yours are why I keep coming back to Wonkette.

      That and the popsicles.

  14. Rarian Rakista

    I am now convinced more than ever that the Tea Party is working on time travel technology and will soon appear in 1920's Germany in full uniform to start the Nazi Party, we must stop them!

  15. Radiotherapy

    I can't wait for his RNC make-over, alá, Christine O'Donnell.

    Pensively looking into camera:

    "I am not a Nazi….I'm you."

  16. glamourdammerung

    So all the whining about President Obama being just like Hitler was actually a compliment?

  17. kittylittr

    It's been noted elsewhere that Young Gun Iott (is there a D missing from that name?) is 58.

    Membership in the Young Guns is limited to Republicans who are still on their first heart.

  18. ManchuCandidate

    I've read more than my share of military history and been an uber dork who spent more than few hours playing Avalon Hill type wargames with complicated rules that make lawyers cry so I've met folks like Fake Himmler here.

    It's not a surprise to me that guys who made a fetish of German military prowess have politics that are RW. Sure they had flashier uniforms and better weapons (or so they claimed) but it's hard to not forget about the "killing the undesireables" and starting WW2 in the name of Hitler.

    1. slappypaddy

      i used to play those avalon hill games, too. always hated the supply rules, logistics being above my pay grade at that age.

      i thought the germans had the coolest army on god's battered earth. i used to wish i could go back to world war two germany and be hitler's military advisor, get him to make more of those me-262s and put all of them in fighter squadrons.

      then i got older and found out about how hitler's germany started the war without provocation, and the role of the soldiers in that then came to seem noble warriors badly used.

      which i don't doubt some of them were. but then i got even older and became more fully comprehending of the various vectors along which this evil regime extended, and came to think we didn't kill enough of them.

      1. spooked911

        I did that too, to some extent, and I got older and found out that Hitler was actually a British agent.

    2. DashboardBuddha

      Ex-Squad Leader geek here…an not the pussy "copy" from Microsoft. Full blown Crescendo of Doom, Cross of Iron, and just got started with ASW.

      Then computers came along. Oh my…Steel Panthers! I was really into the online tourney scene during the late 90s. And yes…everyone want to play the fucking Nazis. I thought it was just the cooler equipment, but now…it was a full blown identification with the Nazis.

      I play SP by myself now.

      1. ManchuCandidate

        Squad Leader blew me away with its complexity. 2 hours of dice rolling and yelling about the archaic rules to finish a 10 sec fire fight… Those were the days. Which was why I love Steel Panthers.

      2. glamourdammerung

        I actually tend to want to play the side that lost in such things. So it is not always a Nazi fetish.

  19. Radiotherapy

    This is one strange permeation of Godwin's Law.
    Radio's Corollary:
    As an election cycle grows longer, the probability of a teabagger/Republican emulating Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

    1. weejee

      Sweet. Radio's Corollary will be taught in PoliSci classes for years.

      But how will the Politi-hoze report all this raining of little Repubican-Teattard Schicklgrubers? How will Ben Dover Smith put a positive spin on this?

      1. Radiotherapy

        The weejee Effect:
        Any documented Repubican-Teattard Nazi emulation will be ceremoniously defended by the Right-wingtard media.

        1. x111e7thst

          It is not impossible that a sufficiently severe hookworm infestation might lead to behaviors indistinguishable from Nazism.

          1. JustPixelz

            I googled that and one of the symptoms is "Loss of appetite" which is clearly not the case with Mr. Iott.

  20. JustPixelz

    A few decades ago I worked as crew on local stage shows. One year the group was putting on "Sound of Music". The actors who portrayed the Nazi soldiers thought it would be a hoot to go to a nearby bar in costume. It turns out a few WWII veterans were in that bar. Well they didn't get to be The Greatest Generation™ by confusing stupid actors with the deadly enemies they faced in the war. Nonetheless, after a few words, the costumes stayed in the theatre thereafter.

    OK, that's an amusing anecdote. But at my synagogue — back when I went — there were WWII concentration camp survivors in the congregation. For those people, seeing a man dressed as Waffen SS (as in the photos I saw of this turd blossom elsewhere on the net) is a horrible reminder of a horrible time.

    If Mr. Iott wants to play dress up, I want to play the Russian soldier who captures him. I guarantee historic accuracy.

    1. GuanoFaucet

      And also I'm sure Fischer will argue that Hitler practiced muscular Christianity and it was all the Jews fault for dying at Nazi hands because they didn't buy genocide insurance. So dressing up as a Nazi is the Christian thing to do. QED.

  21. johnnyzhivago

    You can't really blame the guy, I mean under the principals of Liebensraum, EASTERN INDIANA HAS ALVAYS BEEN THE DESTINY OF THE ARYAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Radiotherapy

      Don't laugh Johnny. Hitler based his subjugation of the Slavs in the East, i.e. Lebensraum, on the US Govt's model of clearing the Native Americans.

      1. mumbly_joe

        The Nazis also claimed that they got the idea of killing all the gheys and Trigs from the largely-American Eugenics movement. So, there's that, too.

  22. Fare la Volpe

    Ugh, these cavemen are enough to make anyone lose their interest in Nazi uniform fetish. So gross.

  23. obiwanacracker

    The "I apologize to any of you oversensitive nellies who may have been offended by my actions" defense–the last refuge of the damned.

    1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

      Looks like Ollie North is the guy on the right, so they must get his lying sack of shit approval.

  24. PsycWench

    Annnddd….now we have the official statement bitching about "The despicable accusations and distortions of the truth that have been leveled at me" although I'm hard pressed to see anything in print that isn't demonstrably true.

  25. wok3

    I bet they figured that since the Pope was a Nazi in his younger days, that no one would think this was a big deal. Well, except they probably hate the Pope too.

  26. metamarcisf

    O.K., just so I have this straight, left to right it's: Major Hochstetter, General Burkhalter, Congressman Iott, Colonel Klink

    1. obiwanacracker

      OT, but allow me to thank you for your negative p score–I assume it means you've been p'ing on the enemies sites so that we don't have to p on them here. A greatful Wonkette nation salutes you.

        1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

          I made it -359 because I'm a band-wagoner like that.
          That and you're a god-damned mooslim!

          1. metamarcisf

            We're stupid, racist, ignorant traitors who will be shot like dogs the moment the sun comes up, November 3rd.

          2. obiwanacracker

            Upon review of the brightfart comment section, I have decided that I'd rather be shot with the Wonkeratti than live with whatever it is that's going on over there. But that could just be the rum talking. /maudlin off

  27. kenlayisalive

    Hey look, I rock the Hitler mustache sometimes but PURELY because I'm really into mustache history. Say, any one else really love the way swastikas look – you know, PURELY from a graphic design standpoint?

  28. MishyC

    Is it just me or does it look like Cantor and his buddy on the right are wearing paisley skirts with their nazi jackets? What a fashion faux pas

    1. weejee

      ♪♫ Springtime for Nazis in the GOP
      So tired of the libtard and ghey!
      They're marching to a faster pace
      Look out, here comes the Skoll-Rebel race!
      Springtime for Nazis in the GOP
      Homeland's a fine land once more!
      Springtime for Nazis in the GOP
      Watch out, Europe
      We're going on tour!
      Springtime for Nazis in the GOP♫♪

  29. PubOption

    Guy 2nd from the left appears to be wearing a British RAF uniform. What's he doing cavorting with the SS?

  30. DoktorZoom

    Mind you, the Nazis were NOT right wing–I was corrected by a Teabagger on this point, since, you see, the Nazis had "socialist" in their name. He also scoffed at my description of Fransisco Franco as a right-wing dictator, because, as we all know, only the political left has any dictatorial tendencies. Also, black is white, day is night, and good is evil.

    1. mumbly_joe

      This explains why that famous left-wing rag, the National Review, wrote so glowingly of Sr. Franco, and also why North Korea, which has both the word "Democratic" and "Republic" in its official name, is freer and more democratic than the United States, which has neither. Logic!

  31. horsedreamer_1

    At least they're moving into the last century.

    Civil War re-enactments are just so passe… Especially considering, from Nixon on, the "States's Rights" crowd won.

  32. donner_froh

    I was wondering where Max Mosley had gone after all that trouble because of his "problem" which was getting caught in an orgy with multiple hookers dressed as Nazis.

  33. Bonzos_Bed_Time

    Yeah, shaving your head like the guy on the left was a typical Nazi hair style in the 40's.

  34. DashboardBuddha

    Why don't they dress up like Japanese soldiers? Fuck Hitler…the nips conquered something like 25% of whole surface of the planet.

    Oh…wait. That's right…the Japanese aren't white.

    1. Dr_pangloss

      Yeah they Luuuuvvvvv the Roman Empire but you'd never see them dressed up a Ghengis Khan(unless you're John Wayne). Arguably the greatest empire of antiquity.

    1. Radiotherapy

      Yeah, this will be part one of the weejee Effect:
      He did it for the kids…. And family values.
      Daddy, tell me a bedtime story about the WaffleGroupies.

      Or, they may try this one: Wasn't Robert Byrd in the KKK?
      Stay tuned.

  35. PublicLuxury

    For this Iott person (I use the term loosely) I wouldn't be surprised to find liberals his victims… libruls and jooooooooz. Always the jooooz

  36. transfatz

    I was raised in a time when tattoos weren't very popular. Occasionally I would see a very uninteresting one on someone's arm. Just numbers.
    Stick a fork in him and turn him over. He's done.

    1. PsycWench

      I worked in a department store in South Florida in the early 80's when I was around 22 years old. I will never forget the shock of seeing an older woman hand me her credit card and seeing those numbers and realizing what they were. I can see it in my mind clearly right now.

      1. Katydid

        I used to date a guy who was very into Yiddish, and one day we went to the lower East Side in NY looking for Yiddish books. The owner was a really crabby older guy, and he seemed very annoyed that we wanted to buy his books.

        Just as I was getting annoyed back at him, I saw his arm, tattooed, with just numbers. I thought I would die. I was very young, and didn't know where to look, or how to act. We just finished our purchase and got out, but that was more than 20 years ago, and it still haunts me too.

        1. DustBowlBlues

          See? That's why we liberals are always outgunned, so to speak, by the Repubtards. We have empathy for the suffering of others. We are decent people. They don't, and they aren't.

          Also, conservtards have zero sense of humor. The end.

        2. Advn2rgirl

          My dad's partner's parents are camp survivors, as were most of their friends. Fred said that, when he was a very little kid, he thought that that tattoo was just a thing that grown-ups had, like beards or chest hair. Can you imagine?

          When they went into business together in the 70s, they gave my mother a $20 gold piece in a lovely setting on a chain. Mrs. J said this was because "you should always have some hard currency around the house in case you had to go on the run, unexpectedly." In the 19fucking70s, they were *still* factoring the possibility of the assholes taking over the government and trying to kill you UNEXPECTEDLY into their plans.

          Fuck a Nazi and fuck a pretend Nazi twice.

      2. transfatz

        Thanks. Those tattoos burned their way into my eyes and heart. Those visions still fill me with the odd combination of helpless tears and freezing rage.

  37. JoshuaNorton

    If there's any dumb schmuck out there who is actually surprised by this, I have a nice shiny gold bridge I'd like to talk to you about. It's going cheap.

      1. mrblifil

        Damn straight. I fucked the whole thing up. I got banned by Breitbart after generating giant negative pee over there. But do I have the red emblem of death attached to me? No. Because I crave approval at Wonkett. Which makes me a moran.

        1. PsycWench

          "Banned by Breitbart" is a badge of honor. Be sure to put it on your next resume, or at least your Facebook page.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      I've yet to determine what mathematical formula is used to determine our "scores." At first I just thought it was a count of all the thumbs up we received, but SayItWithWookiees would be somewhere in the thousands were that the case.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        And I can't for the life of me get the replies to drop down and stay visible. Sometimes they're there without me asking and then the next thing I read, I have to open them manually on each and every post. It's VERY annoying. I want to read what ALL of you douchebags say. I don't discriminate, except in the case of … he knows who he is.

        1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Yeah, sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not. Still better than the 64k modem feel of the previous version though.

        2. Chet Kincaid

          I wrote to Layne and requested that they add an "Expand All Threads" button that would work in all three of the comment stacking orders. Maybe others should as well.

          1. Bonzos_Bed_Time

            Yeah, he's known to be really responsive to requests from the commenterati.
            I must say, I do miss Wonkette being part of the Gawker universe, what with their fancy expand all buttons and such.

          2. Jukesgrrl

            And sometime the "Go to comment" link on the Intense Notification E-mails work, and sometimes they don't. As in now. I wanted to reply to you to say "thanks" and it took me forever to find this post since "Go to comment" only took me to the article and I couldn't even see the comments. Sigh.

            But the new format IS an improvement and I trust they'll work hard to get the kinks out. Perhaps the person who posts the article has to do something at post-time to get the replies to drop automatically. That would explain why they're visible sometimes and other times not.

          3. DustBowlBlues

            "I trust they'll work hard to get the kinks out"???? Now who's sucking up to Ken Layne. But as Bonzo said above, Ken really is famous for his "the wonkeratti are always" right approach to the wonkett, so I'm sure he'll take all these comments to heart.

            (Carefully worded since I figure he could take away my 70+ pees and then where would I be? On Daily Kos?)

      2. Chet Kincaid

        It is something akin to NFL quarterback ratings: http://support.intensedebate.com/users/reputation

        "Each IntenseDebate and WordPress.com user has a reputation score that accompanies their profile. This is the number next to your profile picture in the comment displayed when you post a comment.

        Reputation scores are determined by an algorithm that takes into account the number of posts you make, the number of up votes or down votes, and also factors in a time variable. Negative votes will impact your reputation score more heavily. Please note that this means that you will not receive an increase in your score every time you post a comment or receive an up vote. Keep posting and you’ll get there!"

        And from the "pee popup," 16p is average, 52p is good, and 102p is "awesome."

    1. TX_Bluebonnets

      Gotta get down to it,
      Nazis are bringin' us down,
      Shoulda stopped puttin' up with it long ago,
      What if you knew America, and found her dead on the ground…
      Where will you run, not to Ohio?

  38. Rambone

    This is so disheartening.

    I thought the GOP had adopted a kinder, gentler NAZI-ism. The kind where they let undesirables starve to death due to employment discrimination and where they allow the mentally ill to waste away in the streets from lack of medical care . . .

  39. comrad_darkness

    What's really sad? I feel relieved that the republicans still pretend to have some limits. I was kinda missing that.

    1. MiniMencken

      Excellent idea! Reenactors of Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin's soldiers could gang rape schoolgirls in dirndls and braids. So like the Founding Fathers would have wanted to do, as Godly patriots.

  40. waitforsugar

    "He added that he has participated in re-enactments as a Civil War Union infantryman, a World War I dough boy and World War II American infantryman and paratrooper."

    Oh. That totally makes it ok to dress up like a nazi on the weekend with your son.

  41. lulzmonger

    Waffen-GOP FTW!

    Issues of taste & decency notwithstanding, just how much of a raging fucktard do you have to be to work in national politics, & think it's a hoot to smile for the birdie with your nice new Waffen-SS uniform on?

    Probably safe to assume he has "inhale" & "exhale" tattooed on the inside of his eyelids.

    1. Fare la Volpe

      Young by comparison, dear. When the Ubermensch of your political party is a 100 year old dead guy, "able to breathe" is considered spry and youthful.

  42. Limeylizzie

    So, I just got back from the theatre and I check in with the Wonkette to see if there is anything that might be of interest to me…..and my whole WW2 porn rich fantasy life has to be revamped now, I would not play "Hide the Receiver in My Panties" with any of these fucktards! Goddammit! What to do, what do do.

      1. Limeylizzie

        No, I am always a Violette Szabo re-enactor, helping downed airmen, hiding Jews, bombing railways , machine gunning evil collaborators and, every so often , having to pleasure a really handsome Nazi. Call me crazy!

    1. SheriffRoscoe

      Wait until you see the one with the swastika sticking out his ass…….It's all fun and games until one of the boys tries turning that fucker.

  43. deelzebub

    They let Bush Jr.'s Grandpa Prescott be a US Senator after WWII. So, yeah, the Republicans don't have the best track record on ostracizing Nazi assholes.

  44. smalltalk

    Ya, it's a well known fact that everybody, without exception, wear only costumes reflecting people or groups they admire. It's a politically correct rule that absolutely everyone obeys without question.

  45. Tim

    You know, I was really thinking the next prez race was going to be really boring, what with basically the same GOP morons running again. I mean, Huckabee will not be funny the second time around, Mittens is is just horrifying, and Ol' Dawg opossum sucking Jeezy Jowls Thompson is too old to run. It's sad when Ron Paul is the least offensive conservatard.

    Now I'm convinced 2012 will be a real roller coaster.

  46. mavenmaven

    The real scary part is in this quote from the guy, which is directly in line with the new tea bagging Glenn Beck meme about the Nazis really being leftists: "Nazi Germany had no problem in recruiting the multitudes of volunteers willing to lay down their lives to ensure a "New and Free Europe", free of the threat of Communism." So along with the baggers and the GOP talk about small government, a larger military, and leadership based on non-elected "leaders", well, it sure sounds like we're in Weimar again.

    1. Sheesko

      That quote isn't Iott's. It's from an earlier incarnation of the http://www.Wiking.org website, accessible via the wonderful http://www.WaybackMachine.org, in which they attempt to explain that all of the guys with the German names on their list of reenactors are really just your average history buffs. It is so obviously written as a hymn to the Third Reich, but with little parenthetical paeans to how "twisted" a lot of Nazi ideas were and so on. I note that the current site goes one step further to point out that the unit they've adopted for their reenactment "hobby" is one that never fought Americans, only them-thar godless comnist. (Good insurance in GOP circles, I'm sure.) One picture being worth a thousand words, check out the recruitment posters lovingly displayed with those half-hearted disclaimers and tell me that this isn't one happy little Bund von Brüdern.

  47. deelzebub

    I'm waiting for a "sorry if anyone was offended" douchebag special non-apology. God fucking forbid anyone ever say, "I'm sorry I was offensive."

  48. mavenmaven

    I'd add, that it would be very interesting to hear the opinions on various matters from the skinhead on the left. And to see his tattoos.

  49. LionelHutzEsq

    There might be an innocent explanation to all of this. Maybe they are all gay and just want to celebrate the designs of Hugo Boss.

  50. LionelHutzEsq

    You can get away with a lot in conservative politics these days, but it turns out spending your weekends dressed as a Nazi, celebrating the brave Waffen 5th SS Panzer Division is still a bridge too far.

    And yet, how do you explain Glenn Beck?

  51. Chet Kincaid

    Given the American mentality of indifference to international suffering and active nazi sympathy/identification (then and now), Roosevelt really is a genius for having maneuvered us into war with those fucks. Guess that's part of why he is Lucifer to the Republicans.

  52. MiniMencken

    As someone whose mother and sister were guests of Das Dritte Reich in the charming Austrian location called Mauthausen-Gusen, so near Hitler's beloved Linz, well, I'm just tickled by Rich Iott's fun dress-up games. Maybe Wonketteers can dress up as some of Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin's forces and then collect and liquidate these Fascist degenerates. But, in the spirit of fun, of course!

  53. gurukalehuru

    According to Wikipedia, the ELITE 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking was primarily made up of foreign, largely Scandinavian, volunteers. Thus, they can't even claim that they were just serving their country, or just following orders.
    They were involved in war crimes, notably in the Ukraine and many members of the division were tried after the war. Mengele was in this division.
    Dressing up in their uniforms and having re-enactments is a bit like dressing up as a girl for Halloween. You can say it's only a costume all you want, but….

    1. BarackMyWorld

      I wonder if any Vietnamese ever dress up like Lt. Calley and do reenactments. I'm guessing probably not.

  54. Dr_pangloss

    Ohio Nazis, I hate these guys. Shit they are not even real Nazis. Just faux Nazis. Republicans why just they can't admit that they are all gay for fascism and leave it at that. Or more like a D/s relationship with Jebus? Hmm going to have to think that one over.

    1. mercianomad

      I think it has something to do with their increasingly recognizable penchant for lying about everything they say.

    1. AntonovBureau

      I'm still below the 40-50 year old age requirement, but I would appreciate any hot 18-24 year old to call me a "Young Gun". Thank you.

  55. finallyhappy

    Surprisingly(not), he has been defended on the WaPo by commenters- I am not sure what a teabagger has to do to have teabaggers not defend him/her. stupidity reigns!

      1. DustBowlBlues

        Except for the poor goat who was in the picture of the Teabagger doing sexy time with barn animals. Or maybe the multiple child abuse, but then I'm sure a Catholic priest could take the Teabagger universe by storm. Like Father Coughlin but with the interwebs.

    1. DCHatesMe

      Cold War re-enactments are weird.

      Re-enact McCarthy witchhunts
      Re-enact failed Castro assasinations
      Re-enact CIA experiments with LSD
      Build bomb shelters
      Duck and Cover
      Write long gulag novel

      1. Jukesgrrl

        We'll get the job to write the gulag novel.

        It's often occurred to me reading this website that our dear Wonkette comments are actually an exquisite corpse writing exercise recording the end of American democracy.

    2. mrblifil

      Seems like there was a breakdown in discipline at those high schools. At least we know that could never happen here. American high school kids would never eat there principals, unless they were first rolled in cornmeal and deep fried, and a 64 oz drink was included.

  56. neiltheblaze

    I just love it when these guys allow their collective id to run around loose and play dress up! I'll bet they've got photos of the circle jerk later on too.

  57. jakegittes

    You just gotta love the way the Republicans engage in the vetting process. And what does it say about Eric Cantor, currently the only Jewish member of the Republican caucus?

  58. SaintRond

    I'd like to see Eric Cantor dressed up in one of those striped Sonderkommando suits. You know, the Jews designated to go into the gas chambers with plyers to pull out the gold teeth of the dead. That would make the reenactment just perfect. And what a bonding experience.

  59. Chet Kincaid

    Would love to keep busting on these guys with y'all, but Wikings at Panzers is on Fox at Noon. I expect a lot of bombs and blitzing.

  60. Mindblank

    Next, they'll claim that they were just 'following orders' to dress up as Waffen SS. Isn't that so, OBERGRUPPENFUHRER BOEHNER?

  61. BarackMyWorld

    U peeple need to lern ur history. Nazi's were bad is becuz they beleeved in big govermint. Librul Demoncrat party shoud luv the Nazi's.

    1. mumbly_joe

      I know, rite? But good luck getting a Demoncrat to tell you they love big government like Pinocet and Franco and Salazar (Portugal, the fascist regime everyone always forgets) had.

      It's almost as though the notion that libruls love big government for its own sake, is some sort of inane smear invented by someone who has never met a librul in his life, much less had a conversation with one about their views.

      Either that, or every librul is lying about what they think, and government, not the diminishing of human suffering, is seekritly what we love, deep down. In fact, let's just assume it's the latter, because really, the best way to have any sort of civil discourse is to accuse someone of lying constantly about what they actually believe, and to then try to psychoanalyze why the believe some other thing that they obviously believe, according to you.

    1. mumbly_joe

      There may well be plenty of blacks and hispanics, and also Japanese-Americans, interested in WWII history- the Tuskeegee Airmen and the 442nd Infantry have some impressive battle records, as they were "completely coincidentally" used largely as front-line cannon fodder in pivotal conflicts, much as the 54th Massachusetts Infantry was used in the Civil War, also by "coincidence".

      The only problem is, I'm kinda suspecting that these guys insist on segregated units, you know, for "historical accuracy" purposes.

      1. HistoriCat

        No, it's because they're lazy and just don't have the mental capacity necessary to understand reenactments.

        Or maybe it's because they're more concerned with our actual current reality. You know, the one which is fucked up and needs attention. Oh hell, this not very snarkful – sorry.

  62. Bluestatelibel

    One thing is clear, Repubs sure like to put on costumes, don't they? Whether it's wearing a tricorn hat, or a diaper, or a Nazi outfit, they just love playing pretend and putting on their fancy costumes…the kind of thing most normal people get tired of when they're about 10. Such precious little darlings.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      Reelection? Has no one ever noticed his hobby before? Or to quote the old Judy Garland song, "How long has this been going on." (By Gershwin, I think).

      1. hooray4anything

        Turns out that I'm so used to crazy-ass idiot Republicans being either in office already or about to beat a Democrat, I automatically assumed he was either in office or about to win. Turns out it's a blue-ish district and he's being crushed, although this could start turn the election in his favor. I don't know– it's hard to know just how insane, stupid, or bigoted you have to be in this country to not win an election campaign.

  63. MaxNeanderthal

    The other night my wife took her 84 year old mother to watch a stage production of the Sound of Music. The final concert scene (admit it, you've all seen it) was made more realistic by actors in Nazi uniforms standing around in the wings, the audience, etc. My mother in law escaped from Germany on the last kinder transport. All her family, bar her sister, cousin and one aunt, were murdered. She admitted to feeling physically sick with fear, even 65 years after the Wiking division got their just desserts at the hands of the Red Army.
    These acorn cocked little turds just don't get it, do they? And who the fuck is that on the right? Looks like Rudolf Hess with botox.

  64. Bluestatelibel

    You raise a great point, it's not only a slap in the face to the millions of people who were murdered by those bastards, but to anyone who fought the bastards in those cute little uniforms.

  65. DustBowlBlues

    G**dammit. I've got too much family in town to visit "my" wonkette because my personal Young Guns would be scandalized if they knew where the old gun hangs out, but, g**dammit. Over 200 comments to read?

    Fuck it. I don't have time. Therefore, Im going too switch side and comdemn you godless libruls for makking fun of some GOOD INNOCENT FUN. I thot you assholes appeshiated the history but fuck you all, you don't. This wet teabag is for you, dooshbags.

    (Being stupid isn't nearly as easy one would think.)

    1. chascates

      Do your relations insist on watching Fox News when they visit? Tell jokes about Obama & Pelosi? And I'm guessing you live in a dry county?

  66. chascates

    The Family, with their C Street boys' club, is known to have great respect for the Nazi method of domination and control. Via Wiki:
    Jeff Sharlet and Andrea Mitchell have described Fellowship leader Doug Coe as preaching a leadership model and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ comparable to the blind devotion that Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot demanded from their followers. In one videotaped lecture series in 1989, Coe said: "Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler were three men. Think of the immense power these three men had…But they bound themselves together in an agreement…Two years before they moved into Poland, these three men had…systematically a plan drawn out…to annihilate the entire Polish population and destroy by numbers every single house…every single building in Warsaw and then to start on the rest of Poland." Coe adds that it worked; they killed six and a half million "Polish people." Though he calls Nazis "these enemies of ours," he compares their commitment to Jesus' demands: "Jesus said, ‘You have to put me before other people. And you have to put me before yourself.' Hitler, that was the demand to be in the Nazi party. You have to put the Nazi party and its objectives ahead of your own life and ahead of other people.

    The Young Guns have a lot in common with the Nazi Youth.

      1. chascates

        I actually forwarded that in as a tip but no takers. The one thing I admire about 'The Family' is that they state flat out they're interested only in the 'top men', the powerful. And that they talk more about earthly success than doing-unto-others. That's keepin' it real.

  67. Wadisay

    On the other hand, this does give Iott a certain amount of credibility when he denounces Islamo-fascists.

    1. mercianomad

      Maybe not. Some of Hitler's foreign legion Waffen SS divisions were Muslim troops – numbering in the tens of thousands, particularly in the Balkans. Then again, they needed the bodies, having lost so many racially pure ones to the subhuman Russian hordes.

      Dumbfuck Nazis. David Icke's crackpot theory about lizard people from the constellation Draco seeking world domination is seeming less and less crackpot the more I see this part of "humanity."

  68. Mort_Sinclair

    Really, this is just more of the same on the Palin Continuum. After all, if she can can get branded a "hockey mom" when her delinquent son is shipping to Michigan after vandalizing a fleet of school buses, why can't Iott simply be a "history buff" and not a bigoted anti-Semitic loon?

  69. lulzmonger

    Iott's happy Nazi dress-up snapshot brings to mind the saga of Tony Zerkle, the GOP reptile from a few years ago who expressed dismay that anyone was upset at his giving a speech to a gathering of neo-nazis who were celebrating Hitler's birthday. His explanation was short & sweet: hey, I'm an equal-opportunity whore – I'll speak for anyone who pays my speaking-fee! Heck, I even once gave a speech to a group of NEGROS! So what's the big deal, guys?

    But I'm sure this is just an unfortunate coincidence … as is the ongoing GOP endorsement from all those nice kids on Stormfront's forums.

  70. DeLand_DeLakes

    …..Why is the other half of his Nazi uniform made of my grandmother's couch from the 1970s?

  71. Clancy_Pants

    Head Nazi: The Jew is using The Black as muscle against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, Whitey? Just sit there? Of course not! You are going to join with us. The members of the American Socialist White Peoples' Party. An organization of decent, law abiding white folk. Just like you!

    Elwood: Illinois Nazis?
    Jake: I hate Illinois Nazis.

  72. OneYieldRegular

    Does anyone know all the levels of the hierarchy of "promising potential" GOP members? So we know "Young Guns" is fairly high on the list, followed by "Contenders" – where do "Weebelos" and "Cantor Youth" fit in?

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