You know who ELSE went to Yale? Yes, John Kerry.While it’s true the Ivy League is nothing more than a sleepaway camp that churns out future war criminals, this is almost completely unrelated to the simple fact that Christine O’Donnell has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about in the above; she does not even have a vague, distant idea floating gracefully in a misty sea breeze. Oh and also, didn’t America’s 9/11 Hero President go to Yale, as well as his slightly more intelligent but not as heroic President-Dad?

Look at those hipster sweaters!To the far left is Christine O’Donnell’s Democratic opponent, Chris Coons. The other guy with the big head is Real American lumberjack Joe Miller, moments after receiving his B.A./birth certificate/whatever from Yale Law School.

So basically Chris Coons is too elitist to pretend to go to Oxford, and Christine O’Donnell will give you Liberty with her untouched, mint-condition vagina, the end. [Twitter]

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