This proud American is going to play “Cowboys & Muslims” by … let’s see, what did Cowboys do to their enemies, in the movies? (Because in real life, as we all know, cowboys just fuck cows and cry for mama.) We are pretty sure pretend cowboys lynched their enemies, the Native Americans or Mexicans or escaped black slaves. So, what’s your message, person in a very expensive Saudi-crude-guzzling pickup manufactured by Obama’s government car company?

This patriot already sent the government $50 for his dumb personalized plate — $25 for the special message and $25 for the comical “Freedom” design — and he’ll presumably keep renewing this socialist name tag until he finally loses the truck to the Mexican repo man. And while a few of these stickers seem to be of the “my neighbor printed ’em out on his ‘puter” variety, the rest probably cost a couple of bucks a piece. Using math estimates, we’re guessing this guy already spent approximately $239 to ruin the paint job on his dumb “Silverado.”

Who wants to bet he lost his construction job in 2008?

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