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        1. Ducksworthy

          That's true and his Board Certification for the Rand Paul Certifying Board authorizes him to taste dicks to see if they're healthy.

  1. Lucidamente1

    When the government forces men to use public urinals, it takes away a fundamental right to go wherever they please. It says so right there in the Federalist Papers.

  2. freakishlywrong

    I don't have one of those things, but if I did, that perfectly encapsulates what I think the menz look like whilst tinkling. AWKWARD BITCHES!

  3. Gopherit

    Don't cross the streams. It could cause a total protonic reversal. Also, it would be kind of gay.

  4. Kidneys4Sale

    Jack Conway is clearly a better man than Rand Paul, but I can't help but suspect that neither of them would think twice before walking up to the urinal on your right and starting a conversation with the guy to your left.

  5. JMPEsq

    There's space to Rand's left; he doesn't seem to know the basic rule that you keep at least one urinal between you and the next guy as long as there's room.

  6. GeneralLerong

    Blingee has some interesting motifs. Obviously we should all go there more often. I mean, visit there.

  7. HOFAH

    Can the good people of KY elect Jack Conway to the Senate, so us womenfolk have someone to look at on C-SPAN? You fellas have Kirsten Gillibrand (or at least Harry Reid does).

    Fair's fair

  8. BruceMajor

    Poor Demwits, Wonkers and pro-regressives. All your candidates going down in flames and so you must huddle together and tell bathroom jokes.

    Maybe Letterman will give you a joke about raping Rand Paul's children so you can all chortle in your little swamps and caves.

    Scream racism some more. Or tell everyone who thinks your tired old Keynesian notions were refuted long ago that they are stupid. That's worked for you bright bulbs so well this year.


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