Rupert! How did you get such a sexy young wife? Oh right you 'bought' her, with all your money, ha ha.

  • Rupert Murdoch testified to Congress about immigration. Are television comedians the only people now who are allowed to testify about Mexicans? Let’s hope so! Anyway, Rupert Murdoch is “pro-immigration,” even though his teevee network is constantly reminding Real America that the brown people are stealing all the white women, and forcing them to eat tacos — tacos that might have “vegetables” in them. (Vegetables!) Rupert is of course an expert on immigration because he was a drug mule once himself, way back when, during the Weimar Republic or something like that. Rupert Murdoch is old. [NECN]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law that will create a “health insure exchange” in California. What is a health insurance exchange? “You give us granny, and in exchange we will kill her.” [Sacramento Bee]
  • Obama is angry at Republicans for blocking all his wise Latina judge nominees. [The Caucus]
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