Jim Lehrer is going to live FOREVER. Please, Internet, make an animated GIF of him shaking that iPhone.

These people are literally the future. The NewsHour is so on top of this technology thing! Pretty soon, Robert MacNeil is going to come back on that show as a cyborg anchor. Just look at Mark Shields’ face. That face isn’t looking at the camera. It’s looking at tomorrow.

Hi, I'm Mark Shields, and I like to pretend I know what to do with this thing.

What is it people can do with a NewsHour mobile app? Save PBS from obscurity when all its viewers die, very soon?

Hi, I'm Jim Lehrer, and I like to watch video of my newscasts on this when I'm having sex.

Yes. [YouTube]

UPDATE: Thanks Wonkette operative “Thom C.!”:

This will play on the video screen on his gravestone.

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