Anchorman: The Legend of Rick Sanchez.CNN, the once-influential news channel that for the past several years employed a mouth-breathing fool as its main daytime news reader, has finally fired this mouth-breathing fool. Was Rick Sanchez let go because he is an insult to the intelligence of anyone smart enough to operate a teevee remote? No, he was fired for saying idiotic things on a satellite radio channel. The Jews won this round, Sanchez! Guess you’ll have to go back to Cuba. Wait, what?

Sanchez was only known as “Rick’s List” to sad people in rest homes forced to watch CNN two days a week (it’s Fox News and History Channel the rest of the time). But inside his pea-sized brain, being a highly paid news reader on a major news channel five days a week was a form of racial insult, in that Jews (CNN) hate Latinos (dumb-looking white clods who claim to be “Cuban-American”). Also, lousy Jon Stewart thinks he’s so smart, well he’s just a Jew who is prejudiced (like all Jews) against Mexicans such as Rick’s List, the end.

Who knew that inside the mashed-potato brains of Rick Sanchez there was all this simmering, misplaced racial fury? If we were forced to guess, we would’ve said the main thoughts inside Rick’s brain were “time to poop!” and “don’t need to poop yet.” [Washington Post/New York Times]

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  • Umbrageofsnow

    Is Rick Sanchez one of them immigrants they talk about "stealing our jobs" on Fox News? Because clearly he was taking up an anchor position your standard Fox anchor could have held, IQ-wise. This new open slot is just the place for another token conservative. Maybe one of the Friends from Fox and Friends?

    They'll hopefully learn the lesson not to bite the hand of the NEW WORLD ORDER ELITE RACIST STEALTH-JEW OVERLORDS who pay their salary.

  • JoshuaNorton

    Shalom, mofo.

    • Iam_Who_Iam

      The fact that that little itty-bitty adorable comment of yours got a bazillion pee points says a great deal about the beauty of the Wonkette.

      I am ashamed that I have tarnished the purity of it by adding a comment, but at the moment you have a perfectly round number and making it odd would lessen the sanctity of it all. So forgive me, but I had to say Hurrah!

  • straighteight

    It's unnerving to think that the only thing holding Rick Sanchez from total television domination was Jewish control of all media. We need to reinforce the wall of Jews between ambitious morons and the public airways.

  • kidfishman

    I hear Sanchez claims he actually called Stewart a SPIGOT and that he meant it as a compliment

  • LetUsBray

    Hey, he has plenty of time to poop now.

    • Yes, but it won't be the same for him as being paid to have people watch him generate the poop from his mouth.

  • WhatTheHeck

    I don't watch CNN, so I don't know who this guy is (true). Is he a drinking buddy of Mel Gibson's?
    In the same line of reasoning, Sarah Palin thinks the media is against her, because the “man” is holding her back, not because she's dumb as a brick.

    • Swampgas_Man

      The more I read about CNN, let alone Fux, the happier I am that I'm not paying $65/month for cable. Although I do miss FX and Cartoon Network.

  • Guppy06

    And you know who el-

    Nah, too easy.

    • drrty_martini

      I for one welcome our …

      This feels strange. I'm tired of making fun of Trig. Sigh.

      • El Sr. Trig piensa Rick Sánchez se retrasado !

  • AddHomonym

    I bet we can get a million people on Facebook to have CNN not rehire Rick!

  • I have something to say on this matter at the appropriate time, but right now it's the Sabbath and OW I'm OW not OW supposed OW to OW be OW online OW OW OK OK Yahweh, I'll stop.

    • Ah-ha, so that's why the comments drop here on Saturdays.

  • chascates

    Adios, A-hole.

  • DoktorZoom

    Now, how fired is he in metric?

  • Radiotherapy

    I hear some schmuck in Florida named Marco Polo Rubio is looking for volunteers. Previous PR/Communications a plus. Anti-semitism, not so much.

    • Guppy06

      Funny you should mention the Florida Senate race and antisemitism. The perfect person on the ballot he should stump for is independent candidate Rick Tyler:

      "Individuals who have (…) taken the kol nidre oath must be barred from holding elective office."

      And then there's his blog:

      "What I do believe, however, is that someone who is non-Christian or non-European lacks the proper qualifications to hold political office or a position of governmental power."

      • drrty_martini

        "I have recently commented on the subversive phenomenon of the federal judiciary ramrodding its criminally unconstitutional will down the throats of the American people."

        Why is it always about the cock?

        • transfatz

          Needs moar "again and again, in and out, deeply, pumping, sliding, etc."
          But it is interesting that he calls the cock a "criminally unconstitutional will".
          Not that mine doesn't occasionally feel like that.

      • transfatz

        Of course Europeans were spontaneously generated white. And they kept themselves utterly pure. No Jews, Moors, and woodpiles in Europe. You betcha!

      • PsycWench

        "Individuals who have (…) taken the kol nidre oath must be barred from holding elective office"

        Funny, I might have thought he was referring to elected office which would be an office to which one was elected. But he's apparently pissed about elective offices, which is an office one might or might not choose to occupy. Why does he care if I turn my daughter's bedroom into an office when she leaves for college?

  • Jukesgrrl

    President Worldwide: Jim Walton; Founder: Ted Turner
    President: Phil Griffith; Founder: Tom Rogers
    FOX News
    President: Roger Ailes; Founder: Rupert Murdoch
    Clear Channel Communications
    CEO: Mark Mays; Principle owners: Bain Capital (Mitt Romney & Friends) and Thomas Lee & Friends

    Where ARE all the these Jews who control America's news networks?

    • Bonzos_Bed_Time

      They could have converted. You don't know that they haven't.

      • Kgprophet

        Who do you think was behind the conspiracy to fire him? Hmmmm?

        • Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Not Mel Gibson.

      • And changed their names from Jim Waltonstein and Ted Turnerberger. And of course, Rupert Murdochowitz.

        • Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Mazal tov!

    • transfatz

      In their undisclosed locations of course.

      • Jukesgrrl

        Where they consult daily with their neighbors Ken Lay and the clones Cheney has made of himself.

        • sharesaypie

          heck of a job kennie is still doin' — from hell. ( if someone still buys the story that uber wealthy ringleader dies in a 'nother country right after he's sentenced yet before he has to serve actual time.

          also if someone wants to believe someone could actually walk around without a pulse. and i'm as open minded as the next person…but that's jest…creeeepy.

    • transfatz

      And Mitt is from the lost tribe. He has the underwear to prove it.

    • comrad_darkness

      so you are saying that those of us who believe a wingnut conspiracy controls the media might have support for that in the data?

      • Jukesgrrl

        We haf to keep them pesky wimmins out of it. As God and them FOUNdinG FAtHERs would decree!!!11!1

    • sati_demise

      Good question!?

      Sanchez being persecuted by phantom Jews!

      • Jukesgrrl

        It's TV. Maybe they're vampires.

    • The only point that may be true is that Jewish people do tend to be more likely to be involved in news and entertainment jobs, but that would be like complaining that there are too many black people in the NBA.

      • LetUsBray

        Which you'll occasionally find wingnuts doing.

    • 7pilesofwisdom

      Actually, Lord High Imperial Wizard Murdoch is technically a landesman according to Jewish law, since Mom was Jewish. Griffith's boss was Zucker, no? But Zucker's boss was GE, not such a kosher shop to say the least — fairly Irish Catholic at the top for quite a while, actually. Zucker's gone, but GE sold to Viacom — such a cable company! "Redstone" is how Sumner spells "Rothstein," his original family name. Yes, there are many Jews in the media, but also in academia, law, and medicine. The obvious conclusion is that Jews value education and wind up in professions requiring higher education. Conspiracy to commit education, despite Bush and Bennett's best efforts, is neither crime nor conspiracy.

      • Iam_Who_Iam

        Damn, the late posters never get enough credit, but yea! You nailed it…. "Conspiracy to commit education".

        I have wondered, (not aloud so as not to be labeled a bigot) does this have something to do with learning hebrew at an early age? In addition to hebrew, many of the great thinkers throughout history were fluent also in greek and latin.

        Maybe we should go back to teaching our children the world's mother languages? Or is it simply as you say, that as a culture they hold education at a higher value, or maybe a combination of all the above?

        [edit] Geeze, that did sound ignorant and bigoted. I'm not sure I got my point through in a coherent way. Let's try this: as I understand it, in many European countries they teach their children their "home" language, in addition to English (as applicable) and Latin. These students seem to have a better ability to grasp greater concepts and achieve higher levels of education. So, my point is, is it the exposure to many languages, ancient languages (latin), or simply the discipline achieved in this process?

  • It's like there is some conspiracy to remove empty headed dipshits from tv.

    Have fun finding your own youTube clips, Jew-merica.

    I'm pretty sure the most in depth reporting this guy ever did was to scroll down on someones twitter profile.

    • comrad_darkness

      It's like there is some conspiracy to remove empty headed dipshits from tv.

      EPIC CONSPIRACY FAIL, in that case.

    • Jukesgrrl

      Maybe there's just a conspiracy to remove people who failed geography. That would be good!

  • Hey! He'll be able to go to DC now to attend that cool Stewart/Colbert rally…oh, right.

  • OhHellToTheNo

    So, will he be shacking up with Lou Dobbs until he finds a new news outlet to join?

    And when will Shep Smith be moving over to CNN?

    • JustPixelz

      Sanchez whines about bias against people to who look like him, but managed to cash those CNN paychecks while Lou Dobbs poured out his xenophobia every night.

      Shep Smith will come to CNN either when he gets tired of people looking at him on teevee, or Fox decides they need Michael Savage in that time slot as a balance to those lefties Hannity & O'Reilly.

      • Iam_Who_Iam

        Hey, leave Shep alone, it takes some balls to be the lone looney toon in the crowd. I dunno how much they pay him, but it is not enough.

        And don't you dare put Hannity and O'Reilly in the same basket, O'Reilly is nuts, but not deep into the pits of hell like Hannity. There is a reason Obama picked O'Reilly for his fox interview, he is after all, the least of the fox evils.

        And, um yeah, I know this shit cuz I watch the fox folks from time to time. If I didn't I wouldn't have anything to talk about with my Texan clan.

        Commence the negative pee points, I've assumed the wide stance position.

  • imissopus

    I thought the Ricker liked Jewish comedians, based on that Jerry Seinfeld impression he did a few months ago:

    And what's the deal with volcanoes in Iceland? Volcanoes are hot! If they have volcanoes why do they call it Iceland? White is black! Up is down! It's a topsy-turvy world!

  • nachoproblem

    My mama always said, stupid is as stupid gets fired.


  • Troubledog

    To ameliorate the loss of Mr Sanchez's estimable journalism skills, mainly his ability to read random shit that people tweet to him, and chuckle or make stupid remarks, the following is a fairly comprehensive listing of Terrance and Philip quotes.

    Terrance and Philip are smarter, better looking, and far more interesting than Rick Sanchez, also the monkey claw is smelly, the end.

    From South Park Episode 201: "Not Without My Anus"
    T: !FART!
    P: "Oh Terrance, you farted in court!"
    T: "Yes Phillip, I'm making a case for our defense!"

    T: "Would you like a monkey claw Phillip?"
    P: "Yes please."
    T: !FART!
    T: "That's called the monkey claw because it feels like my colon is being ripped apart by a thousand monkeys."
    P: "The monkey claw is smelly."

    P: "So, in summation, find Terrance innocent, or else he'll kill you."
    Jury: GASP!
    P: "Just kidding. The defense rests."
    P: !FART!
    S: "God damn it! That isn't funny!"

    T: "Wow, Scott really hates us Phillip."
    P: "Yes, perhaps he's homophobic."
    T: "… But we're not gay, Phillip."
    P: "We're not?"

    T: "Well, let us board the subway and return home. There we can eat Kroff Dinner."
    P: "Yes, it's been a long day, and only Kroff Dinner can calm my nerves."

    P: "The subway certainly is wonderful Terrance."
    T: "It sure is. Let's look for treasure."
    P: "Yes, let's look for treasure."

    P: "Oh, hello Ugly Bob."
    UB: "Hello Terrance, hello Phillip."
    T: "My God, you're looking hideously ugly today Ugly Bob."
    UB: "How come you guys say stuff like that?"
    T: "Because you're God Damned ugly Bob."
    UB: "I know, but…"
    P: "Ugly Bob, your face looks like somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver."
    UB: "I can't help how I look. Besides, it's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what's on the inside."
    T: "No it isn't."
    T: "Want to see what's on the inside of me?"
    T: !FART!
    T: "Phillip, I'm convinced that something very, very not good is happening to Canada."
    P: "Yes, I agree whole-fartedly."
    T: "Hey Scott, guess what?"
    S: "What?"
    S: "Uh, I hate you more than ever Terrance and Phillip. I absolutely abhor you both."
    Scott is motioning peculiarly at Terrance and Phillip.
    P: "What are you doing Scott?"
    S: "I'm wishing cancer upon you."
    P: "Cancer?"
    S: "That's right, I'm trying to give you cancer with my mind."
    T: "Ah, stop that."
    Terrance hides behind Phillip.
    P: "Hey, don't give me cancer."

    T: "Well, we can't just sit here and eat Kroff dinner and let Canada be overrun by the Turks."

    Terrance has Scott on the phone.
    T: "You are such a dick Scott."
    S: "You're a dick."
    T: "You're a dick."
    S: "You're a dick."
    T: "You're a dick."
    S: "You're a dick."
    T: "You're a dick."
    S: "You're a dick."
    T: "You're a dick."
    S: "The two of you are the most annoying dicks in Canada. You give other Canadians a bad name, and if I had my way…"
    T: "Oh, I'm sorry Scott, can you hold on a minute?"
    S: "Sure."
    T: !FART!
    T: "How do you like that, Scott!"
    S: "You son of a bitch, I'll get you if it's the last thing I… "
    T: "Oh wait, I have another call Scott. Can you hang on?"
    S: "Sure."
    T: !FART!
    T: "Oh, that was Very Smelly. He says hello."
    S: "God damn it."
    T: "Oh, wait a second Scott."
    S: "Sure. I mean no."

    • Dog! Time to go to bed!

    • DoktorZoom

      I can't for the life of me understand why Troubledog got any downvotes. I would far rather watch Terrence and Philip than Rick Sanchez. For that matter, Rick Sanchez would probably sound a lot smarter if he simply farted a lot and sang "Uncle Fucker."

      • Troubledog

        Also, I correctly used the words "ameliorate" and "estimable" in the same sentence. This counts for nothing? Where is the love?

        /Beckmode full on Elmer Gantry breakdown

        • sharesaypie

          love from pie, yours. also.

          • Troubledog

            Today Taibbi had some pretty good teabagger material. I think of him as Seth Rogan, and Weigel as Michael Cera. They should do a buddy film.Taibbi narrates himself calling out these teabaggers on scooters and saying, “Look, motherfucker, you are on a government scooter, you got it from Medicaid, and you are furious that the government is buying scooters for other people.”And they are like, “Yeah, I can't stand it, the government giving all that stuff TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T DESERVE IT”. Then it trails off into the mexicans, or the blacks, or the single moms, or the people that dont go to their church. I think he nails it in the RS piece, he calls out The Five Tenets Of Teabagger Rage:”The individuals in the Tea Party may come from very different walks of life, but most of them have a few things in common. After nearly a year of talking with Tea Party members from Nevada to New Jersey, I can count on one hand the key elements I expect to hear in nearly every interview.”One: Every single one of them was that exceptional Republican whodidprotest the spending in the Bush years, and not one of them is the hypocrite who only took to the streets when a black Democratic president launched an emergency stimulus program. (“Not me — I was protesting!” is a common exclamation.)”Two: Each and every one of them is the only person in America who has ever read the Constitution or watchedSchoolhouse Rock. (Here they have guidance from Armey, who explains that the problem with “people who do not cherish America the way we do” is that “they did not read the Federalist Papers.”)”Three: They are all furious at the implication that race is a factor in their political views — despite the fact that they blame the financial crisis on poor black homeowners, spend months on end engrossed by reports about how the New Black Panthers want to kill “cracker babies,” support politicians who think the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was an overreach of government power, tried to enact South African-style immigration laws in Arizona and obsess over Charlie Rangel, ACORN and Barack Obama's birth certificate.”Four: In fact, some of their best friends are black! (Reporters in Kentucky invented a game called “White Male Liberty Patriot Bingo,” checking off a box every time a Tea Partier mentions a black friend.)”And five: Everyone who disagrees with them is a radical leftist who hates America.Above from

      • nachoproblem

        I voted him up as much as I was allowed, which is once. I too would rather watch Terrence & Philip, or any part of South Park, even the newfangled preachy Teatard South Park, than Rick Sanchez.

        Also: "Shut your fucking face, Rick Sanchez.
        You're a dimwitted goldbricking twat, Rick Sanchez.
        You're a racial victim, yes it's true.
        Nobody hates dipshits quite like Jews."

  • Bonzos_Bed_Time

    He got Rick Rolled.



  • smokefilledroommate

    He so wants his own show on Fox.

  • DCHatesMe
    • ¿Dónde está el Sr. Rick ? Fue muy divertido de ver y tan estupida !

    • straighteight

      Rick is now an unperson!

    • I'm just imagining men in full fire man regalia and flame throwers burning down his dressing room.

  • wok3

    New show on Fox, The Dirty Sanchez

  • charlesdegoal

    Although I'm not part of the small CNN audience, my understanding was that Sanchez was a protegé of Jonathan Klein. The ungrateful bastard missed a chance to STFU.

  • Extemporanus

    "¡Me gusta la lámpara!"

    – Former CNN host Rick Sanchez, upon being informed that he was terminated

  • Now Rick can go back to tasing himself whenever he wants.

    Sweet, sweet tasing.

  • For further proof that Jews want to control the world and did 9/11 (disclaimer: not really) go to

    • Iam_Who_Iam

      My God, you people have to stop giving me these links. I actually read them, geeze. Excuse me, now I have to go gouge my eyeballs out with a screwdriver to relieve the pain.

      [edit] and p.s. I just want to say, I am the poor people, and there is no conspiracy to get the next bottle of cheap wine. If and when I get one, I'm not sharing it with anyone.

      [more edits] Aw hell, I'm a slow numb one, I just looked at your pee points, what the hell? Our Wonketeers were in a cranky mood when you posted that, huh? Well, I gave you a thumby thingy, not that it helped much. Despite the eyeball/screwdriver thing, I enjoy a trek into the psycho world from time to time.

      And OMG… funny, I didn't get that was your blog, right? Again, sometimes the beauty of sarcasm is lost on the best of us.

      I'd delete the lot of this, but I hate that "comment deleted" message. If they gave me another option like "excuse me, but I was drunk off my ass when I posted this", I'd be ok with that.

  • Qatarded

    Don't let the door knob hit you where YHWH split you.

  • MsElla

    At least CNN hasn't lost a journalist.

  • lochnessmonster

    I hope they'll show him on the unemployment line…

  • Badonkadonkette

    I'm no Rick Sanchez, but I always thought the Daily Show was indiscriminate in their contempt for stupid people in the news.

    • Naked_Bunny

      I've seen Wolf Blitzer and Larry King mentioned on TDS more than Rick Sanchez, so I'd say you're right.

  • slappypaddy

    "news reader"? don't they have machines that can do that?

    • Naked_Bunny

      My weather radio has been using one for years.

    • My Kindle will which is why I never watched Sanchez or CNN for that matter.

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    If this idea of firing dumb talking heads catches on at the other networks FOX news will be decimated.

  • JustPixelz

    CNN can fill that hollow spot in their schedule with holograms. Everybody loves hologram reporters! Well, except Sarah Palin because they make her look insubstantial.

  • finallyhappy

    I didn't participate in the vote we had at ZOG to fire this guy because I do not watch CNN. However, that said, I asked that my name be added to the list of those who did vote to fire him- because that is what we do.

  • Sparky_McGruff

    If Rick Sanchez moves from CNN to Fox, it will raise the IQ of both networks.

  • Lil' Rickey has something about the eyes that reminds me of Mittens. Could he be a hidden Mormon as well as an open Moran?

  • barkingspiders

    His shtick was to read out lists on the teevee. It was inevitable that he would collapse under all that self loathing.

  • TJBeck

    Rick Sanchez has to think to breathe.

  • OllieG1
  • Terry

    Maybe they'll pick up Anderson Cooper's daytime show to run in that time slot.

  • Naked_Bunny

    How do you say "I'd hit that" in Jew?

  • Limeylizzie

    Cuban Libre?

  • not that Dewey

    I would think that it would be too cold to be fired.

  • bearperney

    2 to 1 odds, Fox picks this genius up. …or at least, interviews him.

    • voodooeconomics

      His former boss from South Florida is "The Man" at Fox News.

  • Oblios_Cap

    Hey, Layne! Don't sugarcoat it. Tell us how you really feel.

  • CablinasianDem

    If the Jews really did control the media, they would have been smart enough to remove Rick Sanchez years ago.

    • comrad_darkness

      Unless it was a clever ploy to make latinos look like idiots.

      Same reason Sarah Palin gets so much press. (Or that's what I like to think, to remain sane and everything.)

  • Slim_Pickins

    Exile him to Hawaii, but make him find it on his own.

  • CivicHoliday

    Poor Rick. He's just bitter because they built a Temple over the vernal pool where he used to go to breed.

  • voodooeconomics

    While in South Florida Rick Sanchez reported riots in Havana. Must have been inside his head. His boss at the time was Joel Cheatwood, now a VP at, you guessed, Fox News Channel.
    Rick, you belong to the Idiotic Channel.

    • sharesaypie

      you have got to be makin' that up. irregardless, i just kinda rolled n got all giggly on ur comment. must be a fun saturday nite.

      otoh, i'd say some stuff on satellite that i might not in my, er…regular position. then again, i can also take a good joke or several. hints from numerous hints. also.

  • Here's my suggestion to boost CNN:

    All newsbabes – all the time!

    • Jukesgrrl

      That's how we know Greeks don't run the TV conspiracy. In Greece everyone who reads the news looks like one of Donald Trump's wives, dressed up to go to a wedding at the Trump Casino.

  • Buzz Feedback

    Cubavision is looking for correspondents.

  • Rambone

    And so, the anti-retardite forces bring down yet another pioneer in breaking the moron-barrier. Thankfully, Fox News remains a bastion of tolerance for dumbasses everywhere . . .

    We shall overcome, someday . . .

    • Rotundo_

      RIckster will be there inside of 2-3 months. They think that bringing on someone with a spanish surname will convince the latin folks that they aren't racist despite the daily tantrums about immigrants that they shit out.

  • Mel Gibson already twatted Sanchez about forming a support group for "Idiots Who are too Filled With Hate to Keep the Job for Which They're Vastly Overpayed," but they abandoned the idea when they found out they'd have to let Jackie Mason join.

    • sati_demise

      And Ben Stein. whoopsie!

  • Every morning at 5am, Rick Snachez gets up to spend all day under the hot sun, picking the youTube videos for Americans to watch that Americans are too lazy to pick for themselves.

  • SaintRond

    Where does CNN find these people? Who is responsible for hiring over there? I would have to have a staff of hundreds to search far and wide to find people who were asshole enough to make the cut for a job on camera at CNN. Did they find a vein of ore in the ground somewhere where assholes collect? This is not an easy thing they've been doing. I mean, these are the cocksuckers who brought Glenn Beck into the world. How do they do it? What is their fucking secret?

  • zhubajie

    Aren't most news anchors mouth-breathing fools with mashed potatoes (at best) for brains?

  • SaintRond

    CNN has an uncanny ability to find the silliest people on the planet to work for them. But even this guy will never, ever reach the heights of silliness that Glenn Beck did.

    Sanchez deserved to be fired. His comments were despicable. But the people who really need to be fired, the people responsible for putting CNN's ratings in the toilet and who continue to do so, are the people in charge of hiring. With regard to the job they do, they just might be the worst incompetents in the business.

    • But those on top will get bonuses for lean/mean downsizing, while the douche Rickie Ricardo Sanchez will get to say I'm home Lucy Suzanne.

    • BeWoot

      It is an odd personnel standard. Sanchez deserved to be fired for being a half-wit, which he demonstrated his first day on the job. But apparently the CNN threshold for unacceptable embarrassment is obscurely articulated prejudice, widely reported; plain old routine incompetence is insufficient.

  • user-of-owls

    Yet again we see clear evidence of Fidel's genius in orchestrating the Mariel boatlift.

  • WriteyWriterton

    Being of Jewish extraction, I got the secret ballot re firing Sanchez's ass months ago, but I stuffed it in the wrong slot in the Wailing Wall and the Board of Terminations by Jewish Cabal never counted it.

    FYI, I voted against his firing because he enabled me to nap in the afternoon without dipping into my supply of Ambien.

  • neiltheblaze

    I'm just surprised CNN didn't wait six months before canning him.

  • hooray4anything

    Look, this should just be common sense– if you're going to accuse the Jews of running the media you should probably avoid making anti-semitic remarks if you're in the media.

    • WriteyWriterton

      That would probably be a little too artful for anyone who spends his days repeating the same headline for hours.

  • TimeCubist

    Well Rick, if you'd payed more attention to the Protocols of the Elders of CNN, maybe you'd have been a bit more circumspect.

    • DoktorZoom

      Or at least circumsized.

  • Totally OT but somewhat encouraging new poll as we wend our way into the bleak and howling wasteland of the November votefest.

    • chascates

      Se people are 'made as hell but not getting off their couches'?

      • I'm as MAD AS HELL – and well, I guess I'll just keep taking it….

        • sharesaypie

          i'm so mad, i'm taking my couch with me when i go vote for the lesser of two evils.

      • chascates

        Man, Maker's Mark & Hindu Kush are bady for me spelin.

        "So people are "mad as hell" but not getting off their sofas?

    • Bonzos_Bed_Time

      I won't believe it until that nice Mr. Silver writes it.

  • MiniMencken

    And to think this tragic chain of events all started when Little Ricky found out there were no eggs in the egg creams at Wolfie's!

  • chascates

    Now the growing menace will be from hybrids Jew/Hispanics such as Geraldo.

  • fuflans

    Ricky! you got some 'splainin' to do!

  • elpinche

    He could of just used teabagger lingo : lame stream media (jew run media).

  • JMPEsq

    Now CNN needs to can Nancy Grace from Headline News, then they might stop being such an embarrassment to the news business.

  • user-of-owls

    This is what happens when you extend an open invitation to the wretched refuse of their teeming shores.

  • stew1

    Maybe she thought they meant "Hairy Christians"?

  • But could we all agree that he does look good for his age? He was born in 1958. That's older than dirt.

    • BeWoot

      Hey! Unless you're talking freshly composted soils, I resent that.

      • finallyhappy

        I resemble that remark- only not the looking good for my age.

      • I'm almost as old as the dirty Sanchez which is why (a) it occurred to me in the first place and (b) I have the right to say it, just like Jews can joke about the worldwide Jewish conspiracy and the phone tree we had going on 911 — but I missed the message and showed up for work that day.

        • BeWoot

          The Olds. More than just a discarded automotive brand.

    • DemmeFatale

      Hey, whoa, whippersnapper!
      Are you sure you want to go there?

      Actually, my 20yr. old daughter could have been talking about Rick when she said: "I hate it when old people get on Facebook!" (But she was talking about her parents.)

    • MiniMencken

      So, punk, I guess you're feeling pretty lucky today. Well, are you?

  • Pragmatist2

    I try to think of it this way, who is smarter – the dumbest guy on CNN or the smartest guy on Fox?

  • kvetch….
    they haven't taken this one down as of yet.
    In THEIR High Holiday services, they talk about who gets another year of life and who shall not. Rick drew the short straw. He could have a new career playing that unnamed guy who always beams down to the planet with Star Trek's bridge crew. That guy doesn't come back either.

  • Amo_Bichu

    As far as the whole Jews-controlling-the-media thing, isn't this an objective question? just take the top 10 executives from, say, each of the top 20 media companies in the U.S., and ask, what percent is Jewish? How far above the U.S. percentage of Jews is that number?

    And even if it is (much) higher, does that necessarily mean that other religions/ethnicities are being frozen out of the industry?

    And did Rick Sanchez ever think about this question that hard?

  • mjwilstein

    Here's one of my favorite Daily Show Rick Sanchez moments:

  • Sheesko

    And now, he belongs to the agents.

  • doxastic

    Come on Rick, you know the brains always beat the jocks in the end.

  • What's this about Christine O'Donnell becoming Catholic – for the meatballs???

    • user-of-owls

      More likely for the cabbage.

  • user-of-owls

    She got too big. Even on, um, for Wonkette.

  • Seems Meg the Bruiser Whitman and Jerry Garcia Brown had some full body slams during their español debate today. Meggers said Brown and his pinko-commie fellow travelers gleefully nailed Nicandra Diaz Santillan on an INS cross for political gain. Jerry retorted that she was a Whitman Sampler, just a puta sucia, and told her "You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions but you don't take accountability." Oh this election will be a doozie!

    How long before Sharron Angle goes after Reid's magic panties?

    • Bonzos_Bed_Time

      I soooooo hope this drags MEG down. Not like the Messicans were going to be voting for her anyway.

      • Jukesgrrl

        Don't count on it. I live in Arizona and to this day I see Viva Bush bumper stickers. A Mexican immigrant with delusions of grandeur and/or a lack of education is just as likely to vote Republican to protect the great wealth s/he MIGHT be making someday as an Irish-American steelworker who truly believes he's going to win the lottery (my father) or an Indiana WASP who mistakenly believes the Republicans are saving him on taxes (my former boyfriend's father). "What's The Matter with Kansas?" applies to the other states as well. Just look at those Federal-welfare ingrates in Alaska.

        • Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Yes, yes, and yes… buuuuuut, I think of Prop 187 in Cali. Pete Wilson got it passed, but it helped permanently alienate the browns from voting Republican. Whitman's hypocrisy doesn't rise to the level of denying education and medical care, but I'll work with what I got!

        • Bonzos_Bed_Time

          Oh, and I'm sorry you have to live in Arizona. Unless it's Flagstaff, that's a pretty cool town.

  • DaSandman

    Oh he's going to Faux alright. The repository for the nation's idiots…

  • arclight2012

    I was not in any way surprised by this, but I was very delighted at feeling very, very justified for the gut feeling I had about this moron over the last few years. I always had this notion that he should never have been on CNN, and would have felt completely at home at Fox News.

    What did it for me was an interview he did a few years ago with Bill Nye The Science Guy and asked him, "so what side of the global warming debate do you fall on?" Bill Nye basically laughed at him.

  • KennyCB

    All of America should now feel free to indulge in a prolonged and mightily justified bout of Sanchezenfreude.

  • BZ1

    Where do people think Sanchez will resurface? Fox News, à la Beck?

    • bearperney

      I would take the bet that ol' Rick will be on the payroll at fox within three months. …and give odds!

  • ukaisofu

    “Sanchez – An example of being way over his pay grade and intellectural level – but stupid enough to think he is bright. CNN was slow to fire this dud. They should boot Don Lemon next; then MSNBC should get rid of Andrea Mitchell and Don Lemon can take Alli whats his name with him. These guys make Wolf Blitzer look good and anybody with a half a brain know he is below par.”

  • I went to the Lions Den kosher Bar and Grill and bought a round for the house to thank the Jews for firing Rick Sanchez.

  • bearperney

    Sanchez was always good for a laugh, but, the real champs are the leggy blonds on fox. I can still remember hearing about the "105 millimeter horowitz" one of the blondies referred to during the invasion of Iraq.

  • ColHeightsChic

    And Fox News will hire him in 3, 2, 1….

  • Dimitrios_M

    Perhaps CNN agreed with their former anchor doowackie.

    One off-camera slur of the Jews and Rick goes back to refereeing mud wrestling events in Miami. Lou Dobbs, on the other hand, got to slime Latinos for decades, and then only after his rating sank lower than their cesspool, CNN let Dobbs go.


    If a Sanchez falls on CNN does anyone hear?

  • RAlvarez69

    Apparently Rick Sanchez talked to Jon Stewart today. He apologized.

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