THIS GUY AGAIN? Go back to being the villain in that first Christopher Nolan Batman movie.Jesus, why does Ben Quayle have to be so creepy in every ad he makes? What is even going on here? Oh, we see, he’s stuck a gun into this woman’s back and told her to read the cue card. That’s why her face organs are projecting pure, doe-eyed fear at the voters of Arizona. “Tiffany Quayle” is telling us she and this man next to her come from very different backgrounds, because he is the son of an idiot vice president and she is the daughter of a Marine. Why? So people like her better than her silver-spoon husband? Or so the people paying the ransom know this is really her?

Yes, this music may be soothing now, but it doesn’t work in the five seconds after this video cuts off, when “Tiffany Quayle” is in a dog kennel, holding up a newspaper. [YouTube]

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