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MUST SEE TEEVEE: Ann Coulter On Larry King Tonight

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Your Wonkette cannot possibly decipher Ann Coulter’s personal brand of insane screeching self-promotion with our poor command of the English language, but maybe master-interviewer Larry King can?

Ha ha, of course not, it’s just going to be old Larry throwing Annie softballs like “Ann, where did those dirty HomCon fags touch you?” Luckily there is a way for you to help Larry interrogate the Republican Judy Garland.
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Benjamin Frisch is a comic book artist, and sometimes journalist currently habituating somewhere on the elitist liberal east coast of the United States. His published works include a short lived, but beloved cross-dressing comic strip entitled Maurice Antoinette and some other stuff not worth mentioning. As a journalist, Benjamin somehow contributed to National Public Radio, with his story At the Concert Hall, a Symphony for Space Invaders. Benjamin is currently delaying adulthood as a graduate student, and plans to remain one forever. He can be twittered at

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  • david277

    Ann usually crushes any liberal obamabot she debates. It's hilarious to watch them squirm as she uses logic, facts, polls, history itself, and reason to make the looney left look ridiculous.
    Obama's marxist beliefs have been tried throughout the world and they have always resulted in utter failure, along with the murder of 200,000,000 people by their "spread the wealth around "goverments within the last 100 years. Not to mention the billions of other people that have lived and continue to live under tyranny after being duped into letting their governments convince them that they alone will provide housing/education/banking/autos/healthcare for all.