LIBTARD MEDIA PEOPLE WHAZZZZUP!!!! This very enthusiastic salmon-colored shirt man is “John Villarreal,” a GOP activist/consultant/ready-to-explode kinda type and talk show host for Modesto, California’s KFIV AM. He talks like he is maybe/partly responsible somehow (?) for the sensational primary wins of Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and other Tea Party luminary-victors. Is he?

Um, probably not? Like our tipster Mr. Anonymous says, “we have no idea what work he has ever done for any of these people… He needs to be called out here.” So, John Villarreal, on behalf of anonymous Wonkette sources: Are you inflating your importance just a little bit? Come on, be honest—we won’t tell anyone.

(Also: what is it like to go through life being so fucking terrible? Just curious.) [YouTube]

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