CHRISTINE MEETS THE INTERNET  1:40 pm September 17, 2010

A Children’s Treasury Of Christine O’Donnell’s Website Content

by Riley Waggaman

Teabaggers love cans.The pocket pinball-playin’ elitists from the Soros blogosphere claim that Christine O’Donnell’s fancy website has no content, just a little button for donating your life savings to her brave campaign. Wrong! There’s plenty of content, you just need to “screen capture” it before it is deleted.

Also: Does Christine like to be dipped in chocolate?A simple yes or no will do, Christine. Also: What are you wearing right now, Christine? Whisper us the answer.

Jesus likes cansHere is our Christian friend “Christian.” He has a question about Christine’s so-called Christian faith. Answer Christian’s question, Christine.

And?“Facts are stupid things” — Ronald Reagan.

There are so many more! Find some of your own Christine Content, and prove the liberals wrong. [Team Christine 2010]


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