STUPID PDF TRICKS  7:01 pm September 20, 2010

How To Fake a 68-Page Republican Jobs Plan With Gigantic Fonts

by Ken Layne

Say, computer monkey, can these 'font sizes' go to a THOUSAND?Say you’re a Republican candidate somewhere and unemployment is awful because the actual heart of our consumer-debt economy has died, forever, and plus you are “small government” so you can’t actually propose anything, but still you need to talk about jobs because in, say, Wisconsin, jobs come first! That is a good slogan, no? Now what to do about the other 67 pages of your 68-page jobs plan? What will you do about that, Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker?

Lest you think this is just some idiotic “temp worker” accidentally setting the font size to GINORMOUS and then letting an evil “local politics blogger” get hold of it, the actual PDF on the actual candidate’s website is named “SCOTT WALKER’S 68-PAGE JOBS PLAN!”, all caps and including the exclamation point. And that’s how it goes, for 68 pages that are the portable-document-format equivalent of having a crazy old person scream in your ear for an hour.

Don't forget to repeat 'Lower Taxes' 30 or 40 times ....Oh yeah he’s also way ahead in the polls, so, uh, go Wisconsin! [SCOTT WALKER'S 68-PAGE JOBS PLAN! (PDF) via Wonkette operative "Cyndee"]

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