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Christine O’Donnell ‘a Complete Fraud,’ Says Phone-Robot

You betcha.So we were just catching up with the Primary Night news at the Politico (we know, we know), and there’s this big picture of Christine O’Donnell at the top of the page with the headline “Ex-aide: Christine O’Donnell a ‘complete fraud,'” which is funny enough, but then we suddenly realized we’d never seen the perennial losing-candidate with this combination of local news anchor hair-helmet, “sexy librarian” glasses and the ’80s shoulder-pad primary-color blazer. It sort of reminds us of someone else.

Here is a Google experiment you can do yourself, at home, and it doesn’t even involve Pedobear or whatever you people usually do “for experiments.” Just go to Google Images and search for pictures of Christine O’Donnell — and there are a lot of them! When you’ve been running for office constantly since the invention of the Web Browser, there will be many pictures of you online.

Not a one with the Sarah Palin costume, not until today at the Politico. But now she’s an official Sarah Palin Teabagger clone: O’Donnell doesn’t “believe” in anything but being on the teevee, either, and now she’s got the official uniform! Oh yeah also robocalls former aides terrible charges, etc., and if she beats Rep. Mike Castle then the Democrats will get Joe Biden’s old Senate seat, which is open, the end. [Politico]

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